CIFS is a non-profit association, founded in 1996 by a small group of parents whose children were recruited into cults. Supporting each other in similar situations soon led to a greater understanding of the common practices and thought reform used in all harmful groups, and the damaging after-effects on those who leave these groups.
CIFS soon grew in numbers to include former members, friends, families and individuals working together to increase awareness and educate the public regarding the potential dangers of becoming involved in cults.
Cult Information and Family Support has grown to be at the forefront nationally in offering support and information to people affected by cults and cultic relationships.
CIFS advocates to have stronger laws enacted by policy makers to protect Australian citizens from the untold harm these groups inflict on individuals families and our society.

CIFS Mission

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    To offer information and support to people who have left cults or related groups and to persons concerned about family members or friends in cults.
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    To provide ongoing support meetings at regular intervals for the purpose of educating and supporting one another.
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    To run an annual weekend workshop for people who have left cultic groups and relationships.
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    To provide education and information to policy makers, the general public and the youth of Australia on the dangers of cults.

CIFS does this through:

A dedicated e-mail and phone answering service. Maintaining a website providing archives of relevant Australian and overseas news stories, articles, links to help sites, books, news of conferences and videos, links with relevant information.

Holding regular general support meetings throughout the year for families and former members. Organising an annual weekend workshop with qualified counsellors to assist former members in their recovery.

Speakers and educational evenings for members of the public and health professionals. Keeping abreast of clinical research studies undertaken worldwide through conferences, journals and articles. Memberships to ICSA International Cultic Studies Association, Info-Cult Canada , FECRIS European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism and through contact with other overseas associations working in these fields.

Recommending action through submissions to Federal and State political bodies when applicable to advocate for improved constitution and laws to protect and prevent harm to citizens from psychological abusive cultic groups and individuals. Providing educational material aimed to bring awareness to young people on how to protect themselves from being recruited into cultic high demand groups or cultic relationships.

International bodies we recognise include:
ICSA USA  |   FECRIS Europe  |   InfoCult Canada