Emergency Help

Australian Help

  • Email CIFS direct if you have an issue with cultic abuse and need support and further information.
  •   Professional counsellors and psychologists volunteer their time so that disadvantaged people and clients who would not otherwise be able to access such services receive free ongoing counselling.
  •   Melbourne / Raphael Aaron
  •   Psychology and Counselling Federation Australia – How to complain about unethical practices delivered by registered or unregistered therapists.
  • Making Complaints Against Cults and High Demand Groups   How can I complain if I have been treated unfairly? A general guide.

Australian Information

  • “Visions Of Paradise” (DVD)   Visions of Paradise (Adrian Norman 2009) is a challenging, intelligent and thought-provoking documentary about the need to belong and find purpose and meaning in life. Excellent resource for schools and study groups. Vimeo Trailer
    A study guide accompanies the DVD. Vimeo Exerpt (Part 1)
    In ‘the Skeptic’ Michael Wolloghan interviews Adrian Norman.
  •   Cult Information Service Brisbane QLD.
  • Tax Laws Amendment (Public Benefit Test) Bill 2010
    – Australian Senate Enquiry into this proposed bill.
    Recommendations Summary:
    – establish a national commission for not-for-profit organisations.
    – include a definition and test of ‘public benefit’.
    – international best practice for dealing with cult-like behaviour.

    Recommendation 2
    3.59 The Committee recommends that the Attorney-General’s Department provide a report to the Committee on the operation of Miviludes and other law enforcement agencies overseas tasked with monitoring and controlling the unacceptable and/or illegal activities of cult like organisations who use psychological pressure and breaches of general and industrial law to maintain control over individuals. The report should advise on the effectiveness of the operation of Miviludes and other similar organisations, given issues that need to be addressed to develop an international best practice approach for dealing with cult-like behaviour.

    More here. (Full report.)

Australian Groups

  •   “This blog is an ongoing, heartfelt letter to MCF, Melbourne Christian Fellowship, a significant church move that, IMO, after wonderful beginnings, became, and still is, a dangerous and abusive cult from about 1992 onward. As of November 2019 we get about 100 hits a day, mostly from places with XCF churches and the USA.”
  •   Cult Awareness – A Message of Hope.
    This site was written to inform readers about harmful cults, focussing on the group “Universal Medicine” which was called “a socially harmful cult” by the Supreme Court of Australia in 2019. The site claims to be “written as a high level overview from years of lived experience”.
  • Avatar Uncovered   Avatar is an international group which has been recruiting through MeetUp in Australia. Started by the Scientologist Harry Palmer it has grown to an international ‘self-help’ group. This site tells of the slow abuse and manipulation that members can experience.
  •   Beyond Our Ken – An Australian film documenting life inside the group ‘Kenja’.
    It teaches people the lure of cults, the techniques of maninpulation and the dangers of organisations which appear benign at first, only to reveal their true colours when the individual is fully ensconced.
    * SEE THE DVD *
  •   Cult Awareness and information Centre
    This is a non active site but has a lot of information on all cults primarily Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  •   Free in Christ Ministries
    Primarily for ex Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Well researched Australian website on the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult by an ex-member Paul Grundy. Including how to get a copy of your personal files here.
  •   After three years of investigation, journalist GRAEME WEBBER released an unauthorised biography of infamous Australian cult leader WILLIAM KAMM.
  •   Information site by former members of Sukyo Mahikari. Personal experiences and blogs, references to academic publications and other web sites, and newspaper reports.

Australian Ex-Member Forums

  • Ex-Scientologist Message Board   A very active forum discussing member experience of Scientology, abusive and otherwise.
  • Peebs.Net   Ex-Exclusive Bretheren information and support site with discussion forum. Within this site lie answers to questions and practical assistance is always available.



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