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Quote of the Day:
'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer


CIFS is an Australian support and information network. CIFS was initially formed by parents and family members of loved ones caught up in abusive groups.

The network has grown to include families, friends, former members and concerned individuals working together towards a common goal, to provide support and develop awareness for those affected by high demand groups or cultic relationships.





Contact from all over Australia is welcome.

 Movie Night (more)







"Follow My Way will be a grounded and realistic look at the cult situation in Australia." - Henry Boffin

Dendy Cinemas Newtown at

6.30pm (Screening at 7.30pm)

Monday evening 23rd July 2018.

CIFS extends this opportunity to members, friends, family and others with an interest in this trending topic.

Click here for info and tickets.    $22ea

Act now. Places are limited.


 Featured Podcast (more)

Let's Talk About Sects
a podcast about cults
By Sarah Steel

This podcast both shares people's stories and explores how easy it can be for people to fall under the spell of a belief system that eventually compromises their morals and ethics.

Season 2 coming soon...

Latest Episode:


 News Archive (more)

* Spiritual healer Serge Benhayon gave client 'ovarian reading'

* NXIVM - The dark cult with billionaires, stars, and allegations of sex slavery

* MJB Seminars life coach tells sex abuse victims to look for 'blessings'

* Ex-Jehovah's Witness criticises the group for not reporting child abuse

* Agape Ministries dismantled by order of SA court


 Recovery Workshop

CIFS 2-day Cult Recovery Workshops have helped many ex-members of cults.

These are a weekend group session where personal experiences can be shared with others in a controlled safe environment.

Weekend Workshop flyer here. (300kb .pdf)

Our next workshop is being planned for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018 in BRISBANE.
Email for more information:

Video (more

Esther Rockett speaks of her experiences in speaking out against an alleged cult.


Why do people join cults? - Janja Lalich


Enquiry Submission (more

The Religious Freedom Review by the Australian Federal Government has received thousands of submissions.

CIFS argues that in Australia, freedom of religion is valuable. However, excesses of control, manipulation and abuse by "religions" over their members should not be tolerated.


Featured Book (more

Carli McConkey joined a personal development group and was slowly inveigled into a life of virtual slavery.

Carli's bright matter-of-fact style belies the drudgery and alienation of her controlled existence while trying to bring up a young family.

Highly rated on Amazon.


Radio Interview 

ABC Radio Audio
Amanda Smith on Life Matters interviews two ex-members of different cults to explore their experience, what keeps them there and how they finally leave.

Mary Garden was a member of an eastern spiritual group. Tore Klevyer was a member of Children of God. Both share their experiences.



Disclaimer - Cult Information and Family Support Inc. CIFS Not all groups called either "cults" or "cult-like" are harmful. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing. Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organization or person on this page, is not necessarily meant pejoratively. Members of CIFS do not purport to present themselves as having any sectarian affiliation or professional authority.   Privacy of individuals seeking information or support is strictly observed.
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CIFS Conference:
Brisbane 2012 *
Canberra 2011
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Visions of Paradise


Cults: After-Effects




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