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'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer



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Watch SNL Take on Scientology With ‘Church of Neurotology’
Justin Worland
April 6, 2015

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The HBO documentary Going Clear got people talking about its allegations against the Church of Scientology when it aired recently. So it’s only natural that SNL weighed in over the weekend.

In a music video for the fictional Church of Neurotology, SNL cast members play followers who sing happily about beliefs like the immortality of its leader and “brain machines.”
another “lives in a hospital” — and many are simply “missing".


Text added to the video highlights the real-life allegations made in Going Clear, suggesting how followers may have left the church and what happened to them afterward. Per SNL, some became critics while another “lives in a hospital”—and many are simply “missing.”

Read More: See the First Trailer for Scathing Scientology Documentary Going Clear



Disclaimer:This news page is about groups, organizations or movements, which may have been called "cults" and/or "cult-like" in some way, shape or form. But not all groups called either "cults" or "cult-like" are harmful. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing. Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organization or person on this page, is not necessarily meant pejoratively. Readers are encouraged to read widely on a topic before forming an opinion. Never accept information from a single source at face value. This website only holds a small amount of information and should not be relied on as a complete source. For example, if you find older information, this should be weighed up against newer information as circumstances can change.
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