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Quote of the Day:
'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer


You can help support CIFS' work by becoming an Associate Member:
Subscriptions: $45 per annum.
Or make a Donation.

Support CIFS mission to provide education and support to families and individuals adversely affected by destructive psychological thought reform techniques used in cultic groups and relationships. CIFS provides education to advance a greater understanding on the dangers that exist within our society through influences and processes that are used to take away individuals personal freedom.

$45 per annum.
Receive email updates on news and events throughout the year.

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Payment: $45 by direct deposit to:
Westpac BSB 032069 A/C No. 215882 - Use your NAME as reference.
Payment online -or- at any Westpac Branch

Or: Click to download this form and post with $45 cheque payable to:
CIFS Inc PO BOX 3148 North Nowra 2541


Your donation is appreciated. You are helping CIFS' work in Australia.


Be Active:
Write to your local Member or Senator asking for some action to curb abusive cults.

Write to your local Member or Senator with your story.

When politicians hear repeatedly about the abuses of cults, laws can be changed to prevent further abuse.

Write about your experiences for the CIFS website here. This is a very popular area that is too often kept quiet about.

'Just think of it as a short English essay that will actually be useful'


Donate to CIFS:
Please consider supporting CIFS.

Your support will go directly toward repairing the damage caused by abusive groups and informing the public of potential dangers.
Contributions large or small are received gratefully.

Online transfer to: Westpac BSB 032069 A/C No. 215882  Thank you!


Attend a CIFS Conference or Seminar

Learn how cults abuse people in many ways. Learn how to help people who have been trapped in a cult.

Professional counsellers learn how to look for signs of cultic abuse and how to lead clients to recovery.

Read and learn by checking our articles, news stories and links. Use the search function to find what you are looking for.



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