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'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer



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CIFS Conference:
Address Summary: Raphael ARON
CANBERRA, Parliament House
November 2 2011

Conference Report and Video



Raphael Aron, Director, Cult Counselling Australia

"The Destructive Illusion of the Cult Family: The Challenges of Effective Exit Counselling





Exit counselling, public policy





The role of the family


Exit counselling and families





The challenge of second and third generation cult membership

  • The absence of a family member to spearhead an intervention
  • The absence of former family connections
  • The absence of a family to support the rehabilitation process

The destruction of the family and the reality of cultism





The significant similarities between the means used by cults to recruit their followers and the methods used by terrorist groups to radicalize their members.


The cult scene as a laboratory for the study the recruitment and radicalization of members of terrorist groups





Time for a new pro-active approach

The responsibility of Government to introduce appropriate programs









The Al-Qaida terrorist network is, at its core, a religious cult that is also manufacturing mind controlled cult martyrs and terrorists. These terrorists and martyrs have become of a similar mind to those people that played out the tragedies in Jonestown, Hale Bop and in the Aum Shinrikyo attacks.


FACTnet Newsletter, January 2002



As I speak, terrorists are methodically and intentionally targeting young people and children in this country. They are radicalizing, indoctrinating and grooming young vulnerable people to carry out acts of terrorism.


Jonathan Evans, the chief of MI5, November 2007



A body of social science evidence shows that when systematically practiced by state-sanctioned police, military or destructive cults, mind control can induce false confessions, create converts who willingly torture or kill "invented enemies," engage indoctrinated members to work tirelessly, give up their money, and even their lives for the cause.


Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University and a founder of the National Center for the Psychology of Terrorism, January 2002



Society doesn't really know what it is that they're dealing with; they don't really understand this force and the potency of the force. It's enormously effective in changing the individual and creating what is known as a deployable agent, who will do anything that he or she is told to do.


Benjamin Zablocki, Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University, commenting on the need for governments to be pro-active in learning about the tactics that are used to push vulnerable individuals into carrying out acts of violence; May 2008





Cult Counselling Australia


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Books by Raphael Aron


Cults, Terror and Mind Control; Bay Tree Publishing, California USA (2009, 2011) is available through Amazon or Cult Counselling Australia


Cults, Too Good to Be True; Harper Collins 1999) is available through Cult Counselling Australia





Disclaimer:This news page is about groups, organizations or movements, which may have been called "cults" and/or "cult-like" in some way, shape or form. But not all groups called either "cults" or "cult-like" are harmful. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing. Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organization or person on this page, is not necessarily meant pejoratively. Readers are encouraged to read widely on a topic before forming an opinion. Never accept information from a single source at face value. This website only holds a small amount of information and should not be relied on as a complete source. For example, if you find older information, this should be weighed up against newer information as circumstances can change.
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