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William Camilleri: Inner Light Society of the Cosmic Christ
FINALLY DEAD After attempting to fake his own death in 2013, apparently to avoid creditors.
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29th January, 2020


FINALLY DEAD After attempting to fake his own death in 2013, apparently to avoid creditors.

  • William Emmanuel CAMILLERI
  • Born on 21 December 1950
  • Passed away on 11 March 2017
  • Aged 66 years
  • William E. Camilleri; founder, the Inner Light Society of the Cosmic Christ.
  • Cult leader of the Inner Light society, based in Melbourne.
All masked by his supposedly Christian beliefs.


Died a double bankrupt, with two mistresses Jade Broomhall and Zhji Shaan, a wife Elizabeth, son Martin, and daughter Claire. Falsely claimed authorship for a number of books including COSMIC CHRIST WORLD LIGHT SHIELD By WILLIAM E. CAMILLERI

"The COSMIC CHRIST WORLD LIGHT SHIELD shows how the Christ Being, a perfect Being, lived His Truth as a human being and as a Cosmic Being. This is presented in order to assist an individual in finding Light in his or her heart. This Light is evidence of such a Being and contributes to one’s ability to envisage one’s eternal, ultimate destiny to a World of Light

This book was actually written by Jan Brennan over 15 years. When the books were completed she was simply expelled from the Inner Light Society.

William Camilleri's parents migrated to Australia from Malta, his father used to run a cafe, William was sent to a Catholic school in Moonee Ponds in suburban Melbourne. Camilleri is not the family's real name.

William started off his career as a clairvoyant after defrauding investors in a liquor store, Crestdale Holdings. The assets were hidden by his then accountant John Seery. By 1995 William was advertising in the Yellow Pages claiming 100% accuracy in his predictions. It must be stated William did earn a reputation for very accurate clairvoyant readings and for giving insight to people seeking guidance.

Initially, William restricted his activities to seeing people face-to-face in a house in Glen Burnie Road Mitcham. The house was rented in the name of Justin Grant as William was then still under the bankruptcy provisions. To rent a two-story house when he was technically bankrupt would alert the creditors to the fact of the assets were still available.

William Camilleri in addition to quoting Jesus would also makes references to Rudolf Steiner and a lot of his works. He normally did this when he first met you, to give himself a sense of legitimacy.

He also claimed that because his technique is superior, a number of the teachers in the Rudolf Steiner school system in Melbourne worked with him. Following the techniques of the Inner Light Society

He would talk about doing studies in Switzerland at some school that followed Carl Jung's teachings.

William Camilleri by all accounts does have skills of clairvoyance. In practice he would exploit this talent, to convince his followers to seek his advice on everything. Ultimately you don't make a decision without his approval. He generally advises all his followers to reject their families.

Recruiting people through face to face counselling or psychic phone lines is very effective and very subtle. The callers to psychic lines are often very lost and feel genuinely empowered by the prayers and meditation techniques being offered. Individuals William assessed as vulnerable to manipulation were often told they have a past life connection with him.

What they didn't realise was that they were being drawn into a web where they become powerless. A step by step process with William quoting Jesus all the way. They were convinced they could only access the spiritual powers of jesus through the Inner Light Society and William Camilleri.

The truth is these are very common spiritual techniques. What William Camilleri did was to manipulate his followers into putting him first. He also creates an imaginary past life relationship between the member of the group and himself.

William claimed to be a reincarnation of Gandhi, and several other historical figures including John the Baptist and Confucius.

New members to the group are slowly fed this information about past lives, like it is a very important secret available only to the chosen.

Once a person begins to believe this past life hierarchy, then they are caught up in this psychological web as defined by William Camilleri. He was then in a position to keep instructing the person to keep on compromising their own life and not questioning him.

People are mortgaging their houses to him, on the basis it was the continuation of the past life relationship. There are accounts of former female members of the group, reporting the belief that they felt William was grooming them for sex.

Other members have made the observation that William Camilleri appears to have genuine spiritual powers. Coming across as utterly plausible and charismatic on occasion. Others say that this is purely a fleeting impression, saying it is obvious he is a charlatan and a fraud.

Later William began to recruit staff to work on psychic lines, from people who had sought guidance from him. William would manipulate people by convincing them that working on the psychic lines would help them transform themselves.

The spiritual techniques that William taught people are actually well known, however, William would convince vulnerable individuals only he had this special knowledge and only by working with him could they recover from past setbacks in their lives. William would adopt a father figure role with a great number of individuals who came from broken homes.

Initially, William worked as a subcontractor for a major psychic network info dial, Matthew Smith of info dial would pay William one dollar per minute and William, in turn, would pay his workers $.60 per minute. The average call duration was about 15 minutes.

Cult members were convinced that by guiding people over the phone they were addressing their spiritual evolution.

William would give face-to-face advice, as well as provide written guidance called light shields. Basically, these are affirmations people were convinced that William was accessing the spirit of Jesus and creating special advice for each individual.

In 1999 as the business grew, William began to create what in fact were cult houses where members of the Society of in a light worked in 24-hour shifts on the psychic lines.

What was later discovered was that William was also systematically underpaying the people working in these cult houses.

The individuals he could underpay were put to work on the psychic lines that had the most number of calls. After the cult broke down it was revealed that some individuals had been systematically underpaid up to $10,000 per year.

In 2008 Camilleri decided to become independent of info dial and began to convince members of the Society of inner light to invest money in a new business. This, in fact, was a total ploy following the same business model, employed with Crestdale the liquor store taking in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors and simply using the money to purchase residential properties and expensive cars.

He used his position of influence over these individuals to manipulate and trick them, he would verbally tell people this is what the contract means and then produced a contract for them to sign that was entirely different. When people questioned him, he would say don't think about the money and say any doubts were being created by evil.

He convinced investors that this new psychic network would help change the world, spreading the light of Jesus through the psychic lines to the weakest people in society, who desperately ring psychic lines seeking help and guidance.

He told investors once the initial investment had been recovered, the prices for psychic guidance would be reduced to around two dollars per minute and that the counsellors would be paid one dollar per minute. The rest would be needed for administration costs.

William would say any lie, say any falsehood to gain what he wanted.

William was a very manipulative individual and had by 2008 considerable experience in duping and deceiving people. This in addition to his genuine spiritual gifts. All masked by his supposedly Christian beliefs.

Camilleri proved to be an extremely dangerous individual casting very powerful spells against people who opposed him and was seeking to stop him. A member of the Victoria police was invalided out of the force with a nervous breakdown. William used to also astrally travel, an example of his viciousness is that he would attack women in their dreams, so they would wake up with horrifying nightmares of being raped by William.

William also spiritually attacked the elderly mother of a clairvoyant that opposed him, killing her. People have described William as pure evil.

William also used to boast about the use of seduction spells on people, this may explain why a man who was overweight, balding, of average height and not particularly attractive was such a skilled seducer of women who sought spiritual guidance from him.

William also taught his son Martin in his spiritual techniques and inspired him down the path to darkness. The daughter Clare actually married one of the cult members who lived in one of the cult households.

In early 2012 William during a spiritual struggle with a Hindu spiritualist, collapsed physically, three discs in his back had shattered. William was later seen travelling on a mobility scooter and later in a wheelchair. It was widely believed he was exaggerating his disability to gain sympathy. He was in receipt of the disability pension as a result of this injury.

Later it appeared that William was genuinely affected by Parkinson's disease and the complications from surgery on his spinal cord.

Meanwhile, William separated from his wife and moved in with Jade Broom Hall and Zhji Shaan. All three of them living together in a cult house on Toorak road, with a couple of other cult members. William used to have his own room, special security measures in place. Locks and internal security doors.

Later he moved back to the family home in Mitcham. This house in Edgerton Road was bristling with security cameras, as William lived a fairly paranoid existence after the details of his activities had been posted on the Internet.

William Camilleri who had genuine spiritual access to the light chose to follow the path of darkness and self-destruction. He himself realised at the end, that he would have made more money by not defrauding the investors in the psychic line business.

At one stage they were doing about 30,000 minutes per month and William himself was making about two dollars pure profit. This, of course, would have been greater if you take into account the systematic underpayment of cult members. Instead, he had to shut down the business and declare bankruptcy.

Losing a guaranteed income of at least $60,000 per month for life, to avoid returning the hundreds of thousands of dollars he had stolen from investors. His own greed destroying him.

It was noted with amusement that William was deeply distressed to find himself an object of ridicule on the Internet. His fraudulent activities meticulously detailed, to be publicly scrutinised.

William who regarded himself as the most powerful spiritualist in the world, died crippled and ridiculed. However, the great evil he did, while alive is his tragic legacy. Using the psychic line model, Inner Light Society found a very insidious and almost invisible way to recruit the lost and powerless in society.

As with all cults, they play upon the vulnerable and they attack people who are vulnerable.

Jade broom Hall who was a beneficiary of his ill-gotten gains still has not made any attempts to return the money.

Elizabeth/Pirrko the wife remains alive as does Martin the son and daughter Clare



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