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Quote of the Day:
'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer


Online Book - 'From Fear to Freedom' by Peter Black
The only life he knew was in a controlling cult. After 30 years, a broken marriage and ravaged self esteem, Peter steps out into suburban Brisbane, a world of unknown technology, few friends and years of rebuilding.  

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Reference list of cult survivor help groups and counseling organizations.

Cult information service.

This is a Brisbane-based cult survivor support group located in the Western Suburbs. Telephone: (07) 38785212 or:


CIFS Cult information and family support.

This cult survivor and family support group operates from Sydney and Brisbane helping people all over Australia. Go to:


Ph: 0423-332-766


GPO Box 1690

Sydney NSW 2001




Although this organization assists people all over the country with many issues, its 24 hour telephone counseling service would be a good place to start for crisis help. Also lifeline offers face to face counseling by appointment if needed and low-cost assistance may be arranged.


Ph: 131114 or:


Salvation Army

We've all heard of it and this well-respected church appears to match it's actions with it's message, that is, it offers assistance to people in need everywhere just like lifeline.


Salvo careline: 1300363622


Beyond Blue

The National Depression Initiative, is dedicated to providing help to people suffering depression and as that illness is often part of a cult survivor's lot, it's well worth a look.

or Ph: 1300224636.


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Disclaimer: This page is about groups, organisations or movements, which may have been called "cults" and/or "cult-like" in some way, shape or form.  But not all groups called either "cults" or "cult-like" are harmful.  Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing.  An account from one person must be read as that; ideas could have been taken out of context or have been misunderstood.  Also, practices may change over time, or between one centre and another.  CIFS encourages readers to research widely before forming an opinion.  Information from one single source would need to be judged against other sources and one's own personal experience.  Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organisation or person on this page is not necessarily meant pejoratively. 
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