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- Dr Margaret Singer



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Declaration of Graham E. Berry
April 11, 2008


I, GRAHAM E. BERRY, declare and state as follows:

1. I am an attorney at law duly licensed to practice before all the courts of the State of California (1986). I am also admitted to practice law before various Federal Courts, the courts of the State of New York (1981), the State of New South Wales in the Commonwealth of Australia (1979), and the Dominion of New Zealand (1973). I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein, except those that are based upon information and belief, and if called as a witness, I could and would testify competently thereto.


2. This Declaration is part of a number of declarations/affidavits, other supporting documents and letter requests, each and all of them intended to be "privileged publications or broadcasts" within the meaning of California Code of Civil Procedure, section 47(b).

3. This Declaration, and the related documents and materials, has been prepared in connection with a series of requests for investigation, prosecution and/or revocation of tax exempt status of the conglomerate of over 166 corporate entities collectively known as the churches and corporations of the Church of Scientology (the "Scientology Enterprise"). Included are an Appendix of Exhibits and DVD with both photographs and a copy of this document for ease in using the many Internet hyperlinks inserted below. This Declaration, and the related documents and DVD, are the first version of a similar but expanded document that will be submitted to Federal, State and Local law enforcement and legislatures in connection with other requests arising out of the matters set forth below.

4. I recognize that not all of the portions of this comprehensive declaration will be pertinent to the more specific matters that some of the recipients of this document will be requested to address. In that regard, the relevant letters requesting, among other things, investigation and prosecution (or revocation of tax-exempt status) of certain entities and individuals will also identify the specific relevant paragraphs.

5. The reason I am also including what might ordinarily be considered superfluous information is that the matters herein may seem too incredible to contemplate as having actually occurred outside the pages of a John Grisham type novel. For example, Google "Scientology and breathtaking"; See United States v. Heldt, Snider, Hubbard, et. al. 668 F. 2d 1238 (1981); Google United States v. Heldt (see Wikisource)]. In addition, the additional information exemplifies, includes and incorporates a pattern and practice of similar acts and facts, involving the same and similar actors and enterprise, going back over 25 years of continuing criminal and civil R.I.C.O conduct by organized and tax-exempt terror group headquartered in California. Accordingly, such contextual information is provided to support the credibility of the matters set forth herein. Extensive sworn testimony supporting the nature of some of the serious matters addressed herein can also be viewed at
You will read in paragraphs below that German, Belgium and France are currently considering a ban of the Scientology enterprise in their countries on the ground that the Scientology Organization is a foreign headquartered "psycho-terror" group that is a threat to the democratic state (and world). The Church of Scientology International and its notorious Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) in California (at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood) and Gilman Hot Springs (near Hemet). The Europeans are mystified that the U.S. government not only ignores the Scientology enterprise but actually supports and promotes it, despite the war on terror. As the late Robert Vaughn Young wrote, "Abuse is abuse. Terror is terror. It differs by degrees and it rips away individuality and creativity and future for the individual." Mr. Young was a top Scientologist until he escaped from the Church and its Rehabilitation Project Force (R.P.F.) in 1989, a victim of David Miscavige's purges and punishments after L. Ron Hubbard died, or was murdered, in January 1986.
  (cont..) youngr19980902.html#HUBBARDS_DEATH

6. I am providing pro bono legal services to the group of individuals who have participated in the First Amendment activities of worldwide group of individuals calling themselves "Anonymous." On February 10, 2008, and again on March 15, 2008, over 10,000 people in 42 countries and 110 cities responded to the call of Anonymous to protest the civil and human rights abuses of the Church of Scientology, to demand an end to its tax exempt status, and to demand a full, open and transparent investigation into both the documented and the alleged psycho-terror, criminal, racketeering, money-laundering, public corruption and other anti-social activities of this dangerous paramilitary, totalitarian and subversive political group and enterprise.
(How Scientology manages the media).

7. The basis of each of the forgoing statements can be documented with testimony, official reports, or the Scientology Enterprise's own documents such as their horrifying copyrighted criminal manifesto called "Investigation Officers Full Hat Pack:" - (broken link)
and his related court testimony at


8. Although the Church of Scientology claims to be the world's fastest growing religion with a worldwide membership of over ten million members like the Mormon Church, in reality former high level Scientologists agree that at any one time there are no more than 150,000 active Scientologists and that it is the world's fastest shrinking religion. Indeed, the global number of currently active Scientologists (including staff members) may be as few as 50,000. All active Scientologists are required to be members of the International Association of Scientologists (I.A.S.). Consequently, its membership rolls are probably the most accurate guide to the actual number of active Scientologists at any one time.

9. It is important to note that even within Scientology there has been a battle waging for decades. Corporate Scientology has been using its religious trade secrets and copyright litigation blitzkriegs to try and squash the Free Zone where independent Scientologists engage in auditing and other Scientology processes for free or little charge. Corporate Scientology calls the Free Zoners "Squirrels" and the hallmarks of the Scientology campaign to "stamp out the squirrels" resembles the Roman Catholic Church's campaign to stamp out Martin Luther's Reformation that made the Holy Bible widely and freely available in many languages, not just Latin. Google Free Zone and Scientology or click on:
  (cont..) =free+zone+and+Scientology&btnG=Google+Search


10. On January 15, 2008, Anonymous grew out of, and very quickly grew away from, the Internet IRC channels known as 4chan, 420chan and

These two videos also explain the 4chan group.
[Note: moot = owner of 4chan; WT/S = WTSnacks former moderator of 4chan (who was kicked out by moot for being a retard); Girl with green/red eyes = Desu the worst animated Japanese cartoon ever made; Green haired girl = Yotsuba, the best anime ever and the mascot of 4chan].

11. The Anon declaration of war was intended as a joke but it started a flood of concerned and frustrated citizens into the Anonymous chat rooms. Apparently there were legions of people who were disgusted with, and threatened by, Scientology's psycho terrorism, brutal civil rights abuses, and deliberate destruction of the lives of those who dared to criticize the cult's activities. The cover of Anonymity enabled them to finally stand up for American values without being picked off and literally destroyed, one at a time, by Moxon & Kobrin's Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) with the assistance of Elliot Abelson, Esq., and private investigators such as the notorious Eugene Ingram. For that reason, the City of Berlin permitted masked Anonymous marches and pickets as an exception to the usual ‘no masks' rule for public protests.

12. In essence, the January 15, 2008 IRC 4chan action actions against Scientology resulted from the uploading of the Tom Cruise Church of Scientology recruiting video.

Church lawyers Moxon & Kobrin chased the video around the Internet with cease and desist copyright infringement videos. The more the Moxon & Kobrin Scientology/O.S.A. legal unit chased down the Tom Cruise video, the more Internet users ("Netizens") joined the chase and helped upload the Tom Cruise recruiting video to even more Internet sites. The Anonymous group then made a little anti-Scientology copyright abuses video. It was viewed by millions. In the video Anonymous declared war on Scientology abuses without even knowing that the Church of Scientology had itself engaged in its own despicable War against the Net in the mid-1990s.
Google: war against the net.
See also:

13. The thousands who responded to the declaration of war to reform the Scientology enterprise, and eliminate its human rights abuses, morphed into Anonymous at Project Chanology and now There were a few hundred of the old and other Anon left at and They labeled Project Chanology the "moral fags" and they tried to stop the new Anonymous movement against Scientology human rights abuses. They verbally attacked the thousands who were now with Project Chanology. They attacked Boston Gregg for helping keep the new Anonymous totally law abiding and within the perimeters of the first amendment right of free speech against human rights abuses, even those perpetrated by a Church. See generally, the California Supreme Court's decision in Molko v. Holy Spirit Association (1988) 46 Cal.3d 1092,112 et seq. In essence, the Molko court held that religious beliefs are protected but religious practices and conduct are not. A religion may believe in intimidation and terror and but it may not practice intimidation and terror!

14. The old Anonymous also attacked veteran Scientology critics Tory Christman and Mark Bunker, for assisting the new Anonymous to understand some of the darkness in which Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) operates. These attacks were unsuccessful. So were attempts, probably joined by O.S.A., to cause dissension and defections within Project Chanology. The new Anonymous were also blamed for events they had nothing to do with.
For example, the new Anonymous were wrongly accused of a despicable attack on epilepsy victims.

However, the very reasons the new Anonymous are fighting Scientology criminal and civil rights abuses are the very same reasons the new Anonymous would have nothing to do with such horrible activity alleged of them. For example, Tory Christman's own epilepsy was misdiagnosed and aggravated by Scientology's unlicensed practice of medicine.
Indeed, Scientology is currently being prosecuted for the unlicensed practice of medicine in Belgium (see paragraph 165- below) and a Scientologist, Feline Butcher, is currently being prosecuted in Los Angeles on 18 counts of practicing medicine without a license. In essence, Feline Butcher is using LRH/Scientology technology (NOTS 34 and various other "rundowns" for "physical conditions") and thereby engaging in the unlicensed practice of medicine. She is also part of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E). Private investigation has revealed that she has a cozy little arrangement where the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center refers celebrities for treatments. Feline charges for these alternative medicine treatments (mixtures of vitamins which are injected by unlicensed persons, etc.) and she pays 10% of her gross income to W.I.S.E. from where it goes "up-lines" to Central Reserves at the Church of Scientology International (Scientology money man Lyman Spurlock's old job before he was sent to the SP Hall in Hemet where he is still locked away in "lower conditions" labors today).

15. Anonymous is now a global group of tens of thousands of Internet users who have mobilized to stop the copyright, tax, civil rights, human rights and other abuses of the Church of Scientology. It has no leadership, no membership and its individuals have a strong and reasonable desire to maintain their anonymity. The Church of Scientology has a long and torrid international reputation for unmasking their critics such as those participating in Anonymous.

16. Copyrighted Church of Scientology scripture requires these people be "utterly destroyed" and "shuddered into silence" by "whatever means possible" by any Scientology or Scientology hired lawyer and/or private investigator. The documents supporting these statements are available for the investigation requested herein. Also Google Web and Google Groups, Fair Game and Scientology, and Google Web and Google Groups, Fair Game and Scientology and Berry. Then add to the search thread, and suppressive.

17. Repeated public statements by Anonymous stress that, unlike the Church of Scientology, and contrary to Scientology's false allegations, "Anonymous versus Scientology's corporate conglomerate" is a war and clash of democratic IDEAS against corporate Scientology's totalitarian, criminal and anti-social activities. Unlike the Church of Scientology, Anonymous is a peaceful, law-abiding and rapidly growing movement that expressly will not physically hurt a single Scientologist. On the contrary, Anonymous offers to physically assist and protect any Scientologist, no matter how senior and despicable they have been, and to assist those persons to both recover from and report upon the abuses they have often been subjected to (staff members and members of the elite paramilitary Sea Organization in particular). I have done the same with my regular offer of pro bono legal services over the years. Accordingly, from my own observations, Anonymous is the opposite of what it is being portrayed to be by the Scientology juggernaut, coercive manipulation and propaganda machine.
See generally:
Here is the Church of Scientology attack video:
And here is the N.Y. Post comment:

Here are some pertinent Anonymous videos:

YouTube - Anonymous March 15th 2008 Reminder

18. As the contents of the above video messages show, and the hundreds of related videos that can be accessed from there also show, those participating Anonymously in Project Chanology principally seek:
  (1) An end to the Church of Scientology's 15-year-old secret I.R.S. tax-exempt agreement; and
  (2) An end to the current Church of Scientology management structure, policies and practices that enable the Church of Scientology International's Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) to operate the international racketeering and corrupt organization that it appears to be from the matters and documents referred to herein, many of which are already in the hands of the law enforcement agencies of, among others, the nations of the United States [e.g. U.S. v. Mary Sue Hubbard, U.S. v. Kember]; Canada, United Kingdom; Belgium; France; Germany; Greece; Netherlands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland, and Russia; and
  (3) The immediate local, state and federal investigation(s) and prosecution(s) of the current Church of Scientology management for the well-documented evidence of serious criminal activity, human rights violations, civil rights violations and tax fraud, some of which is referred to in this declaration, and hereby incorporated by reference herein, and some of which is described at length below.
  (cont..) msg/69cc259ed761f71c

19. It is important to note that Anonymous does not seek to condemn or destroy the lawful beliefs (or faith) of the Church of Scientology. For example, the Church of Scientology is as entitled to its inter-galactic creation myth of Xenu (OT III, costing approximately $300,000.00) as the Church of Rome is entitled to its creation myth in the Book of Genesis (which costs nothing!).
Google: OT III and Xenu or click on:

20. However, if the Church of Rome were still conducting the Inquisition then Anonymous would be condemning and seeking to reform the Inquisition too. In that regard, the Church of Scientology's copyrighted "Fair Game" policies and procedures for "the handling of Suppressive Persons or SPs" are all part of a kind of modern day Inquisition being conducted by Scientology's terror division, the Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.). Google: Suppressive Persons. SPs are persons opposed to Scientology's expansion and global takeover (called "clearing the planet"). Church of Scientology copyrighted scripture and policies require hundreds of millions of "Suppressive Persons" around the world to be quarantined, exterminated and "disposed of quietly and without sorrow." See also, L. Ron Hubbard, The Science of Survival (13th printing, 1971), pages 88-90, 115-116, 131. Ample evidence of past similar conduct, including that from the Church of Scientology's Operation Freakout, suggests that most, if not all, of the Church's allegations against Anonymous are manufactured or even perjured.
See generally:
also Google Operation Freakout;

21. The Scientology enterprise markets its Operating Thetan technology (OT I-OT VIII) as producing a member of the Master Race of Scientology, a "homo novis," with total control over matter, energy, space and time (M.E.S.T.); able to mentally repel all forms of attack (using a form of "remote viewing") and to withstand any communication challenges with the "Wog" or non-Scientology world and its SPs or Suppressive Persons.
Google: homo novis.
However, when attacked by single solitary picketers such as Keith Henson and me, or 10,000 plus picketers such as those with Anonymous, the Orwellian leaders of the Scientology enterprise "drill" its staff and members into a state of group terror which can then be used to allege Scientology as victim status with law enforcement; particularly those law enforcement entities that Scientology has corrupted and compromised such as those of the Federal Government, the Riverside County and Los Angeles County Sheriffs Departments, the Riverside County District Attorneys Office, the Los Angeles County District and City Attorney's Offices, and the Clearwater, Florida Police Department.
See Operation Freakout:
Google: Keith Henson or click on:


22. In connection with the Anonymous protests against Scientology abuses and corruption, the Scientology enterprise has fabricated hundreds of false death threats, false bomb threats, a false anthrax attack, and "the world's biggest terrorist attack on a religion" by way of detonating a 5-kilogram pack of nitroglycerin in numerous Scientology enterprise buildings and bases across the U.S.A. "Lives will be lost," claimed Scientology. However, a subsequent analysis of the Scientology video alleging some of these things revealed that the Scientologists were using fabricated video footage. For example, photo shop techniques are often employed by the Church to multiply and exaggerate attendance at Church of Scientology events. One example of such photo enhancement, and crowd multiplication, was the Church of Scientology's 1993 event celebrating the end of the Scientology's War against the I.R.S. During that "war" I.R.S. employees and their families were stalked, subjected to night-long telephone harassment, and over 2,500 Scientology lawsuits. The "psycho-terror" resulted in a number of I.R.S. employees being granted long-term disability leave. It is also said that two I.R.S. agents were suspected to have been murdered and that the I.R.S. Commissioner was blackmailed after Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon paid over one million dollars to Maryland private investigators to, in essence, frame I.R.S. Commissioner Goldberg (now a Skadden Arps lawyer) in a set-up and serious situation that made him amenable to blackmail. It is reported that Scientology leader David Miscavige has confided that, "We would go to federal prison for a very long time if what we really did if the truth was ever revealed!

23. I have investigated the reports of terrorism by Anonymous and I am assured and satisfied that no-one known to those in influential and knowledgeable positions in Anonymous have any knowledge of the alleged anthrax letters, nitroglycerin threats, bomb threats or other terrorist acts that the Church of Scientology has publicly accused Anonymous of perpetrating. Indeed, what kind of terrorist organization engages in "hug" raids, where they offer friendly hugs to members of the public and to Scientologists? In fact, I am assured that after the first few days of Project Chanology, and after communications from long time Scientology critics such as Tory Christman ("Admiral Magoo") and Mark Bunker (‘Wise Bearded Man"), anyone who even suggested an unlawful or improper action was immediately "shut down." However, Project Chanology involved many people who were once part of the 420chan and 7chan IRC groups. After Project Chanology was formed in mid January 2008, and most of the Anonymous people moved from 4chan and 7chan to Project Chanology and, a small group remained at 420chan and 7chan on the IRC network, their Internet presence severely diminished by the defections to Project Chanology. The alleged threats may have come from that group. In fact, during the week beginning March 31, 2008 death threats were received by critics and Anonymous protest participants Tory Christman and Mark Bunker. Subsequently, I learned that these threats were thought to originate at 420chan and 7chan and they immediately ceased. The very nature of the Scientology allegations is also out of keeping with the history of 420chan and 7chan. It is my understanding that 420chan and 7chan usually engage in activities such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. In a DDOS attack a group of computer users all try and access the same web site at the same time to cause it to crash and be unavailable for regular viewing. The same result can also be innocently caused by a news organization leading a large group of its audience to a certain web site that has insufficient server capacity to meet the sudden increase in demand for access to that site.

24. The matters below also support the conclusion that Church of Scientology operatives were themselves behind the events the Scientology enterprise has complained of.
Scientology has a name for this, the Criminal Mind.


25. On Saturday February 10, 2008 I personally attended a worldwide picket organized by Anonymous in 42 different countries. Over 10,000 people marched to protest the human rights, civil rights and other abuses of the Church of Scientology and its hundreds of related and "false front" corporations and organizations. It was a peaceful and largely incident-free event around the globe. I was outside the Church's intelligence and legal units located at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. The Church's General Litigation counsel, Elliott Abelson, Esq., came up to me and said, "Graham, I’m pleased to see you’re being so successful." I responded, "Elliot, it is so nice of you to come in to work on the weekend." Mr. Abelson snarled, "You’re just making me even more money." Indeed, the scriptures of the church preach, "make money, make money, make more money." L. Ron Hubbard, "Governing Policy."

26. The following few URLS to video footage are just a few of the thousands of similar videos on the Internet.
Many of those other videos can also be accessed from those URLs.


27. On Tuesday March 11, 2008 I personally attended a First Amendment walking picket of L. Ron Hubbard Way between Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

28. Photographs and a video of that event may be viewed on the enclosed CD/DVD. I was the first to arrive at that picket. Accompanied by a photographer, I walked onto L. Ron Hubbard Way from Vermont and Fountain Avenue. There were about 100 people on the length and breadth of L. Ron Hubbard Way. Within two minutes Scientology uniformed and plain clothes personnel had herded all those people off the street and behind the closed doors of the adjacent buildings. Upon information and belief, and on the basis of my experience, the Scientology leadership and policies mandate that Scientologists (and the public generally) must not be permitted to see, hear or read anything that is critical or negative of Scientology. Scientology refers to such negative information as "Entheta." Later I was joined by about 15 other people, mainly from Anonymous, who also picketed peacefully as evidenced by the uneventful visit of a L.A.P.D. Sergeant. See Photo Appendix, photo number #4-5. Prior to the L.A.P.D. visit, a Scientology photographer had become particularly intrusive. The group confronted him peacefully. One of the Anonymous participants, who I now know to be Sean Henry Carasov, shouted some words that I understood to be rude but not threatening. My principle reason for picketing, as stated on my picket sign, was to be a proxy on behalf of Susan Lentsch, the mother of a daughter who had been a full-time Scientology Sea Organization member for 16 years, from the age of 15/16. The mother wanted the Scientology Sea Organization to let her daughter freely talk with her and to visit her at home. For a copy of that picket sign, see Photo Appendix, photo #1-3.

29. Among other things, members of the Church of Scientology Sea Organization manufacture and produce e-meters, publications, films, cassettes and other products that the Church delivers to its members in exchange for "fixed donations," often totaling many thousands of dollars. Many members have spent over $500,000 and even one million dollars plus buying these Church of Scientology spiritual services and products, often incurring great debts in order to do so. The individual Sea Organization workers, or "religious volunteers," are paid $42.60 per week for work weeks that often involve 16-36 hour days for weeks at a time, no time-off or "liberty" and severe punishments, including the loss of future spiritual salvation, for violating church policies, practices and orders. These "religious volunteers" sign contracts that waive all of their civil rights and remedies and that require them to serve the Church of Scientology for the next billion years.

30. Confirmation of the above, and a journey into the total darkness and evils of Scientology can be had from the most recent comprehensive list of hyperlinks set forth in this Internet Groups (alt.religion.scientology) post:


31. The Church of Scientology International (C.S.I.) is "the mother church" of over 166 intertwined corporate entities, most with overlapping boards and officers controlled by Church leader Captain David Miscavige through the separate "command lines" of the totalitarian and paramilitary Scientology Sea Organization. CSI is situated at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Within C.S.I. is the Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.).
O.S.A. is the intelligence, intimidation, legal and "private investigation" division of the Church of Scientology. Why does a Church need an intelligence, investigation and intimidation operation? O.S.A. is responsible for neutralizing all external threats to the Church of Scientology and its leaders, using whatever means are necessary. The O.S.A. Legal Unit includes the actual working offices of the legal front group called Moxon & Kobrin, Elliot Abelson, Esq. (a former attorney for the Gambino crime family) and William T. Dresher, Esq. See the extensive "Fair Game" summary on the enclosed DVD. Also Google: Time magazine and Scientology, or click on this link:

This Time magazine cover article of May 6, 1991 is one of Time's all time classic issues. The Church of Scientology International lost an expensive series of defamation law suits, even after several appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

32. Another in-house O.S.A. attorney, Ava Paquette, Esq., works in the Moxon & Kobrin/OSA Legal Unit. Her husband is Assistant City Attorney Paul Paquette. Previously he was a partner in a law firm. Paul Paquette, Esq., along with former L.A. Police Commissioner Gerald Chaleff, Esq., is responsible for liaison between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Los Angeles Police Department in matters relating to violations of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (R.I.C.O). Scientology and former senior Church of Scientology legal team attorney Gerald Chaleff, Esq., is now the Los Angeles Police Department Attorney with supervisory authority over all R.I.C.O., civil rights, internal audit and insurance matters. Scientology attorney Gerald Chaleff is also listed as "Police Administrator" and is a member of the L.A.P.D. Command Staff. Google: targets defense and Scientology

33. The paramount duty of a Scientology is to protect and serve the interests of the Church of Scientology, to "make it go right" for "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics," which "refers to Scientology's twisted Orwellian dogma, to do whatever is best for Scientology" because its ends justifies whatever means.
Google: Keeping Scientology Working
and also click on

34. As public and court officers, these Scientology lawyers and criminal prosecutors should owe their paramount duty to serve the constitution and laws of the State of California, etc. This serious and irreconcilable conflict of interest is at the heart of some of the issues between various European Governments and Church of Scientology members seeking employment within those governments, especially in sensitive national security positions. In Germany, hiring a Scientologist is often viewed as being akin to hiring a member of the Nazi party. For example, Google Operation Snow White. There you will find information about Scientology attorney Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., who, upon information and belief, on the morning of March 15, 2008 instructed the L.A.P.D. officers to maintain the exclusion of the general public from L. Ron Hubbard Way, Catalina Street, etc. In the criminal cases that followed the 1977 F.B.I. raids on Church of Scientology premises in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, Kendrick L. Moxon was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator for submitting false evidence to the F.B.I. in connection with the largest ever-known criminal infiltration of the United States Federal Government; by the Church of Scientology.
See Scientology's Operation Snow White explained by a former Scientology operative:

35. I am in the possession of an internal Scientology enterprise document showing that Operation Snow White still continues: to remove all material that is negative to the Church of Scientology from government records, legislative records, court records, libraries, etc. There are former Scientologists available for interview and testimony as to their participation in such activities after being instructed by their churches representatives to do so.

36. I am also in the possession of documents in Mr. Moxon's own handwriting, and the testimony of multiple witnesses, as to Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq.'s, personal participation in a mind-boggling amount blackmail, bribery, obstruction of justice and perjury against me, perpetrated on a continuing basis since 1993.

37. Upon information and belief, Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., also paid over one million dollars to certain private investigators to obtain the necessary information to cause the Commissioner of the I.R.S. to suddenly reverse 25 years of United States Government opposition and litigation relating to the grant of I.R.S. section 501(c)(3) status to the 166 different Church of Scientology organizations in 1993. Upon information recently provided to me, the resulting secret settlement agreement between the Church of Scientology is now amendable to revocation. In that regard, in 1993 David Miscavige stated publicly that the 1993 secret tax settlement agreement saved the Church of Scientology over one billion dollars in past due taxes. Also, upon information and belief, David Miscavige privately stated that he and his then-top aide Marty Rathbun would go to prison if it were known what they had done to reverse the U.S. government's opposition to Scientology tax-exempt status. Mr. Mark (‘Marty") Rathbun disappeared from any public view or contact several years ago and cannot be located by anyone, at least from the outside of the Church of Scientology.

38. The Church of Scientology ("CoS"), more appropriately referred to as the Scientology enterprise, is protected by a number of expensive and powerful national law firms.
A list can be provided.
Such a list would be headed by Gerald Feffer, Esq., of Williams & Connelly in Washington, DC.
Apparently, he has strong Department of Justice access and influence. Gerald Feffer, Esq., and in-house counsel Kendrick L. Moxon received special awards for the reversal of the Federal Government's opposition to the tax status.

39. Moxon also received Church of Scientology Kha-Khan status for that. See, Hubbard Communications Office HCO POLICY LETTER OF 25 MAY 1982 KHA-KHAN, ETHICS PROTECTION. As a Kha-Khan he gets "to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong." Hubbard Communications Office HCO POLICY LETTER OF 1 September 1965 Issue VII, Division 1, Ethics, ETHICS PROTECTION. "And Ethics must recognize a Kha-Kha when it sees one-and tear up the bad report chips on the person with a yawn." In other words, per policy, attorney Moxon "can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up …" And for others there is the immunity of the Lisa release and waiver agreement that absolves that Church of liability for any death or injuries that its policies and practices may cause.

40. Many of the HCO Policy Letters are in what is one of "the green volumes." L. Ron Hubbard, The Organization Executive Course, HCO Division, Volume 1. The earlier the edition the better because many have been altered over the years in violation of the "Doctrine of Source" which holds that only Hubbard could make changes to the Policy Letters ("the green volumes") and the Technical Bulletins ("the red volumes"). The older Scientologists believed in Source (a.k.a L. Ron Hubbard) and they have long noticed the alterations that David Miscavige ("DM") has made to what is loosely called "the Tech."

41. If someone makes an unauthorized alteration to Scientology, or blends it with something else such as did Werner Erhard (formerly of Erhard Seminar Trainings), they are labeled "a Squirrel" which is a form of high crime and suppression. That is why some former Scientologists refer to DM as being the ultimate Squirrel, for having made alterations to Hubbard's Tech after his death. This violates HCO POLICY LETTER OF 7 FEBUARY 1965 Keeping Scientology Working Series 1 ("KSW #1) which is the most basic Scientology policy letter of all. Hubbard writes, in effect, that "Neglect of" KSW #1 is a HIGH CRIME resulting in a Comm Ev ("a Committee of Evidence") and penalties (punishments). Because DM has the highest post or "hat" in the Scientology enterprise, because he frequently issues IRS violating "orders across corporate lines," many former senior Scientology officials believe that David Miscavige is guilty of a HIGH CRIME (within the Church of Scientology) for neglecting KSW #1 and causing the Scientology "State of Emergency."

42. Parenthetically, it is also noted that the Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is a frequent and vocal supporter of the Church of Scientology who is said to have unsuccessfully attempted to introduce Scientology training procedures within the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. In 2006 Sheriff Baca also lobbied the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to permit the Church of Scientology to locate one of its expensive and controversial Narconon drug treatment facilities within the Leona Valley community near Santa Clarita, CA. The Leona Valley home-owners (and their outside supporters) bravely and brilliantly opposed the Church of Scientology litigation and lobbying juggernaut. Eventually they succeeded in causing the full L.A. Board of Supervisors to require its employees to do a full, proper and transparent evaluation of the Scientology project in accordance with applicable zoning, fire, safety and other applicable laws. After the Scientology facility was properly reviewed in accordance with applicable laws previously ignored, the full Board of Supervisors reversed themselves and effectively ignored Sheriff Baca's lobbying for the Church of Scientology drug rehabilitation facility. Narconon patients pay approximately $28,000 for a six-month drug treatment program that primarily uses the Church of Scientology's hot sauna detoxification regime, vitamin "gunk," and potentially dangerous doses of Niacin. These high "treatment" fees are sometimes paid in part by health insurance companies, private companies and other entities unaware that they are indirectly funding the Church of Scientology through licensing and royalty agreements with the bogus front-groups. Narconon is one of the sectors of the Church of Scientology with a representative on the Church's governing Watch Dog Committee (W.D.C.). The Church's "secular" educational programs and Criminon (its prison inmate recruiting front), are also represented on the W.D.C. (which has also breached most of its obligations under the 1991-1993 secret tax exemption deal between the U.S. Treasury Department and the Church of Scientology). Through these so-called "social betterment" fronts, and the private businesses that are licensed by the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E.) (such as Executive Software Solutions and the film production companies of celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta), and the associated 10% of gross income royalty payments that are made "up-lines," the Church of Scientology central banking system receives massive amounts of monies that have originated from commercial, real estate, mortgage broking, financial market trading, insurance, heath, educational, movie-making, resource development and all manner of other commercial and money laundering enterprises.

43. For example, it is said that the Church of Scientology benefits financially from the back-end of Cruise's film deals and that the Cruise/Wagner take-over of United Artists opens the door to even greater Scientology commercial influence and profit from the Hollywood film and television business. In theory, 10% of the gross income of every business engaged on United Artists projects; tax-exempt fixed donations for Scientology courses and auditing from the actors, executives and other employees, and tax-deductible donations from both companies and individuals to the International Association of Scientologists (I.A.S.) which funds the intelligence, intimidation, investigation, litigation and "Fair Game" activities of O.S.A. and the outside lawyers such as David Schindler at Latham & Watkins. David Schindler, Esq., is a former senior Assistant U.S. Attorney. He served in senior positions of United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of California. Recently, the United States Attorney in Los Angeles disbanded his 17-attorney public corruption office despite the vocal objections of California's senior Senator.

44. The integrity and impartiality of certain Federal Judges also appear to have been "comprised" by the Scientology Enterprise. The documented basis of that statement can be provided to the authorities.
See generally, Scientology's War Against The Judges and other materials at
Former senior management officials of the Church of Scientology, some who have recently escaped and who personally engaged in some of the recent serious criminal conduct and obstruction of justice referenced above, can also be provided to appropriate state and federal law enforcement officials. For example, Church of Scientology lawyers had improper ex parte contacts with Judge Marianna Phaelzer and tried to visit her at her home at midnight. Google: Pfaelzer and Scientology. Judge Kolts was sued by the Church of Scientology for refusing to use the Atkinson Baker court reporting services because it was affiliated with the Church of Scientology, which was a party in the relevant lawsuit.
Judge Swearinger's dog was allegedly drowned by Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon during another Church of Scientology lawsuit.
Judge Alexander Williams III refused to recuse himself, or to permit the recusal motion to be heard by another judge, when his "fiancé" was employed by the Church of Scientology International and Kendrick Moxon even though the Church was a defendant in the case and the plaintiff was seeking to add Kendrick Moxon, Esq., as an additional defendant (with sworn evidence from Moxon's own client and damning documents in attorney Moxon's own handwriting).

45. Upon information and belief, on Thursday and Friday March 13-14, 2008, O.S.A. officials, debating how to "handle" the "suppressive person" Mrs. Susan Lentsch, were present in a conference room at the O.S.A. offices. Also, upon information and belief, during those O.S.A. "handling discussions" there were telephone communications to Mrs. Susan Lentsch who was informed that "Graham Berry is a terrible person and the Church had his law license pulled." Furthermore, that if Susan Lentsch (through me) had Anonymous abandon their worldwide pickets of Scientology then she could meet with her daughter Katherine Olson, a Scientology Sea Organization staff member. Mrs. Lentsch properly told her daughter and gathered O.S.A. superior officers that neither she nor I, as far as she knew, had any such influence over Anonymous. Next O.S.A., through Katherine Olson, said there would be no meeting between mother and daughter if either Susan Lentsch or I read the proposed press statement during the March 15, 2008 Anonymous pickets.
The Church of Scientology has brutally harsh "Disconnection" policies that destroy families.
and the recent media comments on it at:

Set forth below is the mothers Press Release, pleading to see her daughter:


Portland, Oregon - March 11, 2008

-- For Immediate Release --

Portland, OR resident Susan Lentsch is issuing a public statement on March 15 at the Scientology Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, calling on her daughter's employer, the Church of Scientology, to permit her daughter, Katherine "Kate" Olson, to come home from Los Angeles to Portland to visit her family. Ms. Lentsch has seen Kate for only six days during the past 15 years and reports that the Church of Scientology has forbidden Kate to leave the facility where she both works and is housed in order to visit family.

Kate was recruited into the Sea Organization (Sea Org), an affiliate of the Church of Scientology, in 1993, at age 17. Susan Lentsch, at that time a Scientology, signed papers permitting her minor daughter to become a Sea Org employee; Ms. Lentsch states she signed the forms under pressure and while influenced by Scientology indoctrination.

"At that time, being a Scientology, I saw it as an honor that my daughter qualified for the 'elite' corps known as the Sea Organization," says Ms. Lentsch. She was reassured during the recruitment process that her daughter would get room, board, medical and dental care, and vacations.

"My upset with the Sea Org is that it has not honored the Scientology Staff Contract my daughter signed 15 years ago, which stated that Sea Org members are permitted three (3) weeks Holiday per continuous active year," Ms. Lentsch states.

Kate was denied permission to attend a Christmas family reunion in Minnesota, even though she had previously been told that she could do so and Ms. Lentsch had provided a train ticket for her. "The phone call from Kate notifying me that she could not leave for the reunion was particularly disturbing," Ms. Lentsch reports. "Kate was crying when she was put on the speaker phone to say hello to her grandparents during the reunion." In recent years, Ms. Lentsch has noticed Kate's infrequent phone conversations with her have changed. "My daughter and I could not discuss any intimate feelings or family matters with each other. Kate began sounding like a broken record, always saying 'everything is fine'. She was vague about her day-to-day life and mostly wanted to talk about Scientology. The only time Kate sounded like herself was when she mentioned travel plans to see us. She would really come alive and sounded excited and enthused to see us," Ms. Lentsch reports. But time after time, Kate's vacation requests have been denied by her employer, the Sea Org.

Ms. Lentsch felt that she was growing distant from her daughter, and that she was losing her 'real' Kate. She later learned that outbound and inbound calls to Sea Org staff are monitored and staff are drilled on what to say to family. Ms. Lentsch states, "This explained why Kate and I seemed to be playing 'pretend' during our phone conversations--like there was an inexplicable wall between us."

Ms. Lentsch began doing research and talking to former Sea Org members. She met a past co-worker of Kate's, who had personally witnessed Kate being physically abused in the Sea Org. Alarmed, Susan briefly visited Kate in Los Angeles; when she confronted Kate with the information about the abuse, Kate was quite flustered, did not deny the allegation, and made statements to downplay the abuse incident and protect the Scientology image. Ms. Lentsch believes that Kate is in poor health and is not receiving medical treatment. She is greatly concerned about her daughter's mental well-being.

"I did not tell Kate for the longest time that I was no longer a Scientology, for fear that I would be declared a 'Suppressive Person' (enemy of Scientology) and my daughter would be forced to sever all ties with me under Scientology's 'disconnection' policy," states Ms. Lentsch.

"I left my Church because I was noticing the hypocrisies between what the Church tells the public versus what it actually does and then tries to hide. I did not wish to remain in a group that breaks up families and does not even trust its own staff to use their hard-earned vacation time and see their families. Living in fear and under threats is not spiritual to me," Ms. Lentsch states. "The administration of the Church of Scientology is an oppressive organization. This is the worst betrayal."

On February 25, Ms. Lentsch issued the Sea Organization an ultimatum: "Have my daughter at home in my living room within two weeks, or I will go to law enforcement and the media."

The March 10 deadline passed without any response from the Sea Organization. Her public statement will be read by attorney Graham Berry in front of Scientology's Los Angeles headquarters at a protest scheduled for March 15. Some photos to go with the Press Release from mother, Susan Lentsch

(reposted below)

First photo is Kate at age 16. Susan says she had been dancing and laid down on the floor to cool off - her hair is fanned out - she looks beautiful!
Second photo is Kate as a child in her "Little House" dress. Susan says that Kate loved the Little House on the Prairie books and wore this dress, which she thought looked like something Laura Ingalls would have worn.

46. On Saturday March 15, 2006 the Scientology enterprise, through O.S.A., permitted Susan Lentsch to meet and talk with her daughter, in the constant presence of a Church of Scientology/O.S.A. "handler," and arrangement for a home visit may proceed this month. It appears that O.S.A. is now retreating from this arrangement and will not allow Susan to go home.

47. That same week, March 10-14, 2008, the Church of Scientology also unsuccessfully attempted to obtain injunctions in Florida to prevent Anonymous from picketing in what has been called the "occupied City of Clearwater."

48. In the process of seeking such blatantly baseless injunctions, the identities of over 28 certain people alleged to be part of Anonymous were revealed by the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology had clearly used a platoon of private investigators, paid with tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) monies, to stalk and otherwise unlawfully obtain the identities of these teenagers and to harass them with intimidating cease and desist letters from one of Florida's’ most expensive law firms, retained as part of the Church's campaign of intimidation and harassment against these fine young patriots. On court records, these 28 teenagers and young adults were publicly accused of numerous serious felonies without a shred of supporting evidence, which was also commented upon by the judge.
The Church of Scientology even claimed that a bomb had been planted by Anonymous within a Church of Scientology controlled area minutely monitored by dozens of Scientology surveillance cameras and listening devices. At the request of the Church of Scientology, a bag containing the Holy Bible was blown up by the City of Clearwater Police Department.
Church founder L. Ron Hubbard teaches that there never was a Jesus Christ, that the Christian heaven is a shabby place and that, in the process of "clearing the planet" for rule by the Church of Scientology, all other religions are to be eliminated.
For example:

Uniformed City of Clearwater Police Department, patrol vehicles members and other equipment have often been privately hired by the Church of Scientology to deal with church critics. This statement is supported by a major public archive of information, testimony and photographs accumulated during the Lisa McPherson v. Church of Scientology wrongful death litigation.
The Los Angles O.S.A. Legal Unit of Moxon & Kobrin has also maintained offices in Clearwater for the primary purpose of "handling" the Church of Scientology "critics" and corrupting the Florida law enforcement and judicial system into compliance with the wishes of David Miscavige, O.S.A. and those retained to execute their orders. Recently, a Clearwater picketer, Shawn Lonsdale was horribly harassed by the Church of Scientology and was found dead just last month. The Church claims it was a suicide. This week Scientology Tom Cruise's Berlin driver was also found dead, allegedly another suicide at the age of 32. Sadly, there are a large number of Scientology-related suicides, particularly among older teenagers brought up in the Church of Scientology, and its school and social system. Former Scientology Tory Christman has much painful personal knowledge of this subject.

49. On Thursday March 13, 2008, I was informed that the Church of Scientology had released videos identifying three teenage/young adults as participants in Anonymous and accused them of numerous serious felonies.
Subsequent telephone calls to me from two of these persons indicated that they had sought to keep their identities private and the Church of Scientology has used the tax-exempt section 501(c)(3) funds to try and destroy their lives and families. Obviously, this wrongdoing involves serious issues such as the unlawful invasion of privacy and the defamation of these three young people who are well dressed, well mannered, educated and [largely] record free. Upon information and belief, the giant global law firm of Latham & Watkins (David Schindler, Esq.), the O.S.A. Legal Unit, Moxon & Kobrin legal unit, and their dozens of expensively hired private investigators were responsible for the stalking and identification of these young persons. Indeed, it appears that the Church of Scientology unlawfully "ran the car license plates" of these three young persons. Although the YouTube administrator has now taken down the Church of Scientology Internet attacks on these young people, the damage to their lives and careers has already been done. The Internet and Media coverage indicates significant public outrage at these actions.

50. Amazingly, the Church of Scientology's copyrighted policies and practices, now being employed by the Scientology lawyers such as Kendrick Moxon, Helena Kobrin, Ava Paquette, Elliot Abelson, and now those at Latham & Watkins, require that such critics or "suppressive persons" be "utterly destroyed" and "shuddered into silence." The testimony of a former top deputy to Church leader Captain Miscavige exemplifies this:
Amazingly, Tom Cruise provides tens of millions of dollars of tax-exempt monies for this purpose and he is on video stating that he "smashes Suppressive Persons;" meaning young people such as these Anonymous exercising their patriotic duty and freedom of speech and myself. Indeed, I have been quoted in world-wide media comparing Tom Cruise's support and funding of Scientology to Charles Lindberg's support for Hitler's Nazi Germany during the 1930s.

Indeed, during 2007, John Travolta gave over $2.5 million in tax exempt donations to the International Association of Scientologists U.S. Trust.
Google: I.A.S. US Members Trust.
Such monies from Scientology's celebrity members are paid to O.S.A. to "utterly destroy" these young Anonymous, and older critics such as me.
Why is Latham & Watkins representing America's own Taliban, a dangerous Master Race Cult?

51. On Friday March 14, 2008 I was informed by Sean Carasov that he believed that Church of Scientology operatives had poisoned to death one of his two cats. The matter was reported to the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division who refused to act because it was a feral cat. Parenthetically, it is noted that Kendrick Moxon, Esq., who appears to be "running" the Church of Scientology intimidation and harassment "project" has been the subject of testimony and statements that others and he from the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) had drowned the dog of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Swearinger as an act of judicial intimidation during the first Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology case, where a jury awarded Mr. Wollersheim $30 M. for "Fair Game" harassment and other abuses. Two other juries in two other similar cases also returned $30 M. judgments against the Church of Scientology for "Fair Game" and other abuse. None of the jury verdicts were paid. As to the killing of the judge's dog, Google Swearinger and dog. Also see Church of Scientology v. Wollersheim (1996) 42 Cal.App. 4th 628, 638, 49 Cal. Rptr. 620;
There are other examples where Church of Scientology operations have allegedly been implicated in the killing of pet animals belonging to critics and apostates. Interestingly, on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 a car parked some houses down my street, a woman walk to my house specifically, rung the door bell, asked, "Have you lost a Persian cat?" and upon being told we have no cat she walked back down the street and then drove off. Coincidence or connected? Google gaslighting!

52. Earlier I had been informed that a Boston, Massachusetts participant in Anonymous had also been unmasked by Anonymous and that there was reason for serious belief that Church of Scientology operatives had unlawfully accessed his home and had engaged in other unlawful activities. Furthermore, that the Church of Scientology was seeking his imprisonment as warning to the public. Scientology copyrighted policies and practices refer to this as "putting a head upon a pike."
Click on:

Upon information and belief, the F.B.I. has been advised of these Boston events. During the Boston pickets, a person fitting the description of the blackmailed and bribed Pat Broeker was seen to be observing the events from the side-lines.

53. Also on March 14, 2008 an individual within Anonymous, one of my clients, requested me to confirm that the Los Angeles Police Department had the records of an earlier notification regarding an Anonymous picket on the sidewalk of L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles and at the Shrine Auditorium where a Church of Scientology event was to be held. Accordingly, I called the Los Angeles Police Department main switchboard and was transferred to Officer Fernandez in the Special Events Permit Office of the L.A.P.D. (213) 847-1640. I spent over an hour in total on the telephone with this officer.

I was informed that the L.A.P.D. had no record of any earlier notifications by anyone on behalf of Anonymous. The information had to be provided all over again. Because the pickets and protests required a contact person I agreed to be that person solely in my capacity as an attorney and counselor to members of the group.

The L.A.P.D. was advised that 700-800 people were expected to protest in Los Angeles (which turned out to be reasonably accurate) and that they would be wearing masks (because of the aforementioned "Fair Game" retaliation reasons therefore), carrying picket signs, and handing out cakes, cookies and fliers. They would be moving along and circling the sidewalks (not blocking ingress/egress to buildings) of L. Ron Hubbard Way itself, Sunset Boulevard, Fountain Avenue, Catalina Street and New Hampshire Street. They would not be using amplification and would be acting consistent with applicable laws. They would be there from about 11 AM until 2 PM, they may be at the O.S.A. building at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard/Ivar Avenue after that, and they would be on the sidewalks outside the Shrine Auditorium from 4:30 PM until 7 PM.

Officer Fernandez was also advised of O.S.A.'s injunction attempts, "identity outings" of 22 Anonymous people and their harassment in Clearwater, Florida, the belief of some that the Church of Scientology was fabricating false police reports of death threats and bomb threats, the "unmasking" of the three young Anonymous in Los Angeles the evening before and the probable unlawful "running" of car license tags through Scientology private investigators and their police officer "friends."

The L.A.P.D. was also advised that Anonymous Internet websites, etc. were was being systematically and constantly hacked and electronically attacked, that they feared infiltration by Church of Scientology operatives, that the Church of Scientology was setting up children of its members as bait for false allegations, the killing of the "cat," and that the Church appeared to be trying to provoke a "Keith Henson" type of prosecution for "interfering with the practice of the Scientology religion."

The L.A.P.D. was also advised that in the event of any incident all of the Anonymous protesters had been instructed to lie down, be quiet and for videographers to record what was occurring. I was informed by Officer Fernandez that the Church of Scientology did not have any permit to close off the sidewalks of L. Ron Hubbard Way on March 15, 2008. The only permit the Church had was one to close L. Ron Hubbard Way itself to vehicle traffic. That permit would not prevent any one, including the Anonymous picketers, from moving back and forth along the sidewalks of L. Ron Hubbard and the adjacent Catalina and New Hampshire Streets.

Officer Fernandez suggested I confirm the situation with the Los Angeles City Council Bureau of Street Services. At the time I provided all of this information, I had no idea that Scientology former Los Angeles Police Commission Chairman and former Senior Church of Scientology lawyer Gerald Chaleff, Esq., had moved from being a Senior Deputy to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office to being the Los Angeles Police Department's Attorney at Police Headquarters, the Police Administrator and part of L.A.P.D. Chief Bratton's Command Team.

54. Thereafter, on Friday March 14, 2008, I spoke by telephone with Investigator Abracia, the official in charge of street closures at the Los Angeles City Council Department of Street Services (213) 847-6029. He was helpful and professional and also told me that the permit issued to the Church of Scientology for its March 15, 2008 event only permitted the Church to close L. Ron Hubbard Way to vehicle traffic, and in no way or manner could the Church of Scientology lawfully restrict the pedestrian traffic on and around L. Ron Hubbard Way, and that included any persons picketing and protesting within the applicable law.

55. Thereafter, also on Friday, March 14, 2008, I again spoke with L.A.P.D. Officer Fernandez and told him of the information provided by the Department of Street Services (and closures). He agreed with what I reported and confirmed what Street Services had also told me about L. Ron Hubbard Way being closed to vehicle and not street traffic. He further advised me that if Anonymous required L.A.P.D. assistance then it should call L.A.P.D. Special Events Coordinators as follows: (1) For L. Ron Hubbard Way, Sergeant Milewsky of the N.E. Division at (213) 485-2571; (2) For The Shrine, Officer Hall or Sergeant Cryer of the S.W. Area at (213) 485-2580; and (3) For 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Sergeant Armino of the Hollywood Division at (323) 957-4519. At all times Officer Fernandez had been very helpful and very professional. Thereafter, my Anonymous clients were advised of the matters in this and the immediately preceding two paragraphs.

56. At this point, the reader is referred to paragraphs 58-59 below which relate to the contents of the subsequently obtained Church of Scientology Street Application for a Temporary Street Closure and the Los Angeles City Council handling notations thereon. See Appendix of Evidence, Exhibit B. At this point it is also pertinent to note that the Church of Scientology never applied to close Catalina Street or any portions of Fountain Avenue and Sunset Boulevard and that the signed Church of Scientology Temporary Street Closure form actually states, above the signature of the Church of Scientology Events Director, the following: "The closure, when granted, will be for the exclusion of vehicles only. Admission to an event may not be charged; and the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of emergency. A 20 foot emergency lane shall be provided on all streets within the said closure at all times."


57. It is potentially relevant to also note that the L.A.P.D. is/was under judicial and U.S. Department of Justice supervision in connection with a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (R.I.C.O.) consent decree.
Two Scientology attorneys have been largely responsible for advising the U. S Department of Justice of the L.A.P.D.'s compliance with that R.I.C.O. consent decree. They are Gerald Chaleff, Esq., and Paul Paquette, Esq. See paragraph 32 above.

58. On the morning of Saturday, March 15, 2008 I learned from the YouTube Web Site that the Church of Scientology had completely closed off and screened off L. Ron Hubbard Way with 12-foot fences and had totally closed the adjacent Catalina Street to all traffic. Expecting a problem I telephoned the L.A.P.D. North East Division at approximately 10 AM. I was unable to reach Sergeant Milewsky so I telephoned the Front Desk at (213) 485-2571. After being put on hold for over ten minutes I gave up waiting and proceeded from my home in West Los Angeles to L. Ron Hubbard where I arrived at 11 AM precisely. The Scientology compound at L. Ron Hubbard Way also includes and is also known as the Church's Pacific Area Command or "P.A.C. Base."

59. Upon arriving at L. Ron Hubbard Way I found several hundred people already picketing and protesting on the Sunset Boulevard North and South sidewalks opposite and adjacent to L. Ron Hubbard Way. Later there would be 600-700 people in the protest (1,000 over the course of the picket) by some estimates. No one was permitted to step onto L. Ron Hubbard Way south of an imaginary line parallel with the East West Sidewalk. There was much distress and anguish among the adjacent protesters. L. Ron Hubbard Way was almost completely shrouded although I could see that few people other than Church of Scientology security were on L. Ron Hubbard Way. There appeared to be some problem. I was told by Tory Christman, Mark Bunker, and Skip Press that they had never encountered such rude, belligerent and nasty L.A.P.D. officers as those manning the Scientology barricades blocking the L. Ron Hubbard Way at the Sunset Boulevard end. I was later to agree that in over ten years of picketing the Church of Scientology facilities in Los Angeles, Gilman Hot Springs and Clearwater, FL., I had never encountered such rude, surly and offensive officers. Various people told me that they were off-duty police officers being paid by the Church of Scientology and that they clearly had been "paid off well." Another told me that he had seen Church of Scientology attorney Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., showing the lead L. A.P.D. sergeant a piece of paper (the permit?) and discussing its contents. During the February 10, 2008 picket Scientology attorney Moxon was photographed in an L.A.P.D. vehicle responding to an alleged bomb threat that turned out to be non-existent. See Photo Appendix, photo #6-7.

60. A series of relevant photos have just been received, along with a copy of the Latham & Watkins letter and they have been included as Supplemental Folder in the Photo Index. The authorities are urged to review this additional and illuminating evidence of the "civil rights violations" and illegal exclusion of pedestrians from L. Ron Hubbard under permits which do not, and cannot, per L.A. City Council policy and rules, exclude the public from any sidewalk during any street closure (unless a proper civil emergency requires it).

61. On March 15, 2008 the only filming on L. Ron Hubbard Way appeared to be of the picketers outside L. Ron Hubbard Way! In fact, the so-called permit for the two-day street closure was ostensibly for a graduation ceremony with table and chairs. A large projection screen was beamed out at the Sunset Boulevard end. Huge audio speakers were locate at each end of L. Ron Hubbard Way, facing out into the street where the picketers were forced to locate by the off-duty uniformed police, and the speakers were pounding out deafening music. This was being allowed even though Kaiser Permanente Hospital was directly opposite and the music could be heard many blocks away. This expressly violated Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 41.57 (Loud and Raucous Noise Prohibited). See Photo Appendix, photo #8-16.
One had to shout just to be heard in conversation between people on the streets, as is evidenced by a viewing of the YouTube videos at:

Upon information and belief, the deafening music being blasted by the Church of Scientology from the south end of L. Ron Hubbard Way was later shut-down following a noise complaint from a residential neighbor.

62. The L.A.P.D. had also barricaded off public car and pedestrian access to Catalina Street between Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue. However, the street was devoid of significant activity and the L.A.P.D. officers restricting access refused to provide any reason for the street closure. Upon information and belief, from former high level Scientologists who have left the Enterprise in recent years, approximately 175 people are being held in Soviet-era gulag conditions, called the Church of Scientology Rehabilitation Project Force or "R.P.F.," and the "R.P.F.'s R.P.F." is on one of the floors of a particular building on Catalina Street. Some of those people so-confined have been there for many years. Similarly, upon information and belief, over forty other high level Scientology officials (considered a threat to the current ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology, Captain David Miscavige) are being confined in the SP Room at the Church of Scientology International Management and New Era Film Production facilities and compound at Gilman Hot Springs just outside Hemet, California. This very secure and well guarded facility is also known as "GoldBase" or "INT." Google: Los Angeles Times and Scientology and Welkos, or click on

Also see Photo Appendix, photo #23-24.

63. The Sunset Boulevard sidewalk from the Subway restaurant at New Hampshire Street to beyond the junction with Catalina Street was also totally closed to public access until we intervened.

64. Mark Bunker, the webmaster of , identified an L.A.P.D. sergeant who he said he had approached and requested to see the Church of Scientology permit to close off the streets and sidewalks. The officer had rudely refused him saying that no one would be allowed to see a copy of the permit. Upon further enquiry the Sergeant had made a telephone call and was told that the permit would not be shown but the permit number could be obtained and was to be provided. Mr. Bunker further told me that he had never encountered a police officer as rude and offensive as this L.A.P.D. Police Sergeant I later determined to be Officer #3862. The Church of Scientology own internal security were clearly attempting, sometimes successfully, to even supervise public access to the L.A.P.D. Officers (who were on the Scientology pay-roll as office-duty officers). I then informed Mr. Bunker that as the "contact person" for Anonymous I would explain to the officer what the L.A.P.D. had told me the previous day.
See generally:

65. I have also been advised by other witnesses (known to me) that on the morning of Saturday March 15, 2008 they arrived at L. Ron Hubbard Way to join the Anonymous protest of Church of Scientology human rights, civil rights abuses, tax-exempt status and criminal racketeering. At the north side of Sunset Boulevard and L. Ron Hubbard Way, in front of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital, they stopped at the pedestrian cross-walk and were intending to proceed across to the south side of Sunset Boulevard at L. Ron Hubbard Way. These people were informed by officials that they "would not be permitted to walk down the south side (heading west) of Sunset Boulevard (past fenced Church of Scientology parking lot and the Church of Scientology surveillance camera on the Sunset Boulevard sidewalk) due to permits closing it down." They said, "It's closed and [they would have to] turn around and cross at Vermont." These people also noticed that the street closed signs had also been turned around to indicate that the South (Scientology) side of Sunset Boulevard was also closed.

66. I then proceeded to walk onto L. Ron Hubbard Way via the public sidewalk just south of the Sunset Boulevard sidewalk. A uniformed Church of Scientology officer then told me that unless I immediately left that area I would be arrested for trespassing. I told him I was going to speak with the police.

Another uniformed Scientology with a clipboard and pencil then moved beside me and began writing down every word I uttered while various Church of Scientology personnel photographed and filmed me and others made calls on their cell phones and two-way radios. The person identified as the lead Sergeant confirmed that he was.

During a later conversation I asked if I could see his badge number and, after I pressed him again, he pulled back his jacket so I could see his badge #3862. A nearby officer had the badge #4037. I asked Officer #3862 if I could see the permit and he advised me that no one would be permitted to see the permit but that he was waiting information as to the number.

I then proceeded to explain to the officer the matters set forth in paragraphs 54-55 above. Officer #3862 told me that was incorrect, that the permit permitted the street and sidewalk closures, and that they would not be permitting any members of the public to walk on the sidewalks of L. Ron Hubbard Way or of Catalina Street. I told Officer #3862 that this was outrageous, that I would be making a disciplinary complaint and that if this interpretation of the permit turned out to be wrong the L.A.P.D. was going to have egg on its face all around the global Internet and in the media of 42 countries where the Church of Scientology was being simultaneously picketed by over 10, 000 people.

Officer #3862 then received a telephone call and wrote something on a piece of paper. He gave me the piece of paper that had a series of numerals on it and said, "That's the permit number." I asked, "How can I see that on a Saturday?" Officer #3862 told me I could view it at the film permit office at Parker Center. He thought it was on the second floor there and it was open all day on Saturday.

Later I would be informed that this was probably a ruse to get me in particular, as the attorney and contact person, away from the area of protest and picketing.

67. The several L.A.P.D. sergeants and other officers who were in charge of maintaining the barricades at both ends of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Catalina Street, led by Officer #3862 were off-duty L.A.P.D. officers, wearing their L.A.P.D. uniforms, carrying their L.A.P.D. guns, using their L.A.P.D. motorcycles and patrol vehicles and acting with the "color of authority." These off-duty officers, acting with the "color of authority," were actually being paid by the Church of Scientology with tax-exempt monies contributed by Church of Scientology celebrities, businesses and others. See Photo Appendix, photo # 25-36.

[Indeed, it has been recently reported that groups of uniformed L.A.P.D. officers have also accompanied Church of Scientology celebrity member Tom Cruise to restaurants and other social events.]

68. On my way to where my car was parked I was amazed to overhear two Scientology uniformed staffers on the sidewalk. One said to other that he could "not attend the evening event because he had to work on the project to get all of the new Church of Scientology materials into every library in America."

I continued on by and immediately proceeded to Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles. Thirty minutes later was at the Parker Center front desk where I explained the purpose of my visit. After several phone calls the front desk sergeant, who was polite and professional, informed me that there was no film permit office open at Parker Center and that I should speak with the Watch Commander of the Hollywood Division about matters on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

I then made the 30-minute drive to the L.A.P.D. Hollywood Division station. Once there I explained what had happened to the Watch Commander who was also thoroughly professional and she explained that L. Ron Hubbard Way was just out of her jurisdiction. She gave me the telephone number of the Watch Commander at the N. E. Division.

69. After I returned to my vehicle I telephoned the Watch Commander of the North East Division. After several attempts to get past the front desk I was eventually transferred to a woman who identified herself as Sergeant Solis. Then followed the most extraordinary conversation I have ever had with a police officer, leading me to believe I was dealing with an actual Scientology. After I explained what had happened and the purpose of my telephone call, the conversation then became very circular. It lasted a little more than five minutes and this was its essence:

     Watch Commander Solis: There will be no protests on L. Ron 
        Hubbard Way.
     Berry: Why not?
     Watch Commander: Because the Church has a permit to block the 
        streets off.
     Berry: That is contrary to what I was advised yesterday by 
        both Parker Center and the City Council.
     Watch Commander: Have you seen the permit?
     Berry: No, it was explained by both the L.A.P.D. and the
        City Council.
     Watch Commander: So you have not seen it and can say what is 
        on it.
     Berry: No, but I was assured of its contents and limitations 
        as I have explained.  Have you seen it?
     Watch Commander: No.
     Berry: So you cannot personally say what is on it either?
     Watch Commander: I have had it explained to me.
     Berry: By whom? Moxon?
     Watch Commander: I am not telling you. Why do you need to 
        protest on L. Ron Hubbard Way anyway?
     Berry: Because Anonymous has a First Amendment right to walk 
        and picket on the public sidewalks of L. Ron Hubbard Way. 
        As I told the City Council when they approved the change 
        of name from Berendo Street to L. Ron Hubbard Way,
        "L. Ron Hubbard's Way is not the American Way!"
     Watch Commander:  Well L. Ron Hubbard Way is only a public
        street to a certain extent. The area belongs to the 
        Church of Scientology.
     Berry: That is wrong. L. Ron Hubbard Way is no less a public
        street than any other street in Los Angeles and Anonymous 
        has a First Amendment right to walk and picket on the 
        sidewalks and so far today the L.A.P.D. has deprived and 
        denied over 600 citizens their First Amendment and other 
        constitutional rights for over two hours. It is
        absolutely outrageous. The L.A.P.D. should be part of 
        the Scientology solution, not part of the Scientology 
     Watch Commander:   Anonymous may have those rights but if we 
        let them on L. Ron Hubbard Way the exercise of those 
        constitutional rights will upset the Scientologists. You 
        are not stepping foot on L. Ron Hubbard Way. You can 
        protest from the other side of Sunset Boulevard. You can 
        get your message across from there. Why won’t you do 
        that? What's your issue with Scientology anyway?
     Berry: Anonymous cannot get its message heard from across
        the other side of Sunset Boulevard. The Church has
        erected a high fabric fence to obstruct the view in and
        out of L. Ron Hubbard Way and is blasting music so
        deafening that they cannot be heard. Surely the Church
        did not get a permit to blast the hospital and 
        neighborhood with mind numbing noise?
     Watch Commander: Well, the Scientologists have a right not
        to be upset by protests and pickets. Anonymous will
        protest from the other side of Sunset Boulevard.
     Berry: What you are saying and doing is that exact opposite 
        of what the law requires. Aren’t you familiar with the 
        litigation and court-ordered arrangements that were
        court ordered for the Democratic Convention in Los
       Angeles in 2000?
     Watch Commander:  It's a different situation. 
        L. Ron Hubbard Way is not really a public street. 
     Berry: That is absolutely wrong.

The conversation continued in such a circular manner until the Watch Commander said that she was sorry I felt the way I did but the public was not permitted to protest the Church of Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

70. I then returned to L. Ron Hubbard Way arriving at approximately 12:45 PM. Various young members of Anonymous came up to me saying "Mr. Berry, it is an honor to meet you," to which I responded that it was my honor to help such a well turned out group of young freedom loving Americans willing to fight dangerous, domestic, religious "psycho-terrorism," political subversion and criminality when the government and law enforcement was too intimidated, terrorized, corrupted and compromised to investigate and prosecute those involved. Parenthetically I note that I have been previously advised by a then-Assistant United States Attorney for the Criminal Division of the Central District of California that the Scientology problem was just too big to be handled by regional law enforcement and would have to be handled by Washington, DC, if it was willing to do so. How can we expect to defeat Al-Qaeda in the Middle East if we cannot even take the fangs and claws out of Scientology's O.S.A. here at home? Indeed, that is the question many Europeans regularly raise in criticism of the current U.S. Administration and Congress.

71. Shortly after I returned to L. Ron Hubbard Way a commotion occurred, the protesters swarmed a man shouting, "He's got a gun" and L.A.P.D. officers, apparently from the N. E. Division, separate and apart from those controlling and restricting L. Ron Hubbard Way and Catalina Street apprehended him. Apparently the man was a Church of Scientology hired private investigator with a permit to carry a concealed hand gun and after checking his concealed fire-arm permit the private investigator was permitted to continue walking among the young picketers and to stand alongside Church of Scientology security around and within the barriers to public access to the streets. See Photo Appendix, photo #37-40.

72. During my absence on the two-hour wild goose chase around Los Angeles that L.A.P.D. Sergeant badge #3862 sent me on, various media outlets had been in attendance and there was footage and interviews during Saturday evening news shows such as Fox News 11 at 10 PM. In addition, there were now a number of black and white L.A.P.D. police cruisers parked in the middle of Sunset Boulevard. There were also a number of senior police and other officers who identified themselves as being from the North East Division of the L.A.P.D. After I explained to these Sergeants and other officers what I have set forth above, I was advised that they would not interfere in any way with the permit and street closure decisions of Officers #3862 and #4037 and the Scientologists. See Photo Appendix, photo #41- 47.

73. One of the picketers present was Tory Christman, a former Scientology of 30 years standing who rose to OT VII status (the same as Tom Cruise). See Photo Appendix, photo # 48-50. While in Scientology, she was assigned to a secret O.S.A. operation to open up hard-to-trace Internet addresses for Church of Scientology operatives to use to spam, vilify and defame those on Internet who criticized and/or said negative things about the Scientology Enterprise. While crossing Sunset Boulevard she slipped and fell, spraining several fingers as she broke her fall. She proceeded to a medical clinic some miles away. Church of Scientology operatives followed her not only to the medical clinic but also inside, constantly videotaping her every movement and communication.
There is video footage on this incident at:
and generally related comment at:

74. Upon information and belief, at about the same time, the Scientology enterprise engaged in further despicable and tortuous conduct down the other end of L. Ron Hubbard Way. At about 1:15 PM one of a group of 30-40 Anonymous picketers spoke with Sergeant W. K. Guillsey from the L.A.P.D. North Eastern Division. They advised him they were going to walk down New Hampshire Street, turn right on Fountain Avenue and walk along to the junction with L. Ron Hubbard Way. They did so and about ten minutes later two individuals, also wearing Anonymous style Guy Fawkes masks walked up. They turned out to be Church of Scientology operatives accompanied by Church of Scientology staffers. Each of the huge Church of Scientology picket signs, carried by persons masquerading as Anonymous, stated: "Just for LULZ, Gareth Alan Cales, Anonymous-no more. Gareth Alan Cales, 8550 Costa Verde Blvd., San Diego, CA 92122." There was also a large photograph of Gareth Cales in an Anonymous mask and a picture of him unmasked, clearly taken by someone surreptiously following him.
See Photo Appendix and Supplemental Folder therein.

75. This Church of Scientology unit followed these young people, shielding their signs with the two huge Church of Scientology public disclosures of Gareth Cales’ photograph, name and address. Mr. Cales is a fine young man and now one of my clients in connection of the attached letter requesting a full, fair and transparent investigation of all of the matters contained herein and submitted by others in connection herewith. Mr. Cales’ declaration is submitted herewith.

76. Young Mr. Cales then noticed L.A.P.D. Sergeant Guillsey standing across the street. He proceeded across the street and spoke with him about what had occurred. Sergeant Guillsey then said, "You might wish to work your legal issues out with the Church of Scientology." Mr. Cales responded that he did not have any legal issues with the Church. He was there exercising his freedom of speech. "My issue with the Church would be resolved if they lose their tax exempt status," said Mr. Cales. The Sergeant said that was good so long as it was legal. However, it still might be in his interests to come in and work this thing out. Mr. Cales expressed surprise and was told it concerned a legal question. "The Sergeant gave Mr. Cales his business card and telephone number (213)485- 2563 and said he would be at the N.E. Division station until 6 PM and again the next day. He said that Mr. Cales might wish to come in and present his side of the story. Sgt. Guillsey added that there were usually two sides to every story and it would be in Mr. Cales’ interests to get his side of the story in. The Cales’ group continued on along the Fountain Avenue sidewalk near the junction with L. Ron Hubbard Way. At one point, Gareth Cales was standing alone and contemplating the invasion of his anonymity and privacy by the Church of Scientology, a non-Anonymous person walked over to him and whispered in his ear: "Hey, Gareth. Guess your buddy Sean [whose cat was had been poisoned] couldn’t make it today." Gareth Cales replied, "I don’t know who you are taking about." At the time, Gareth Cales did not know that the L.A.P.D. was about to arrest Sean Carasov following a criminal complaint filed by the Scientology enterprise.

77. Gareth Cales decided that he should leave the picket area. He requested assistance to escape from the Scientologists without being followed by them. Other Anonymous swarmed him. They proceeded back up Catalina Street, past the Subway restaurant and crossed L. Ron Hubbard Way on Sunset Boulevard. The Scientologists wearing Anonymous masks and carrying the two huge picket signs identifying Gareth Cales and his home address followed along with Church of Scientology "handlers." As a result of a cell phone call, a car containing two Anonymous pulled up at the curb. Gareth Cales got in. The car drove off, stopping again to pick up two more Anonymous. They then left the area. However, they soon noted that they were being followed by a Silver Toyota Sienna with license plates starting with the number 6. They telephoned for help and I was notified. Later I learned the complete plate number of the vehicle that may have been a rental. See Photo Appendix, Supplemental Folder.

78. When I was notified, at about 2:15 PM of the five young Anonymous being stalked by the Silver Toyota Sienna, I went to the N.E. Division L.A.P.D. officers in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and advised them of what was happening. See Photo Appendix, photo #51-53. I arranged with the officers that if the Anonymous car could lead the Silver Toyota Sienna west along Sunset and past these police they would intercept and detain the Silver Toyota Sienna so that the Anonymous could get away without being followed any further. However, the Anonymous car had managed to shake the Silver Toyota Sienna by then and was safely driving towards West Los Angeles.

79. By this time, 2:30 PM, the Anonymous picket at L. Ron Hubbard Way was ending and I proceeded to my vehicle, with a photographer, and drove home to West Los Angeles for a meal before the 4:30 PM picket at the Shrine Auditorium. When I got there I returned a telephone call from Gareth Cales and I proceeded, still with my cameraman, to meet with Gareth Cales and other Anonymous at a Denny's Restaurant in Culver City. I arrived there at 4:10 PM, sat with the group and ordered food. After a discussion with my pro bono client Gareth Cales I telephoned Sergeant Guillsey at the N.E. Division of L.A.P.D. (213) 485-2563. Sergeant Guillsey could not have been more pleasant, more professional or more co-operative. He explained that he had mistaken Gareth Cales for Sean Carasov and he apologized repeatedly. He also mentioned that Sean Carasov had been arrested sometime before and although he could not provide any further details Sean would be taken to the Parker Center cells. After that Gareth received a telephone call requesting I go to Parker Center.

80. We then proceeded to Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles via Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street where we passed The Shrine Auditorium. On past occasions, when there have been pickets of Church of Scientology fund raising events at The Shrine, others and I have been permitted to stand next to the entrance to parking lot where the Scientologys drive in to park their cars. Barricades have never been used. On this occasion, there were barricades over the street and down the block where they would hardly been seen and would not be heard by the arriving Scientologists.
This was also appeared to be serious misinterpretation and breach of the picketing cases and laws developed in the year 2000 for the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. Again, uniformed off-duty L.A.P.D. police officers, paid by the Church of Scientology and acting "under color of authority," were restricting the location, visibility and activities of the Anonymous and other protesters.

81. We arrived at Parker Center, the L.A.P.D. headquarters in downtown Los Angeles at approximately 6:15 PM. The same Desk Sergeant I had met during my morning wild goose-chase to see the Church of Scientology permit was still on duty. I was quickly, politely and professionally shown to the holding cells where the responsible L.A.P.D. officers were also commendable for their cooperation, attitude and assistance. They were clearly intrigued by the T-shirt I was wearing: Black with Scientology Kills in dripping red letters. I met with Sean Carasov for about an hour. He had been charged with Terrorist threats/Criminal threats under Section 422 of the Penal Code. On the basis of my knowledge then and now, as subsequently confirmed by the photographs, video and audiotapes, it appeared Sean was being held on $50,000 bail for being rude; saying "fuck you" to a Scientology photographer and for saying that if Scientology operatives broke into his apartment they would "get a warm reception" because he is entitled to protect himself with his two licensed fire-arms. Sean was released on bail later that evening, Saturday March 15, 2008.

82. I then proceeded to drive Gareth Cales to his car in the San Fernando Valley. As we were proceeding North on the Hollywood Freedom I received information that a group of four other young Anonymous were being chased and stalked by a Silver Toyota Sienna Van and that they were trying to get to Union Station to catch trains home to their parents. Upon information and belief, their taxi-cab tried to lose the Sienna van but it followed recklessly, cutting off city buses and failing to stop at red traffic lights while turning. I responded that I would be there as soon as could, turned off the Freeway and drove to Union Station via Temple Street. During the frantic drive I learned that Los Angeles Sheriffs had detained the Guy Fawkes-masked young Anonymous and that they had managed to photograph the license plates of the stalkers in the pursuing silver Toyota Sienna. "We’re getting more action than there is in a Hollywood movie," said Gareth, worrying that the Sheriffs may force the young Anonymous to reveal their identity to the Church of Scientology's stalkers. Later the pictures of the silver Toyota Sienna following these four young Anonymous confirmed that it was the same vehicle with the same license plates that had been earlier stalking, tailing, harassing and terrorizing Garth Cales and the four Anonymous that were with him. The vehicle plates were 6AUP602. It appears it may have been a rented vehicle. See Photo Appendix, Supplemental Folder.

83. Upon arrival outside Union Station I left the car to be parked by one of the others and ran through the concourse. Security must have realized who I was because several yelled, "Your people are over there." Outside the ropes of a very large posh dining area and cocktail function were two L.A. Sheriffs on a two Segways, their Watch Commander, four Anonymous in Guy Fawkes masks and me wearing a black "Scientology Kills" T-shirt. Not surprisingly we were attracting a crowd. I learned that the occupants of the silver Toyota Sienna had chased the young Anonymous into Union Station with their video cameras rolling. Union Station security had intervened and called the Transit Sheriffs, who were attached to the Department of Homeland Security. They were wonderful. They had ordered the pursuing stalkers from the Church of Scientology to stop filming and to leave. They were protecting the young people until I arrived. They were adamant that the Anonymous would not have to reveal their identity in public, and to Church of Scientology covert operatives. At the suggestion of the Sheriff's Deputies, they escorted our group to a private secure area on an upper level. The Deputies then enabled the young Anonymous to unmask, change out of their suits and ties and into different clothes and different hair-styles. I took their picket signs while the Deputies showed the Anonymous to the trains via private corridors to avoid any Church of Scientology spies. The Sheriffs deputies were Officer Tabug and Officer Scurto from the L.A. Sheriffs Transit Services Division that is attached to the Office of Homeland Security (786) 566-0233. I cannot commend these two officers too highly for their courteous, caring and sensitive professionalism. They were such a stark contrast to L.A.P.D. Officer #3862 and Officer #4037 at the end of L. Ron Hubbard Way at 11 A.M. that day.

84. I left Union Station just after 8 PM and, appearing not to have any "tails," I drove Gareth Cales and another Anonymous to their vehicle and ensured that they were able to leave without any Church of Scientology stalkers tailing them.
See generally,

85. Later I was informed that not all Transit Service police officers and employees had been so vigilant about the personal safety of these young Americans lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights after a long period of national apathy and lethargy. A number of the young Anons had ridden on other subway trains. The Scientology enterprise persuaded at least one subway line team to stop the Metro train, order all of the Anon passengers off the train and to take their masks off in front of Church of Scientology operatives and investigators. Of course, that has just added to the young people targeted for harassment, intimidation by Latham & Watkin's Schindler's List. It is crystal clear that giant Latham & Watkins, with its $2 billion per year in revenue, is trying to chill the First Amendment rights of these young peaceful protesters and to defame them with allegations that are totally unfounded and unconnected to the people specifically targeted by this law firm. See paragraphs 103-117 below.

86. On Saturday March 15, 2008, over ten thousand people had peacefully picketed and protested the criminal, tax, human rights and civil rights abuses of the Church of Scientology in over 110 cities in over 42 countries. However, Church of Scientology related crime and abuse also occurred at other picket sites in the United States and other countries.

87. A selection of some of the media and Internet reports on the March 15 protests demonstrate the fallacies, falsities and fabrications that saturate the Scientology allegations against Anonymous:
Linked global media.
See generally, the following video and photographs:


88. Upon information and belief, the concurrent and coordinated protests of over 10,000 other people in more than 110 cities in over 42 nations went relatively smoothly and peacefully, except for several incidents. Of course, small armies of Church of Scientology paid private investigators were tailing and trying to obtain the identities of the young picketers in order to apply the Church's chilling "Fair Game" handling policies and practices against them. One even carried a concealed handgun. See Photo Appendix, photo #37-40, and the Supplemental Folder.

89. These Church employed thugs and goons were paid with the tax-exempt proceeds of religious "fixed donations" for goods and services, and donations to the International Association of Scientologists by celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Susteran (the Fox Television hostess) and James Packer (the Australian media magnate). "The I.A.S. is also known Scientology's ‘War Chest,’ and that money is used to attack critics of Scientology. Scn. will tell you the money is for their ‘protection’ and to fund their ‘good works’ but it's all really going after and trying to silence anyone that gets in their way of ‘freeing mankind.’" See Gosslip. Scientology sources suggest that Tom Cruise has funneled between $50M and $100M into the Scientology enterprise and that Cruise is currently Scientology's financial life-line. Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) has given over $10M to the I.A.S. In 2007 alone, John Travolta gave over $2.5M tax-exempt dollars to the I.A.S. "to fight Scientology's Critics."

90. The websites and IRC chat rooms used by Anon also came under external electronic attacks before, during and after the March 15, 2008 global pickets; against the current management and Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (R.I.C.O.) activities of the Scientology Enterprise and its false front of Hollywood celebrities, volunteer service ministers and social betterment programs. These Scientology-backed programs include Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Criminon and A.B.L.E. (the Association for Better Living) and the anti-psychiatry Citizens Commission for Human Rights (C.C.H.R.). Bruce Wiseman, the President of C.C.H.R., is also the Treasurer of the National Foundation of Woman Legislators.
and his "C.C.H.R. infiltration plan."
and his deceptive and misleading testimony, in reality on behalf of the Church of Scientology, but without mentioning one single connection to Hubbard or the Scientology enterprise, and without disclosing the medical, certification, fraud and disclosure controversy that surrounds both C.C.H.R. and Narconon.
It is also noted that earlier this week the nation of Denmark closed down a Church of Scientology school because neither the curriculum nor the individual student's academic performance met national teaching standards.

91. Upon information and belief, in Auckland, New Zealand Church of Scientology operatives followed a number of young Anons to the Panmure train station where they were apparently photographed after having to take off their masks in order to travel on the train. The New Zealand national Sunday newspaper commented favorably on the protests.
The newspaper also included the URL to one of the Anonymous web sites:

92. Upon information and belief, the Scientology enterprise has also been engaged in its tax-exempt psycho-terrorism activities in places as far away as New Zealand [and South Africa where it has just purchased an enormous faux castle and property]. In New Zealand, Scientology operatives contacted and subtlety threatened some former Scientologists who had been in communication with persons participating with Anonymous. Another Scientology generated false police report was also filed, this time against an Auckland Anon who had not even been at the locations listed as having been trespassed upon! What is also suspicious is the seemingly unlawful manner in which the Scientology found out about this particular Anon's involvement in the protests. The fabricated trespass notice was served on the Anon by Mike Ferris, Executive Director of the Church of Scientology New Zealand and Phillip Green, a director of a private investigations firm called SPI Consultants Ltd, North Shore, Auckland, (021) 1844509. Suppressive Person Investigation Consultants!

93. In the City of Buffalo, New York the local police chief was reported as being very annoyed with the Church of Scientology. Based upon a false bomb threat, a false terrorist report had caused a visit from the F.B.I. and the local police chief had to used overtime wage rates and other extraordinary costs, at the public's expense, to enable his deputies to deal with turned out to be fake complaints against constitutionally protected first amendment activity protesting human rights and civil rights abuses by a tax-exempt American church engaged in global "psycho-terrorism," money-laundering, financial fraud and crime.

94. In Atlanta a controversial full-scale police riot gear turn out along with two arrests and the unmasking of the protesters has led to continuing local outrage and demands for a city, state and federal investigation. In addition, it was stated on a subsequent radio interview show that the Mayor of Atlanta has donated many thousands of dollars to the International Association of Scientologists U. S. Trust (which funds the black operations and other Scientology psycho-terror practices and projects referred to herein). Ordinarily, only currently active Scientologists are making donations to the International Association of Scientologists.
Extensive information, analysis and video-tape of the City of Atlanta riot police response can be viewed at the following URLs.


95. On Tuesday March 18, 2008, at about 10:30 AM, I telephoned Investigator Abracia at the Los Angeles City Council Bureau of Street Services (213) 847-6029. I requested a copy of the permit for the March 15, 2009 closures of both L. Ron Hubbard Way and Catalina Street, as the permit existed at noon on Friday, March 14, 2008! I was told I would have to write in and my request would be considered. When I responded that was a totally unacceptable response, I was transferred to Mr. David Rivera the Supervisor. Mr. Rivera told me that upon receipt of a letter request the document would be provided and any fee charged. We agreed that I would email him a letter request and hand-deliver a signed copy within two hours when I wished to receive the copies requested. I also telephoned Officer Fernandez at the L.A.P. D. Special Permits Office. I left him a message and sent him a similar email request. Both the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services and the L.A.P.D. Special Events/Permits Offices are located at 1149 South Broadway, Los Angeles. I arrived there shortly after 1:00 PM and went first to the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services where I met with Supervisor David Rivera. He was polite, professional and co-operative. He provided me with the computer printout of a Special Event Permit for a Temporary Street Closure, Permit No. 080376, Reference No. 20080393. The document provided for "Full Closure" of L. Ron Hubbard Way from Fountain Avenue to Sunset Boulevard from 03/13/2008 at 6:00 AM to 03/15/2008 at 12:00 AM. The event was to be a "ceremony/Graduation-Tables/Chairs. There was no barrier specified. It was a condition of the permit that "Must maintain a 20 ft. fire-lane for emergency access." A copy of that three-page document is enclosed herewith. Exhibit A. There was no mention of any sidewalk closure on Sunset or Fountain or any closure of Catalina Street. The Applicant and contact person was Kit Finn, Events Director, Church of Scientology, 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027, Telephone (323) 953-3340, Fax (323) 953-3288. The Permit was neither signed, dated nor stamped. After further discussion I requested all related documents from the Department and provided a written request. I then went elsewhere in the building and met with Officer Fernandez of the L.A.P.D. Special Events Office. He told me that the L.A.P.D. did not have/and would not have a copy of the Special Permit issued by the Bureau of Street Services. However, the relevant City Councilman's Office would. An hour later, at about 2:30 PM I telephoned Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti's office.

96. The Councilman's father Gil Garcetti is the Former District Attorney whose deputy advised me that he would not prosecute, for "political reasons," the L.A.P.D. recommendation that the Scientology enterprise and certain of its lawyers be indicted for their blackmail, bribery, perjury, obstruction of justice and other crimes committed against me, all documented with written evidence, documents and testimony under oath. Shortly afterwards the District Attorney's son Eric was won "a hotly contested" 2001 election to the Los Angeles City Council where he represents City Council District 13 which includes all of the major Church of Scientology properties in Los Angeles and the Church's Pacific Area Command Base on L. Ron Hubbard Way. Subsequently Councilman Garcetti has made numerous public statements in support of the Church of Scientology and the unaccredited Hubbard College of Administration International at 320 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, 90004. The Hubbard College of Administration International is part of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E.). Most Scientology owned businesses (including those of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, other celebrities and, for example, Executive Software Solutions), pay 10% of their gross income to W.I.S.E. which in turn pays it "up lines" to the Church of Scientology, Religious Technology Center and the apex Church of Scientology corporation which is the Church of Spiritual Technology. The Scientology organization is truly a hydra-headed octopus with tentacles everywhere while shrouding itself behind a curtain of darkness and terror.

97. My Tuesday March 18, 2008 2-30 PM telephone call was answered and I informed Councilman Garcetti's office of the purpose of my call. I was told that the Chief of Staff herself would have to handle my request for a copy of the Church of Scientology permit and related petition and motion concerning the closure of L. Ron Hubbard Way. I was put through to her voicemail where I explained the purpose of my call and its context. During the afternoon I made two more calls and at all times Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero was in the office but unable to take or reply to my telephone call and request. Late the next morning, March 19, 2008, I received a very polite and pleasant return call from Field Deputy Helen, on behalf of the Eric Garcetti's Chief of Staff. She advised me that the official L.A. City Council record would disclose that there had been no motions presented or passed in connection with the street closures in and around L. Ron Hubbard Way on March 15, 2008 and their office had received no paperwork or communications at all in connection with any such street closures. There was nothing in the District Councilman's files relating to the matter.

98. On Wednesday March 18, 2008 I telephoned Senior Street Services Investigator David Rivera at the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services (213) 847-6000. He was unavailable and I left a voicemail enquiring as to when I could see and receive copies of the actual Church of Scientology application to close off L. Ron Hubbard Way, the file and handling documents and any other documents bearing signatures, stamps or other indicia as to when and by whom the permit-related documents had been created. Senior Street Services Investigator Rivera promptly sent me a polite email stating, "I submitted the request and I am waiting for a response. I will let you know as soon as I receive it." On Friday March 21, 2008 Mr. Rivera advised me that he had "left a copy of the application at the front for [me]. No fee." I received Mr. Rivera's communication too late in the afternoon to reach his office before it closed for the weekend.

99. On Monday March 24, 2008 I went to the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services and received the Church of Scientology Application in connection with the L.A.P.D. and the Church of Scientology's exclusion of the public from the entirety of L. Ron Hubbard Way, Catalina Street and portions of Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue at and near their junctions with L. Ron Hubbard Way on March 13-15, 2008. There were twenty pages. The first was a copy of my written request for the documents. The other 19 pages comprised the Application as described and reviewed in the following paragraph.

100. The other 19 pages of the pertinent street closure permit are as follows:
a) Pages 2 to 4; are pages 1 to 3 of a completed 3 page APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY STREET CLOSURE form.
It was submitted by Kit Finn, the event director of the Church of Scientology at 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, LA, CA. 90027.
His day and night telephone number is (323) 953-3340 and his day and night fax machine is (323) 953-3288.

The Application was not signed or dated as required.

The area to be closed was L. Ron Hubbard Way between Fountain and Sunset Boulevard. Full Street Closure.
The nature of the event was "Volunteers Minister Activities. Tables and Chairs."
[Comment: There is no mention of barricades, temporary shielding fences, music blasting at a public hospital and through the neighborhood, etc. There is no mention of the closure of Catalina Street and parts of Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue].
No date of March 15, 2008 is shown anywhere on the two page form. Instead the date of "Feb 18, 2008" In the bordered box labeled "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" is the following information: Permit No. /Week No. 080376; Council/St. Mtce. Dist. CD 13 (and either 108 or CoS, it appears).Date Rec. /Due Date 2/19/08; Street Type: Local; No. Barricades/Cones: None indicated, line strike - ; Facility: Hwd; Ref. 20080393.

However, page three of the application was not faxed until February 19, 2006 [sic] from Event at (323) 9533340+61651. It specified the Dates of Closures to be from Thursday March 13-Saturday March 15 at midnight. At the top of the form is the following information.
On the left there is a column of five abbreviations: APPL [Presumably Application, and a line is struck through it]; HH [Presumably Hold Harmless], and a line struck through it; INS CAO 905763 [Presumably the number of the public liability insurance policy, and a line is truck through it]; PET [Presumably referring to the mandatory petition to the Los Angeles City Council and City Council vote approving the street closure. There is no line struck through so.
Apparently, consistent with the records of Councilman Garcetti (CD13), the Church of Scientology did not petition the City Council for permission to close L. Ron Hubbard Way on March 13-15, 2008]; Fees [Presumably application fees, and a line striking it out, probably meaning that the fee was paid]. At the middle of the top of the page is handwritten and underlined the word Approved on the right said the numbers 3/13.
b) Page 5; Is an INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLDHARMLESS for an event to be held on March 13-15, 2008 and involving the closure of L. Ron Hubbard Way between Fountain Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. The indemnification of Los Angeles City for any public liability is signed by Kit Finn, the Events Director of the Church of Scientology, is dated February 18, 2008 and was faxed on February 19, 2008.
[Note: There is no such legal entity as the Church of Scientology. There are various corporations with Church of Scientology in their name (e.g. Church of Scientology International, Inc) but none is just plain vanilla Church of Scientology.].
In a box in the middle of the form and marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY is an uncompleted section stating: " WHEREAS, the permittee has applied to the City for a street closure and/or temporary selling activities permit described in Board Report #_______ or Board or Council Motion # ______ or approved by the Bureau of Street Services on ______, 20____, which is incorporated by reference and made a part hereof …"
c) Pages 6 - 8; are a Acord Corporation Certificate of Liability Insurance for one million dollars in aggregate.
Page 6: The Insurance Producer is USI of Southern California, Lic #0351162, P. O. Box 4367, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. The insurers affording coverage are simply listed as Zurich/American Ins. Grp and National Union Fire (AIG). There is no further insurance company or policy information other than GLO929735709 and Excess BE9834310 (both 908/15/07-08/15/08), or information as to what and where Acord is and where it is licensed to do business.
It is issued to the Church of Scientology [no such legal entity] at 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027. It is signed by Patricia Westbrook.
Page 7: is a statement about additional insureds and subrogation).
Page 8: Is a Commercial General Liability Policy Number GLO929735709 adding City of Los Angeles (street closure) as an additional insured.
d) Page 9: Is a document faxed from Event, Fax No. (323) 953-3340+61651 on Feb. 19 2006 [sic] at 10.42AM as P4.

The applicant is Church of Scientology which is requesting closure of L. Ron Hubbard Way between Franklin Avenue and Sunset Boulevard from 6AM March 13 until 12 midnight on Saturday March 15 for a Volunteer Ministers Event. Above the signature of the Applicant is the statement: "The closure, when granted, will be for the exclusion of vehicles only.
Admission to an event may not be charged; and the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of emergency. A 20 foot emergency lane shall be provided on all streets within the said closure at all times."
The consent of adjacent property owners Claudia J. Korchack asst. Mary Shuttleworth of Mary's Schoolhouse and Norma Phillips is included. The section for listing additional streets [e.g. Catalina] is left vacant.
Page 10: Is a continuation of the Petition signature page with the names and signatures of neighbors Dolores L. Cuvinor, Bill Jeffries and Mike Hedrick.
e) Page 11: Is a letter from Kit Finn (no letter head or address) faxed from Event at 3239533340+61651 on Feb.19 2006 [sic] 10:41Am P1. Kit Finn stated he was sending over a street closure application for Thursday, Friday and Saturday March 13, 14 & 15. It was originally just to be the 15th said Mr. Finn's letter.
f) Page 12: Is a duplicate of page 9.
g) Page 13: Is another February 19, 2006 [sic] fax from Event at 3239533340+61651 at 4:10PM. Mr. Finn writes to Mr. Abracia [Investigator, L.A. City Council, Bureau of Street Services] stating, "Here is the first page of the application form being re-faxed to clarify the nature of the event for us in March which is a Volunteer Minister activity. I left you a voice mail on this."
h) Page 14: Is a copy of City of Los Angeles Receipt 624910 for $312.00 received from Church of Scientology, 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, LA 90027 for Spec Events Permit #80376. It is dated March 10, 2008. The lower half of the page is a copy of California Bank & Trust, 550 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California 90017 check #30935, dated March 4, 2008, drawn on account 122003396 024 50366670 by the Church of Scientology Western United States, Continental Liaison Office WUS, 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027, MAIN ACCOUNT in the amount of $312.00 and payable to City of Los Angeles, 600 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020 for DV# MN 30621. At the bottom of the check is the statement: "The Church of Scientology Western United States logo is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission."
i) Page 15: Is a copy of a PETITION (FOR RESIDENTIAL AREARS) REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY STREET CLOSURE PERMIT sent by fax 03/19/2008 from 3235815376 to 916263329979 page 02 p.4/4 JM for a Community Health Fair on 3/15/08 at 46th Street between Hooper and Ascot. It is signed by various people on East 46th Street, LA.
j) Page 16: Is a copy of a Petition [not the fax described as d] page 8 above and stating: PETITION (FOR SELLING ACITVITIES) REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY SELLING ACTIVITIES PERMIT. The applicant is Church of Scientology which is requesting closure of L. Ron Hubbard Way between Franklin Avenue and Sunset Boulevard from 6AM March 13 until 12 midnight on Saturday March 15 for a Volunteer Ministers Event.
Above the signature of the Applicant is the statement: "The closure, when granted, will be for the exclusion of vehicles only. Admission to an event may not be charged; and the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of emergency. A 20 foot emergency lane shall be provided on all streets within the said closure at all times." The consent of adjacent property owners Claudia J. Korchack, asst. Mary Shuttleworth of Mary's Schoolhouse and Norma Phillips is included. The section for listing additional streets [e.g. Catalina] is left vacant.
Page 17: Is a continuation of the Petition signature page with the names and signatures of neighbors Dolores L. Cuvinor, Bill Jeffries and Mike Hedrick.
k) Pages 18-19: are pages 1 to 2 of an APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY STREET CLOSURE form. It was submitted by Kit Finn, the event director of the Church of Scientology at 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way, LA, CA. 90027. The area to be closed was L. Ron Hubbard Way between Fountain and Sunset Boulevard. Full Street Closure. The nature of the event was "Volunteers Minister Activities. Tables and Chairs."
[Comment: There is no mention of barricades, temporary shielding fences, music blasting at a public hospital and through the neighborhood, etc. There is no mention of the closure of Catalina Street and parts of Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue].
The form is dated Feb.18, 2008 although another date has been whited out. In the bordered box labeled "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" is nothing. The second page sets forth the dates of Thursday March 13 at 6.00AM to Saturday March 15 at midnight. The estimated attendance is "hundreds." There is no other space filled in except for the figures 008 under Additional Information and an undated illegible signature with the Title ‘Events Dir."
l) Page 20; is an INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS for an event to be held on March 13-15, 2008 and involving the closure of L. Ron Hubbard Way between Fountain Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. The indemnification of Los Angeles City for any public liability is signed by Kit Finn, the Events Director of the Church of Scientology, is dated February 18, 2008.
[Note: There is no such legal entity as the Church of Scientology. There are various corporations with Church of Scientology in their name (e.g. Church of Scientology International, Inc) but none is just plain vanilla Church of Scientology].
In a box in the middle of the form and marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY is an uncompleted section stating: " WHEREAS, the permittee has applied to the City for a street closure and/or temporary selling activities permit described in Board Report #_______ or Board or Council Motion # ______ or approved by the Bureau of Street Services on ______, 20____, which is incorporated by reference and made a part hereof …"


101. The Church of Scientology ("CoS"), more appropriately referred to as the Scientology Enterprise, is protected by a number of expensive and powerful national law firms. From about 1995 through until recently, the Scientology enterprise's lead attack dog big law firm was the New York Office of the Los Angeles based international law firm of Paul Hastings, a 1,200- attorney law firm with 18 offices around the globe. Samuel ("Sandy") D. Rosen was the lead attorney/pit-bull for that firm. He has since left the firm and continues to represent RTC as a sole practitioner. His ex-wife alleged that Rosen struck her and threw her down the stairs of his grand New Jersey home. In Judge Whyte's courtroom he threatened to "smash my face in," as witnessed and later discussed on the record. He charges over $600.00 per hour, and when he travels he requires two first class aircraft seats and five star hotel accommodation. For ten years, Sandy Rosen, Esq., and an expensive team of lawyers from across the nation have kept Keith Henson locked in massive multi-million bankruptcy court litigation against a virtually penniless, no-asset and no-income 65-year-old man. Why? Because written Scientology scripture teaches that the purpose of the lawsuit is not to win but to harass.
Google: the purpose of the law suit is to harass or click on

102. The Scientology enterprise had previously engaged Latham & Watkins to protect its interests, and to limit/eliminate its exposure to liability, in connection with the largest Ponzi fraud scam in US history. Google: Reed Slatkin. The Federal District Court Judge in the Slatkin case was Hon. Margaret Morrow. She was a partner in Quinn, Kully & Morrow at the very same time that Quinn, Kully & Morrow was the Church of Scientology International lead outside law firm in Los Angeles.

103. Sometime in early 2008, the Scientology enterprise again retained Latham & Watkins ("Latham"), the fourth largest law firm in the world, with 2,100 lawyers in 18 global offices. This time, Latham was to unmask, defame, intimidate and to "Fair Game/third party," selected young participants in Anonymous. Here the church is using "reverse-processing" to spread defamatory information to third persons (a neighbor or employer) under the guise of conducting an "investigation … in the criminal activities of Mister X. What do you know about him molesting children? What do you know about his involvement in the Duke rape case, etc.?" HCO PL 26 DECEMBER 1968 THE THIRD PARTY LAW and HCO PL 24 FEBRUARY 1969 JUSTICE and HCO PL 15 MARCH 1969 THIRD PARTY HOW TO FIND ONE and HCO PL 30 APRIL 1965 EMERGENCY, STATE OF. The last Policy Letter is also interesting for another reason. It sets forth policies that must be closely followed during the period the Scientology enterprise is in the Emergency condition. Included are increased ethics punishments, decreased income, no new hiring or new staff, and the removal of all of the executive staff. As a result, there are over 40 senior Scientology executives (and potential power-threats to Miscavige/Cruise) being held captive (for all intents and purposes) in gulag/concentration camp conditions near Hemet, and about another 175 Sea Organizations staffers are being held captive (for all intents and purposes) in Hollywood, CA. See paragraphs 169 to 181 below. Similarly, there is a Church of Scientology International "gulag" or R.P.F. facility in Clearwater, FL. The Latham partner in charge of the Church of Scientology matters is David Schindler, Esq. He is located at the firm's Los Angeles office: David J. Schindler, 633 West Fifth Street, Suite 4000, Los Angeles CA 90071-2007 (+1.213.485.1234 Phone, +1.213.891.8763 Fax,

104. On becoming aware of these Orwellian activities by Latham and the Scientology enterprise, many expressed outrage. They believed Latham should not be representing the Church of Scientology for the same or similar reasons that it would not have represented the Russian Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, Hitler's Nazi Party, or any other totalitarian organization dedicated to total global domination ("Clearing the Planet"), the elimination of all other religions, the elimination of freedom of speech or thought, and the extermination of all those people who impede that goal ("Criminals" or "Suppressive Persons") who number at least 2.5% of the global population currently at six billion. All homosexuals are also to be quarantined and exterminated ("disposed of quietly and without sorrow," wrote Hubbard). By definition, every gay, lesbian or bi-sexual person is a "Suppressive Person." So is every Christian or "other" religion despite what lower level Scientologists and the general public are told.

105. In the Scientology controlled society, after they have "cleared the planet …of criminals" (exterminated every-one who opposes the Scientology or has negative thoughts against the leadership of the Scientology enterprise, there will be no "suppressive persons." At the end of the Tom Cruise recruiting video he actually states that.
Click on:
On a "cleared planet Earth," only Scientologists are to have any human or civil rights whatsoever. Suppressive Persons, such as those participating in Anonymous, have no human rights and no civil rights. They may be deceived and destroyed by any available means by any Scientologist, attorney (such as Latham & Watkins) and private investigator employed by the Church of Scientology. Anonymous believes those goals are in conflict with the good consciences and the legal ethics of most of the 2,100 lawyers of Latham, and its thousands of other employees in its 26 offices, around the globe.

106. It wasn’t long before the Latham letters were being referred to as [David] "Schindler's List" and people across the globe were condemning Latham's involvement and discussing ways of notifying Latham's other clients of their law firms shameful First Amendment shenanigans.

107. Latham had its Scientology provided "goons" deliver its extraordinary intimidating letters to many of the parents of the young college-age Anon. This occurred in many different states across the nation. Numerous Internet published reports state that the "goons" handing over the accusatory, defamatory and intimidating letters identified themselves as also being "from Latham & Watkins." The implied economic risks, posed by the express threats of civil litigation and the further publication of highly defamatory and damaging allegations, caused family rifts generated by Latham's intimidation of young Americans exercising their first amendment rights.

108. Of particular relevance to the civil rights and other issues raised by the contents and manner of delivery of the Latham Scientology letters are the targeted recipients. Dozens of older persons had also picketed with Anonymous. Many of those older persons were high profile critics of the Church of Scientology which maintained, through a front, a website attacking those people. Google:
or Google:
Many of these known critics, such as me, also picketed and marched with Anon. The Scientology enterprise knew who exactly each of these people were and where they could be located at any time. Not one of them has received a Latham Scientology letter. In the main, the Latham Scientology letters were intentionally targeted at selected and vulnerable teenagers and young adults.

109. Accordingly, 100's of young people, from the California coast to the Boston Harbor, received their Latham letter and websites, message sites, chat rooms and soon the news media began reporting on Latham's storm-trooper tactics on behalf of its totalitarian and paramilitary client, the Scientology Enterprise, run as a master race church by Tom Cruise's very best friend David Miscavige.

110. One young college student described the surreal scenes as follows: "On Monday (3/31/08) at around 5:30, there was a knock on my apartment door. My roommate was asleep, so I went to answer it. In the past few weeks I had gotten into the habit of taking a camera to the door with me, just in case. However, thinking it was probably just one of my friends (because of what time of day it was), I did not take my camera with me. When I opened the door, a man was standing there waiting. He was somewhere between 6'0 - 6'5. He was a slender man, probably around his early 60s. He has short cut gray hair, and a well kept close cut pepper gray beard. I think I remember him wearing tan slacks, and an unbuttoned tan blazer. His shirt was either light blue or white. He was holding a dark leather folder.

Upon my opening the door, he opened his folder (which contained many papers, and an envelope on top) and asked if I was "___ _______". Although I already had a pretty good idea of what this was (and was wishing I had my camera), I said "yes" with a puzzled look on my face...acting like I didn't know what was going on. He said his name was (something I can't remember), and that he represented Latham and Watkins and their client The Church of Scientology. He said he had for me a letter of cease and desist (grabbing the envelope from his folder), and that I should stop all terrorists acts immediately. At this point, my suspicions were confirmed, but I was determined to throw this man off as much as possible. I made an even more puzzled look on my face. He then took a look of puzzlement. He asked if I knew what he was talking about. I said no, and craned my neck to peer at the envelope, which had my full name, and current address. He asked again if my name was "____ _______". I said, "Yes...that's me on the envelope". I looked at him puzzled, and he looked at me, even more puzzled. He said, "So you have no idea what this is about?" "Nope," I replied. He mumbled and looked unsure of what to do next. "Well, I guess I'll take the letter," I said, reaching out my hand. He gave it to me. I said goodbye and shut the door.

Only now did I realize how fast my heart was beating and that my hands had begun to shake. "How did they find me here?!" was the first thought in my head. Many possible answers raced through. I ran into my roommate's room to alert him of what happened. I shook him awake and showed him the letter, to which he became very alarmed. He and I talked about it for a little bit, and I then proceeded to contact certain individuals to make them aware of what had happened."

Sworn statement of ___ _______, dated April, 2008.

111. __ ____ (above) was not the only person who wondered how the Church of Scientology had located all these young Anon and targeted only them for the "cease and desist" … being a "violent" "terrorist" letters which were going to involve "Local, State and Federal authorities." From my own research, it appears that at least some people working on the [David] "Schindler's List" project have conspired and/or engaged in criminal and tortuous breaches of the right to privacy, the right to freedom of speech and assembly under the first amendment, and the violation of other civil liberties, through the unlawful use of various methods such as electronic eaves-dropping, license plate tracing, social security numbers, stalking and human infiltration.
See Investigations Officer hat pack: - (broken link)
and his related court testimony at


112. The Latham letters to many hundreds of people ["Schindler's List"] across State lines from the Pacific through to the Atlantic, appeared to be a form letter which read as follows: [On the letter head of Latham's Los Angeles office]

Re: Anonymous Activities

Dear Mr. …. :

Latham & Watkins, LLP has been retained by the Church of Scientology International (the "Church") in connection with a series of terrorist threats against Church leaders and parishioners made by an internet group known as "Anonymous." Since January 2008, members of Anonymous have engaged in a campaign of violence against the Church, its members and Church property. Anonymous members have made numerous bomb threats, arson threats and committed acts of vandalism against Scientology Churches. They have made harassing phone calls, sent vulgar and threatening faxes, posted threats on the internet and publicly threatened to kill Church leaders, Church security personnel and Scientologists engaged in religious services. On January 30, 2008, Anonymous members sent letters containing simulated anthrax to over twenty Scientology Churches in Southern California.

Anonymous members have also sent threatening emails to the Church, including, "[I will] kill you… I have the authority to use lethal force"; and "I’m watching you, and I control the bombs." And on February 13, 2008, Anonymous placed a video threat on the Internet, saying:

We are an elite Anonymous. On the 13th of March, 2008 … one 5 kilogram pack of nitroglycerin will detonate in the Churches of Scientology across the United States of America … This will be the world's biggest attack on a religion. Lives will be lost … A separate personal attack on [the President of the Church] will be launched on the 13th of March 2008 at an undisclosed time. His execution along with the deaths of other countless Scientologists will strike fear into the hearts of every member of this cult.

Law enforcement authorities have been notified of these illegal activities.

We are sending you this letter because the Church has reason to believe that you may be directing or leading some of all of the actions of "Anonymous," and have assisted in its campaign of violence or inciting violence against the Church. In particular, you were identified at a protest outside a Church on February 10, 2008 and you have made statements, both publicly and to others, promoting your leadership in the organization. We demand that you immediately cease all illegal activities against the Church. Should your organization continue inciting and/or engaging in violent acts against the Church or its members, we are prepared to take any and all steps necessary to protect our client, including referring any individual, including you, to Local, State and Federal Authorities.


David J. Schindler of Latham & Watkins LLP"

113. Each Schindler's List letter was accompanied by an equally intimidating, defamatory and threatening DVD labeled ‘Anonymous hate crimes’ but containing no other indication of its origin or authorship. The same video has also been uploaded to the Internet.

114. The authenticity and technical integrity of the contents of the Latham- Scientology video civil rights violations have been questioned and demonstrated by video. Certainly, the contents mirror standard Church of Scientology mandated policies for "the handling of Suppressives" such as Anonymous. Freedom of religion does not mean religion is above the law, beyond the constitution, and immune from criminal and civil liabilities associated with its tax-exempt destruction of all persons and entities impeding its global totalitarian goals as the master race.
See, Molko v. Holy Spirit Assn. (1988) 46 Cal.3d 1092, 1112 et al,
or click on:

115. For example, the Scientology group tax exempt status should be subject to revocation for violating section 501(c)(3) restrictions just as much as All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena. But it is not. In that regard, numerous former Scientologists are available to testify that Church of Scientology representatives had also made it clear which way management [meaning David Miscavige] expected Church staffers and public members to vote in public elections. Similarly, the Scientology Churches enjoys tax-exemptions denied to all other Churches in the United States.

116. Upon information and belief, the combined contents of the Latham letter and video were clearly intended to psycho-terrorize and intimidate these young Americans into ceasing their lawful First Amendment activity against the human and civil rights abuses perpetrated by David Miscavige, and the current para-military church management, upon those citizens who refuse their orders, both inside and outside of the church. There are witnesses willing to testify that the distressing impact of receiving a Latham letter and DVD, and the intimidating manner in which the Latham letter and DVD were delivered, terrified them into completely ceasing the exercise of their First Amendment rights through the Anonymous marches. Anonymous had finally enabled them to protest an organization they believed was evil and that would destroy the lives and livelihoods of any-one that dared to speak out against Church of Scientology related abuses, corruption and crime. Now Latham's legal storm troopers, and their O.S.A. handlers, had pierced that cherished Anonymity. Latham had employed the terrible policies and practices for "the handling of suppressives" that thousands had sought to avoid through that very same Anonymity. Indeed, the City of Berlin in Germany actually suspended its ban on masked protests specifically in the case of the Anonymous marches and because of the Church of Scientology's notorious reputation for destroying the lives and careers of those citizens who are found to have criticized or impeded it in any way. It boggles the mind that any reputable law firm, let alone a Latham & Watkins, would participate in this outrageous saga of largely Scientology-staged fabrication of evidence, perjury and obstruction of justice; not to mention continuing R.I.C.O. conduct involving many of the same actors, the same policies and practices, and a trail of inter-related evidence stretching back over 25 unbroken years.

117. Upon information and belief, and the information set forth herein, there is at least probable cause to commence an investigation of the facts and issues raised by Schindler's List and the Latham Scientology Letters (and the other matters herein). Also upon information and belief, such an investigation should include: David Miscavige; representatives of the Church of Scientology International's Office of Special Affairs, probably including but not limited to Lynn Farney (O.S.A.-Internet, PR and Dead-Agenting), Charlie Earl (O.S.A.-Invest), and Neil O’Reiley (O.S.A.-Private Investigations); Elliot Abelson, Esq. (General Counsel, C.S.I. and R.T.C.); Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., Helena Kobrin, Esq., Ava Paquette, Esq., and the Church of Scientology legal unit known as Moxon & Kobrin, along with certain representatives of the Los Angeles Police Department including but not limited to L.A.P.D. officers wearing badge # 3862 and #4037, and all other officers who participated in the unlawful street closures and consequent constitutional and civil rights violations described in this document.


118. One of the Anonymous on Schindler's Scientology list is Gregg H. of Massachusetts. On or about March 18, 2008 one of Latham's goons delivered Gregg a Latham Scientology DVD and letter identically worded to the one in paragraph 112 above.

119. Anon Gregg had identified himself as the Anon contact person in connection with the March 15, 2008 picket, by being the contact person in connection with the Boston Police Department. Scientology responded with a wave after wave of papers demanding that GH be arrested for all manner of alleged misdeeds but unsupported by any evidence. Law enforcement did nothing. On March 27, 2008 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts put its best prosecutorial record forward. Gregg was summoned to appear on April 16, 2008 at the City of Boston, Municipal Court to answer charges of criminal harassment and trespass. Once again, it is expected that videotape of the alleged trespass will establish that the Scientology criminal complaint against Gregg is as fabricated as each of their others. Gregg was not one of the two Anon who peacefully walked up to four Scientologists outside the Boston Scientology building (open to the public) and handed them copies of ANON flyers inviting the public to the March 15 global pickets.


120. Upon information and belief, the Scientology enterprise has a long history of illegal electronic surveillance. Indeed, as a result of the 1977 F.B.I. raids on Scientology offices in DC and Hollywood, the Federal Government has extensive evidence of illegal wire-tapping by Scientology operatives. I even found the Office of Special Affairs listening in on my own home phone. Scientology attorney Elliot Abelson wrote to me explaining that the Church was only checking my telephone line to ensure that it could reach me if there was an emergency! I believe the unlawful monitoring has continued, at least from time to time. Recently, a Scientology representative publicly confirmed, in a nationally published Sunday newspaper, that the Scientology enterprise was stalking me with private investigators as I visited my elderly parents in New Zealand.

121. Upon information and belief, two years ago, certain Leona Valley (near Santa Clarita, CA) neighbors who were protesting the location of a Scientology Narconon facility in their community, found the actual wire tapping equipment at the phone junction boxes. From time to time, many of the long-time opponents of the current Scientology management, corporate structure and policies have found reason to suspect that certain of their telephone calls and emails have been intercepted, particularly if they have expressed an intention to drive out to Scientology's "GoldBase" near Hemet, CA.

122. In addition to the long history of Scientology "bugging" and my own experiences of being "bugged" and "stalked" by Scientology O.S.A. operatives, there are strong indications that Scientology agents have been engaging in electronic interception across various State lines in their efforts to uncover the identity, and other information usually associated with identify theft, and to unlawfully invade the privacy of each Anonymous participant and their network of family, friends and associates to whom Scientology, O.S.A. and its lawyers (such as Abelson and Moxon) dispatch private investigators to engage in "noisy investigations," "third-partying," and other "Fair Game" policies and practices for "the handling of Suppressive Persons."

123. Tory Christman was a Scientologist for thirty years and completed her OT VII Operating Thetan level. Google Tory Christman. Half way down the page you can read what the Church of Scientology says about others, Tory, and me on the website. Until recently Scientology fronted this hate-site through OT VII committee and O.S.A. volunteer Joel Phillips. However, "fronting" was recently transferred to American Coast Title, Inc., 1119 W. Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91202. CA telephone 818-548-0001, Toll free 800-228-6446, Fax 818-547-1100. Tory Christman worked for Bill Yaude and O.S.A. on the creation of phony email accounts for O.S.A. operatives to use for Internet defamation, spamming and other "Fair Game" activities to "handle" and "smash" the "Suppressive Persons" on the Internet. O.S.A. had her sign a secrecy agreement with a $10,000.00 penalty for breach (which was clearly an attempt to obstruct justice). Tory Christman explains this in fascinating detail on the Internet. She also describes how O.S.A. also fabricated evidence against her after she left Scientology and started speaking out against the Church's human rights and civil rights abuses.

124. The Scientology R.I.C.O. and other wrongful conduct against the Suppressives are also hate crimes under both Federal and State law. It is a hate crime for Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and O.S.A. to "smash Suppressives" (such as Anonymous and the other complaining petitioners herein) because they are not Scientologists and oppose Scientology's civil rights violations, etc., just as much as it would be a hate crime to expose Scientology for its science fiction beliefs as opposed to the Scientology Enterprise's criminal, seditious and anti-social, policies and practices, and its civil and human rights violations, which is the goal of Anonymous. In the doing of the matters described herein, and complained of herein, the Scientology Enterprise has exposed itself to be engaged in that very same conduct that Anonymous and the other Suppressives complain of. See, Molko v. Holy Spirit Assn. (1988) 46 Cal.3d 1092, 1112 et al,
or click on:


125. The reader is reminded that on March 15, 2008, at the Anonymous protest against Scientology abuses in Los Angeles, Sean Carasov had been arrested by the N.E. Division and the Major Crimes Division for allegedly shouting "threats to kill" at the Katie Olson-Susan Lentsch picket at L. Ron Hubbard Way on March 11, 2008. I had continued to represent Sean Carasov after he was released on bail. The Church of Scientology felony complaint was considered so serious that the L.A.P.D. had insisted on a $50,000 bail bond which cost Sean $5,000 to secure with the use of his credit card. At the insistence of unindicted co-conspirator Moxon, and other Scientology Enterprise attorneys, the Sean Carasov prosecution was ironically handled by the L.A.P.D. Major Crimes and Criminal Conspiracy Division. Representatives of the Major Crimes Division had a number of discussions with me. The officers behaved in an exemplary manner.

126. After a communication from the L.A.P.D. on Thursday, April 3, 2008, I was able to send the following message to the Internet. My client then posted it to a number of sites where it has been read by over 100,000 people and provoked a number of media reports.

127. "The cult's case against Sean is over.

For public release and posting at your discretion:

To Anonymous:

I have just concluded a telephone call from a Los Angeles Police Department representative assigned to the major crimes division.

During that telephone call I was advised that both the Los Angeles District Attorney and the Los Angeles City Attorney had decided not to proceed any further with the filing of criminal charges against outed Anonymous participant Sean Carasov. This means that the case is over and there will be no further court appearances required by Sean.

The decision not to prosecute was made before I had emailed the existence of a video/audio report of the entire incident. This, or the CD copy, is now needed immediately by the L.A.P.D. I said we would try and have it there tomorrow.

From the L.A.P.D.'s perspective the video/audio might indicate that the offense of filing a false police report had been committed. From Sean Carasov's perspective it may support a lawsuit seeking damages for false arrest and imprisonment.

The 70-page draft declaration I provided this morning is now being read. It would not surprise me if the L.A.P.D. decided that the best action would be to take action in connection with matters in that document already.

During the conversation I obtained the distinct impression that the Scientology enterprise has a number of Anon participants under surveillance. I also received the message that provided Anon acted lawfully, and picketed lawfully, they would be just fine. However, the Scientology enterprise is going to great effort to try and find any unlawful conduct by Anon. And we know that if Scientology cannot find your "crime" then it will "manufacture" the allegations.

Obviously the entire incident should teach us all a lesson in not providing the cult an inch with which to take a mile! Let DM be the only one who "goes postal."

Congratulations Sean.

Graham E. Berry

128. What the Sean Carasov arrest clearly evidences is that the Scientology enterprise had filed a false criminal complaint with the L.A.P.D., through OSA and its attorneys Elliot Abelson, Kendrick Moxon, Helena Kobrin and others. The incident they complained of occurred on L. Ron Hubbard Way where the Scientology has a maze of cameras and listening devices positioned. The Scientology criminal complaint, presumable sworn under penalty of perjury, accused Sean Carasov of threatening to kill a Scientology employed photographer on L. Ron Hubbard. However, a video by an Anonymous participant confirmed that the incident was peaceful and the most death threatening statement made by Sean Carasov was "F- - - - You."

129. The Scientology's false police report, and their related conspiracy to pervert and obstruct justice, had not only caused the false arrest and imprisonment of Mr. Sean Carasov but it had cost him more than $5,500.00 in directly related costs. I provided my legal services at no charge (pro bono), as I do to all of Anonymous on a nearly 24/7 basis. In addition, there was the considerable public expense, and misallocation of resources involving the L.A.P.D. arresting officers, the L.A.P.D. Central Jail officers, the L.A.P.D. major crimes and criminal conspiracy division, the L.A. District Attorney's office and the L.A. City Attorneys office. As the matters described above also indicate, the Scientology Enterprise is causing this global public expense and waste of law enforcement resources by carrying out written and copyrighted Scientology policies, practices and trade secrets which themselves mandate the very same criminal, unethical and other wrongful conduct actually complained of herein, either directly or through the hyperlinks in this document For example, the job description for Rev. Heber Jentzsch the President of the Church of Scientology International (at least as existed in 1993) reads like a three-inch manual for criminals and terrorists. The organizational structure of O.S.A. has been succinctly described in complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice by Martin Ottmann. It was ignored per policy, as are all complaints involving Scientology related criminal or civil rights violations. Mr. Ottmann's description also explains how Lynn Farney of O.S.A. Legal interlocks with Moxon & Kobrin.

130. The organizational structure of O.S.A. As the major activities of CSI are controlled and supervised by the Religious Technology Center "to guarantee its orthodox use of the religious doctrine," so are the intelligence operations of the Office of Special Affairs. In a 1991-interview held with "Impact," Scientology's official membership-magazine, Mark Rathbun, then "Inspector General for Ethics RTC," openly talked about various OSA-operations against Scientology-enemies like Interpol, the IRS & Psychiatry and presented himself as its official supervisor [Exh. No. 99, Excerpt].

Asked for the purpose of his position within RTC, Rathbun, who had "been working on external affairs for ten years," stated: "To keep Scientology free from subversion, thus reinforcing the gains of Scientology internationally."

Evidently, the OSA-network and its external affairs were areas that came under the attention and supervision of Rathbun at that time. The Office of Special Affairs International itself is the highest echelon of the OSA-network. It is led by the "Commanding Officer OSA International" (CO OSA Int.) [Exh. No. 91, Excerpt] and is solely composed of Sea Org-members.

As OSA Int is part of the tactical management branch of CSI, its primary purpose is to supervise and direct the activities of OSA-Offices in the "Continental Liaison Offices" (CLOs) and in the individual service organizations. While it normally doesn't become directly involved in legal matters and intelligence operations on a local level, OSA Int. conducts intelligence operations and litigates in affairs that have national or international relevance for Scientology.

To give an example for such relevance: When I participated in the German television-documentary on Scientology in early February 1997 and the Church of Scientology learned that the producers would film in the United States and interview American ex-Scientologists, mainly public relations personnel from OSA Int. would deal from then on with the television station in Germany and the producers in Florida.

On May 13th, 1996 a senior executive of OSA Int. was deposed during a civil suit in Orange, California [Exh. No. 100, Excerpt]. During the deposition Kurt Weiland, who identified himself as "Deputy Commanding Officer OSA International," described the five main functions of OSA


"OSA Int. has functions to the public representation of the Church and to deal with the external affairs of the Church, …

"Over the years, as the activities of the Church grew, and now we're in over 120 countries of the world, the necessity to create a department, that deals with legal and its corporate and tax affairs, and of course, there's also increasing media interest if you grow, so we also have a section that deals with the Public Relations affairs and additionally, the Church has increasingly begun to affect the environment within it exists not just here in the United States but practically everywhere around the world.

"So we have a sizeable social reform function that is housed within OSA Int. And there's some other departments which are purely internal that facilitates the function of the Office of Special Affairs such as personnel, hiring and accounting, things of that sort."

At a later point in the deposition, Weiland specified the individual departments ("Bureaus"), which carry out those functions within OSA International [Exh. No. 101, Excerpt]. Summarizing Weiland's statements about the functions, the individual "bureau" designations and additional information from a Scientology administrative dictionary lead to the following organizational structure of OSA Int:

  1 - Personnel Bureau       Personnel 
  2 - Dissemination Bureau   Publishing 
  3 – Treasury Bureau        Accounting 
  4 – Action Bureau          PR, Legal, Social Reform & Investigations 
  5 – Qualifications Bureau  Training of Staff 
  6 – Port Captain Bureau    Internal Legal & Social Affairs 
  7 – Executive Bureau       General Supervision 

As it can be seen, "Bureau 4" combines the major external matters, in which the Office of Special Affairs International is involved. More specifically they comprise the following "Sections":

Public Relations Section:
This involves all matters with media, press, government and the general public. Scientology-staff that represent organizations to the public, and especially media, are normally so-called PR-Officers of the local, national or international OSA-office. These staff are trained in "L. Ron Hubbard's PR-technology" to turn any negative or controversial situation for Scientology into a favorable one, while promoting Scientology's "public work." They are also required to publicly attack Scientology's enemies and destroy thereby their reputation.

Several OSA Int. staff have acted within the last years as official spokes persons for CSI and OSA International: Gail Armstrong, Leisa Goodman, Glenn Barton, the current Commanding Officer OSA Int Michael Rinder, Kurt Weiland and CSI's President Heber Jentzsch, who in fact is "ecclesiastically" a subordinate of Weiland, although he is in fact the CEO of the whole corporation.

Legal Section:
This section coordinates the legal & corporate strategies and affairs of Scientology on a worldwide basis. It also hires the attorneys in cases where CSI or one of the major Scientology corporations are involved in. With the law firm "Moxon & Kobrin" from Los Angeles [Exh. No. 11, Excerpt] OSA International has an in-house law firm whose personnel consists of Sea Org and CSI personnel. OSA Int.'s principal in-house litigators are Kendrick L. Moxon, Helena Kobrin, Ava Paquette and Jeanne M. Gavigan, while Lynn Farney heads the Legal Section as its "Section In Charge." The law firm "Moxon & Kobrin" also hires private investigators that conduct surveillance of Scientology's critics on a national or on an international level.

Investigations Section:
It supervises and coordinates all the intelligence activities on a worldwide basis. It receives daily surveillance and intelligence reports from its subordinate Offices of Special Affairs, located in the CLOs and in the service organizations. An internal "Executive Directive" from June 26th, 1995 [Exh. No. 102] states that local OSA-offices are obliged to send written reports on all matters of interest to the "Data Branch" of the Investigations Section of OSA Int:

"The Data Branch of OSA Int is responsible for the collection of information, for receiving all types of data and for digesting, sorting, alerting, filing, and analyzing it. By collecting adequate information and by analyzing it, Data can provide prediction to management and other OSA Int staff, and accurate handlings can be worked out.
"The Data Branch collects all reports coming to OSA Int: stats, media reports, situation reports, answers to specific requests, PR debriefs and routine reports such as Daily Reports, Compliance Reports and Weekly Reports. The only reports that do not come directly to nor are copied to Data Branch are specific Invest reports concerning ongoing investigations. Such reports are addressed and sent directly to the concerned Invest Bureau staff members."

Further on the document specifies the information OSA Int wants from its local offices:

   Cont Daily Reports 
     1. Situation/Threats 
       A. Report any situation or threat which was terminatedly 
          handled and is no longer a situation or threat. 
       B. Report any data on significant progress in handling 
          an outstanding situation. Include specifics on any 
          reduction of a Claimed or Assessed Liability. 
       C. Report any data on worsening situations. Include 
          specifics on any additional Claimed or Assessed 
       D. Any data on a new situation or threat is to be 
          reported exactly by giving the time, place, form and 
          event of what the situation is, how it came about, 
          the names of the people involved, and how it is 
          going to be handled … 
     2. Any litigation data … 
     3. Debriefs of significant meetings and/or visits … 
     4. Media on Dianetics, Scientology …" 

Social Reform Section:
This section is engaged in a private warfare with Scientology's biggest rival, psychiatry. In an internal memorandum from the mid-1990s, which was sent to its local branches, the Office of Special Affairs International defined the functions and the purpose of this section [Exh. No. 103]:

   Social Reform Section VFPs (Valuable Final Products): 
      1. Rotten spots in society exposed and eradicated making 
         way for the broad introduction of Scientology tech 
         into society. 
      2. An established, productive and functioning social 
         reform network." 
The document identifies Scientology's proclaimed "rotten spots in society" as the profession of psychiatry. Psychiatry is viewed by OSA as "the opposition" that needs to be eradicated and replaced by "Scientology technology." The success of such activity is measured by certain objectives that are listed as well in that document:
   This statistic reflects that major losses created for the 
   rotten spots (opposition) in society. The points are 
   counted only if Social Reform has been actively involved 
   in these activities. … 
     A. Criminal/Civil Prosecution – 1 Point 
     B. License suspended – 2 Points 
     C. License revoked – 3 Points 
     D. Psych(iatrist) arrested – 4 Points … 
     F. Psych jailed – 8 Points … 
     H. Institution closed down – 15 Points … 
     M. National law passed that restricts the 
        profession/agency       – 20 Points … 
     O. National law passed that outlaws a major aspect of 
        the profession/agency …" 

An important part of the Social Reform Section at the international level of OSA is the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights International" (CCHR Int.), a non-profit corporation from Los Angeles, California [Exh. No. 104]. CCHR was originally founded in 1969 and CCHR Int. has officially been incorporated in 1982 [Exh. No. 105].

While CCHR Int. claims to be an independent corporation that tries "to guard against abuses of the fundamental rights of man" and "to encourage and support into the effects of psychiatric and psychological practices and procedures," its real purpose of existence is to execute the above listed targets and eliminate psychiatry as the major competitor for Scientology in the mental field.

CCHR Int.'s headquarters staff is solely composed of Scientologists who work closely under the supervision of OSA International, while its local CCHR chapters work in coordination with local OSA-offices [Exh. No. 106].

The activities of CCHR are often covered by OSA's "Freedom"-magazine and by the Scientology-membership magazine "Impact." CCHR Int.'s current official agent is Ava Paquette who is also a member of "OSA International" and an attorney of CSI's in-house law firm "Moxon & Kobrin" [Exh. No. 11, Excerpt].

At the top of OSA International is the Executive Branch with the "Commanding Officer OSA International." Currently this position is held by Michael Rinder, originally a citizen from New Zealand. He inherited it 1994 from Kurt Weiland, who had been the CO OSA Int from 1987 until that year. In 1987 Weiland had replaced Michael Sutter, the first Commanding Officer, who left during that year OSA Int to work at the Religious Technology Center under Mark Rathbun.

OSA International controls its worldwide OSA network in a similar way the "International Finance Office" controls its Finance network. Each Continental Liaison Office houses its own Office of Special Affairs, which is answerable to OSA Int and directs the individual OSA offices in the individual organizations. For example, the Office of Special Affairs Europe, which is located within the Continental Liaison Office for Europe, controls the Departments of Special Affairs in the Scientology organizations, f. e., in Munich (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Athens (Greece), etc. At the same time OSA EU's activities are controlled and supervised by OSA International, including the intelligence reports it receives from the individual OSA-offices. In the attached exhibit, f. e., the "Commanding Officer OSA for Europe" (CO OSA EU) directs the "Director of Special Affairs Greece" (DSA Greece) on "unhandled threats" for Scientology in Greece, while informing his superior, the "European Continent Programs Operations Officer OSA International" (EU PGMS OP OSA INT) about that order [Exh. No. 107].

The local Offices of Special Affairs are formally integrated within the organizational structure of the individual Scientology organizations, f. e., "Class V organizations," which exist in cities like Dallas, Texas or in Paris, France. The "Department of Special Affairs," Department 20, then is part of the so-called "Executive Division" of such an organization [Exh. No. 108].

Each local Office of Special Affairs is similarly structured like the Action Bureau 4 at OSA International and has an additional "Service Section." While the individual "Director of Special Affairs" (DSA) might officially be an employee or a corporate officer of that local organization, he is always and solely answerable to his superiors within the OSA-network."

131. For Ottmann's entire Federal Complaint series, see this url:
The copyrighted O.S.A. Investigations Officer job description and operating manual can be read on the Internet at
and his related court testimony at


132. At page 46 of the O.S.A. Investigations Officers manual we see further amazing copyrighted Church of Scientology terror policies and criminal practices being mandated. O.S.A. is Department 20 on the Church of Scientology Command Chart and org board.

      28. DEMO: 3 examples of each of the following maxims: 
         a. "If it's a group problem, find the key person and 
            influence him." 
         b. "If it's nebulously about a group without any 
            mention of a key person, discard it." 
         c. "Only data about individuals is valid for use." 
         d. "Only action on individuals is productive." 
         e. "Forget they (underlined). Find him or her." 
         f. "Use Scientology to resolve individual problems." 
         g. "Never abandon an attack until you have found and 
            contacted the key person. Then apply Scientology." 
         h. "Get volunteer Scientologists interested in this 
            game and helping." 

133. It is clear that OSA is applying the above mandatory Church of Scientology policy and practice despite its 1993 material representations to the IRS, in support of tax-exempt status for Scientology "fixed donations," that Scientology had ceased the "aggressive litigation tactics" that in early 1994 so evidently continued immediately with the OSA/Farney/Moxon/Ingram attacks on me and their blackmail and bribery of Robert Cipriano.


134. Along with the other Scientology-related crime victims referred to in this complaint, I am also requesting a full investigation and appropriate prosecutions of the matters addressed, among other places, in my letter dated January 22, 2002, to the U.S. Attorney General.
I have extensive personal experience and knowledge of Scientology copyrighted policies, practices and procedures for "the handling of Suppressive Persons" ("Fair Game") including bribery, blackmail, perjury and public corruption, harassment/stalking/"third partying," etc., engaged in by the Church's leadership (such as David Miscavige), the Office of Special Affairs (O.S.A.) of the Church of Scientology International, Inc. (such as Michael Rinder, Kurt Weiland and Lynn Farney), various of its attorneys such as
Kendrick L. Moxon (Google "Kendrick Moxon and Scientology"),
Helena Kobrin (Google "Helena Kobrin and Scientology"),
Ava Paquette (Google "Ava Paquette and Scientology"),
Elliot Abelson (Google "Elliot Abelson and Scientology"),
former Los Angeles Police Commission Chairman,
former Senior Deputy City Attorney and the attorney for the L.A.P.D. itself Gerald Chaleff (Google "Gerald Chaleff and Scientology") and
Gerald Feffer (Google "Gerry Feffer and Scientology")
and their private investigators such as
Eugene Ingram (Google "Eugene Ingram and Scientology").
Also Google: wiki and Graham Berry and Scientology.
In this regard Google Web and Google Groups (Sort by date) "Graham Berry".
For example, The New York Village Voice, March 11, 2008, Tony Ortega,
"How ‘Anonymous’ has Changed the Game of Exposing Scientology's Ruthless Global Scam."

"In another story, we put the lie to the church's claim that it no longer practices "Fair Game"--L. Ron's famous edict that his troops should engage in dirty tricks to bury its perceived enemies. In "Double Crossed," we detailed one of the most hellacious cases of Fair Game in recent years, the smearing of attorney Graham Berry with the use of a coerced, false affidavit claiming that Berry was a pederast who went after boys as young as 12. When the man who made that false affidavit, Robert Cipriano, was sued by Berry in a defamation suit, the church, in order to keep him from recanting his false claims, offered to represent him in the lawsuit for free, donated thousands to Cipriano's nonprofit projects, and even got him a house, a car, and a job at Earthlink (which had been founded by Scientologists)."

You can see the story here
The Church of Scientology now compares me to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin and brands me an "Anti-Religious Extremist" even though I say my Episcopalian prayers every night before sleep.

135. I have even discovered my telephone lines being "tapped" by the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs, which was confirmed in correspondence by the Church of Scientology General Counsel Elliot Abelson, Esq., who also spoke with me on the tapped telephone line after I discovered the tapping. The F.B.I. refused to investigate. Upon information and belief, last year certain residents of Leona Valley near Los Angeles also observed the physical evidence of their telephone lines being tapped while they were successfully opposing the location of a Church of Scientology affiliated Narconon drug facility in their community. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was also actively lobbying the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to approve this facility despite legal and community obstacles. Those whose telephone lines were found to have been tapped are also available to law enforcement.

136. Scientology attorney Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator for submitting false evidence to the F.B.I. in connection with the largest ever-known criminal infiltration of the United States Federal Government, by the Church of Scientology.
Kendrick Moxon, Esq., and Gerald Chaleff, Esq., (now the Los Angeles Police Department Attorney) along with other attorneys, also had L.A. Superior Court Judge Alexander Williams, III declare me a ‘vexatious litigant,’ using blackmail, bribery and perjury as established by both previous and subsequent testimony, and despite the requirements of the relevant statute not being met, and there being no effective right of appeal therefrom. At the time the Judge's fiancé was an employee of the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs, where Moxon, Kobrin and Ava Paquette also work, and by whom Gerald Chaleff, Esq., had been retained in his then-capacity as a highly paid partner in the huge international law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. Also on the Church's payroll in that proceeding were a team of lawyers, led by Samuel Rosen, from the huge international law firm of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, several lawyers from the local law firm of Simke & Chodos and Barry Soter from the local Scientology-influenced law firm of Wasserman, Comden & Casselman. Judge Alexander Williams, III refused to disqualify himself from the presiding over what was publicly called "a kangaroo court" and the Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court refused to intervene. The judge also refused to consider the recanted perjury of the person used by the Church of Scientology.
See the incredible hearing transcript,

Also further URLs to some of the evidence:

137. The illegal and unethical Scientology activities against me were breathtaking in their arrogance, audacity and scope. There was overwhelming declaration, deposition and document evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that David Miscavige, O.S.A. and certain of its attorneys and private investigators were involved, across state lines, in blackmail, bribery, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice, false criminal and state bar complaints, wire tapping and other crimes. One retired Superior Court judge, who later dismissed the contrived and solicited case against me, said just that to attorney Moxon. One of Moxon's own co-counsel testified to criminal conduct against me. There was the testimony of over six witnesses, much of it corroborated by supporting and incriminating documents in Moxon's own handwriting and still the Scientology legal juggernaut from across the country snowed and corrupted the Judge Alexander Williams, III whose fiancé was employed by attorney Moxon's own Church of Scientology International Office of Special Affairs. Judge Williams refused to recuse himself or to refer the recusal motion to another judge. The District Court of Appeals refused to intervene. One of Scientology's phalanxes of nation wide counsel was married to one of the Appeals Court judges. The Department of Justice did not even want to see this evidence.

138. On January 21, 2002 I submitted my own criminal complaint to the Department of Justice:

My criminal complaint included a June 1, 2001 letter from Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley's office concluding that these very same matters should be addressed by the F.B.I. Although his predecessor Gil Garcetti, Esq., had refused to prosecute for "political reasons," his successor stated that "because the crimes and wrongdoing crossed-state lines and involved practicing attorneys, the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] was best equipped to handle the matter." The L.A.P.D. had itself recommended the prosecution that Scientology was able to head off by the transfer of senior Scientology attorney Gerald Chaleff, Esq., from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliff, from where he had led the fraudulent vexatious litigant proceeding against me, to the City Attorneys Office where he joined the leadership team one week before the decision, with District Attorney Garcetti, not to prosecute the Scientology executives, attorneys and private investigator "for political reasons." It is important to note that these "Fair Game activities" are continuing against me and the "fruits of these criminal activities" continued to be used against me. All statutes of limitation remain tolled by the continuing R.I.C.O. conspiracy.

Many dozens of other people, perhaps hundreds, wrote in support of my criminal complaint, both to the D.O.J. and the U.S. Congress, concerning related requests to various congressional committees. All were ignored or provided with ridiculous responses such as "no Federal matter was involved." A subsequent enquiry revealed that a particular Senators office had not even received the letter(s) despite a fax confirmation. A former senior Church of Scientology staffer is available to testify as to her personal knowledge of the Church of Scientology placing "agents" into the offices of elected officials, including mailrooms, to ensure that complaints and negative information about the Church of Scientology's criminal and civil misconduct do not reach their intended recipients. Indeed, one of my own former law firms once discovered that every person in the word processing department had been replaced by a Scientologist. The largest nation-wide court-reporting firm [Atkinson Baker] is also a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E.). The computer communications systems of the State Governments of California, including the California State Attorney General's office, have been similarly compromised by the use of technology and services from World Institute of Scientology Enterprise (W.I.S.E.) providers.

Indeed, the German government refused to authorize certain government use of Microsoft software because a key security component was provided by Executive Software Solutions of Pasadena, CA. It is also a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E.).

139. As to my own extensively supported criminal complaint and request for investigation, the DOJ did not request any of the massive supporting evidence and testimony and provided no opportunity for meeting. All it did was to send a number of non-substantive responses. On May 21, 2002 the Office of the Inspector General wrote that my Criminal complaint was being turned over to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice and the Office of Professional Responsibility at the F.B.I. I never did receive any response from the F.B.I. However, on July 9, 2002 the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility did write to me. In pertinent part a Program Analyst wrote: "In your letter you alleged misconduct by an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of California and two Special Agents with Federal Bureau of Information. You complained that they failed to investigate and prosecute alleged criminal activities by the Church of Scientology. … Based on our review of your correspondence, we have found no basis on which an inquiry by this Office would be warranted." I was stunned. Nowhere in any of my correspondence was there any mention of those persons or any complaint regarding such matters. Clearly, the letter of the Office of Professional Responsibility addressed to me related to an entirely different (and unknown) persons complaint. On August 21, 2002 I received a letter from the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice. As to the matters set forth in my January 22, 2002, letter, a paralegal within the Department wrote that there were "no prosecutable violations of federal civil rights involved" and that I "may wish to contact private counsel." Since this was the apparent and appalling level of incompetence within the Department of Justice in the post-9/11 era, I concluded that there was nothing else that I could effectively do. I subsequently wrote to my Congresswoman Jane Harman and asked her office to intervene with the Department of Justice on my behalf. Her Chief of Staff replied that it since the matter involved the executive branch Congresswoman Harman would not assist me. Hitherto, it had been my belief that one of my Congressperson's tasks was to assist me with such an obvious bureaucratic bungle and serious miscarriage of justice. Neither of the two California Senators even did as much as send a form letter. However, many victims who have sought their assistance have been given no assistance, particularly after becoming aware of their cozy relationship with the Scientology enterprise and its celebrities. The German State of Hamburg wrote to the California State Governor, expressing its concerns over what was being done to Keith Henson in Riverside County. The "Governator" ignored the letter. Thousands of people around the world had been following my matters on the Internet and were appalled with what they saw the U.S Government do, and not do, in connection with my criminal complaint and request for investigation. An Internet search will confirm that.

140. Several of the matters referred to above involve Church of Scientology copyrighted and "trade secret" practices and procedures for the handling of "suppressive persons," loosely referred to as "Fair Game." Google Web and Google Groups: Graham Berry and Fair Game; Fair Game. See also, Fair Game practices and policies on the enclosed DVD. Some Fair Game activities involve what the German Federal Government has labeled "psycho-terror" activities by the Scientology Enterprise. Other Church of Scientology "Fair Game" involves Gaslighting which "is a form of psychological abuse." Google: Gaslighting. Last month the Church of Scientology admitted to a major newspaper that it had me followed by private investigators in New Zealand.

141. Furthermore, in connection with matters such as those set forth herein, I was also flown to Washington, DC to testify before a German Parliamentary Commission on the very type of Church of Scientology conduct, policies and practices as set forth herein. I have been an attorney of record in various cases, in several States, in at least 15 different lawsuits. I represented the prevailing party in approximately half of these litigation blitzkriegs and scorched earth wars of attrition involving platoons of Scientology lawyers from huge national law firms which include: Paul Hastings, Janofsky & Walker; Williams & Connelly; Arnold & Porter; to name but a few. Indeed, some wags have said that, "the only thing that works in Scientology is its lawyers!" The Church of Scientology I.R.S. filings indicate that in some years the Church has paid over $40 million in legal fees to big law firms charging thousands of dollars an hour for their services. Much of this money is provided by huge contributions by certain Hollywood celebrities to the tax-exempt International Association of Scientologists U.S. Trust that in turn funds the "Fair Game" harassment and litigation conducted by the Church's Office of Special Affairs and the Moxon & Kobrin legal unit. This is tax-exempt domestic psycho-terrorism immune from any restraints or review. Consequently, as various legal commentators have noted, there is never a level playing field in Scientology-related litigation and free speech matters. The situation is so serious and personally dangerous, to opposing lawyers and their families, that there are currently fewer than five lawyers in the United States ordinarily willing to represent litigants and claimants against the Church of Scientology. I am one of the few such lawyers left standing and willing to continue providing legal representation and counsel to those either targeted by or aggrieved with the Church of Scientology. For adhering to the lawyers creed to provide legal representation to those who need it, my life, career, funds and future have been "utterly destroyed" by the Church of Scientology. All that I have left is the will to see law, order and justice finally prevail for the tens of thousands of people around the globe whose lives has been destroyed by this hydra-headed octopus with black inky tentacles extending into the very highest offices of the U.S. Government and Congress.
See generally,
  (cont..) next&sid=5d6f7a0eedb298af152cd4f8b0b23cc0

142. My knowledge and experience of Church of Scientology "psycho-terrorism," litigation abuses, criminal racketeering and public corruption has caused the government of the German State of Hamburg, on a number of occasions to fly me to Hamburg and Berlin to, among other things, brief and advise the various State Heads of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the German Homeland Security Police) on Scientology activities and matters.
On several such visits I have been provided security protection by German Government Internal Security Police Agents. The German Government maintains surveillance of the Scientology Enterprise as a totalitarian political and criminal threat to its democratic state. Indeed, only last week the German Police suspended the ban on the use of masks in public demonstrations for the specific case of the Anonymous public pickets and protests. The ban was suspended because the German Police believed that individual Anonymous marchers would be the subject of retaliatory destructive and terrorizing "Fair Game" harassment and psycho-terrorism by the Church of Scientology and its hired professionals in these fields. See generally, the Fair Game experience of Robert S. Minton:


143. Horrendous blackmail, bribery, public corruption, child-stalking and other criminal and psycho-terror activities were also used by the Church of Scientology, its senior lawyers including some from America's largest law firms, against Robert S. Minton and the Lisa McPherson Trust, often with the active involvement of the Scientology-funded City of Clearwater police officers, and the Federal Bureau on Investigation refused to have anything to do with it (ostensibly because the criminal conduct involves the religious practices of a tax-exempt church). The Church's criminal activity against me also spilled over into this case.

144. Of particular relevance to my experience, knowledge and representations herein is my past representation of Mr. Keith Henson. A summary of Mr. Henson's "utter destruction" by the Church of Scientology may be Googled at these URLs:
On May 30, 2007, in Case Hem 014371, Defendant 547981, People v. Henson, Riverside Superior Court Judge Curtis R. Hinman, as part of a sentence for misdemeanor terrorism and interfering with a religion and other misdemeanors, resulting from his picketing the Church of Scientology, sentenced Mr. Henson to 180 days in prison, no early release, 3 years probation and ordered Mr. Henson: "Not to have any negative contact with any member of the Church of Scientology. Added Term: Don’t knowingly come within 1,000 feet of any Church of Scientology. Added Term: Don’t or annoy or harass any member of Church of Scientology in person, phone or letter." In essence, for a period of three years, Mr. Henson has been ordered not to write, say or do anything that might offend any member of the Church of Scientology! All of Mr. Henson's attempts to seek local, state and federal investigations and interventions have been ignored. The available evidence demonstrates major official corruption in Riverside County involving high elected officials, Church of Scientology officials, senior partners in major national law firms in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, Riverside County Sheriff's Office officials, the former Riverside District Attorney himself and members of the his staff, and members of the County of Riverside judiciary.

145. Ten years ago, as a consequence and casualty of the Church of Scientology's "War Against The Internet," Keith Henson filed for bankruptcy. Palo Alto, CA U.S. District Court Judge Whyte, who was to become a favorite of Scientology lead lawyer Samuel D. Rosen, Esq., from Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker's New York office, had entered a copyright violation judgment against Mr. Henson and he could not pay it. Mr. Henson had posted a Scientology copyrighted document called NOTS 34, which deals with "how to handle a psychical condition." Consistent with many others, Mr. Henson believed that this document was being used in the unlawful and unlicensed practice of medicine by the Church of Scientology. Judge Whyte held, in essence, that copyright law was paramount over health, safety, welfare and criminal issues. A Wall Street Journal lead editorial said that at the behest of the Church of Scientology the Federal Judge had turned copyright law on its head.
and see also:

146. Henson's only significant asset was his half-share of a house worth approximately $450,000.00 and he had had Church of Scientology related liabilities of nearly one million dollars (for posting the two-page NOTS 34 document that was and is freely available on the Internet). Although Mr. Henson would have normally been immediately discharged in bankruptcy ten years ago, he was not. Indeed, the federal bankruptcy judge has recently complained of the Church of Scientology's endless bankruptcy litigation against Mr. Henson, involving many millions of dollars in tax-exempt legal fees paid to the Paul, Hastings and four other law firms. He said it had created the longest running and largest file of any bankruptcy in the court's history, exceeding that of many large corporations. That file, and related files, is full of attorney fraud and misrepresentation but the Local, State and Federal law enforcement authorities will not touch the Church of Scientology, unlike those in every other Western nation.

147. Upon information and belief, and in connection with the Internet posting of the Church of Scientology's NOTS 34 ("How to handle a physical condition"), Mr. Henson has stated he had seen executive decisions directed to certain Scientologists directing them to "end cycle," i.e. die. Mr. Henson had also read instructions by the Church of Scientology Internationals then most senior Case Supervisor Mr. Ray Mithoff concerning the following persons:

  (a) Diane Morrison (a friend of Mr. Henson's) had cancer. Radiation treatment is forbidden by Scientology so she was instructed by Ray Mithoff to "end cycle." Her husband, Shawn Morrison, was ordered by Ray Mithoff to transport her off the Scientology property at Gilman Hot Springs, California, to her mother's house so that Diane would not die on Scientology property;

  (b) Ted Cormier, also a friend of Keith Henson, had Parkinson's disease. He was ordered to leave the Scientology International Management Compound at Gilman Hot Springs and to go to the Scientology "FLAG Services" facility in Clearwater, Florida to receive E-meter auditing to cure his cancer (in contravention of the Church of Scientology's agreement with the F.D.A.). When the E-meter auditing treatment failed, Ray Mithoff sent him orders in his Pre-Clear folder for him to "end cycle." Ted Cormier died.


148. Reference is made to statements above, in essence, that the Federal, State and Local governments and law enforcement agencies refuse to properly investigate, take seriously or to investigate at all, any complaints or incidents involving the Church of Scientology, however criminal, fraudulent or reprehensible that conduct might be. Of course, the U.S. government was intimidated into reversing itself and to granting full tax-exempt status to the Church of Scientology in a secret 1993 tax agreement. It followed Scientology's 20-year "War Against the I.R.S.," 2,500 lawsuits filed by Scientologists, the harassment of individual I.R.S. agents and their families and stories of murdered I.R.S. agents.
and Google: Scientology tax

A concurrently dated open letter to the United States Congress is also enclosed with this declaration. It explains some of the circumstances surrounding that stunningly sordid saga.

149. I have made numerous efforts to have the F.B.I. look at these matters. In one instance it took the F.B. I. over a week to even figure out which of its departments should interview me. I am also aware of the identities of many others, and I have almost immediate access to the identities of many others, who have similarly complained to the F.B.I. and have simply been ignored.

150. Upon information and belief, on March 8 or 9, 1998 Keith Henson went to the F.B.I., was interviewed by Special Agent Eric Pham, and informed him "about the Scientology cult and its criminal acts, a long list." Keith Henson was one of the primary targets in the opening phases of the Church of Scientology's "War Against the Net." Google: war against the net. F.B.I. Special Agent Pham informed Keith Henson that because the Scientology organization was a religion it could not be investigated by the F.B.I. no matter what criminal acts the [Scientology Enterprise] engaged in. At the time Mr. Henson thought this was very weird because he recalled the F.B.I. having recently investigated Jim Baker's "religion." However, after 9/11/2001 Mr. Henson read an article in the New York Times, now online at:
What Mr. Henson read in this New York Times article confirmed to Mr. Henson what F.B.I. Special Agent Pham had said to him about not being permitted to investigate "the cult. Pham and the rest of them seem to think that the language of the regulations that forbid spying on them also precludes any kind of investigation of [the Church of Scientology]." Mr. Henson continues, "After 9/11 [the New York Times article] talks about proposals to relax the regulations. As far as I know this never happened. So the cult can do anything it wants in the way of crimes and they get a free pass. And local law enforcement, as I discovered from several different local law enforcement agencies, will not touch these cases either because the criminal acts involved cross many jurisdictional boundaries (which is exactly what Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley wrote to me on June 1, 2001)."

151. Further supporting information regarding the matters set forth herein can be found in the complaint of Martin Ottman filed February 25, 2002 alleging various violations U.S. Title 18 and money-laundering activity by the Church of Scientology.
HTML version:
PDF version:

The Department of Justice and the F.B.I. also refused to investigate these matters, as indeed they appear to have refused to investigate any wrongdoing except when they have no alternative as in the case of Scientology Reed Slatkin
In 1993 Slatkin pleaded guilty to operating the largest Ponzi fraud scheme ever. Its victims lost over $600 million and it included many other Scientologists. Even the Church of Scientology was itself embroiled in the carnage for which Slatkin received a 14-year prison sentence. "Santa Barbara News-Press: Angry investor calls Slatkin 'a financial predator'

December 18, 2001: NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER Back in 1988, Reed Slatkin admitted in a handwritten letter that he was lying to investors, fabricating statements and feared giving his Church of Scientology a bad name, investors who say they were duped learned on Monday. But Mr. Slatkin then spent the next 13 years perfecting and perpetrating the scheme that eventually took in $593 million from about 800 people, investigators said, including Hollywood celebrities, Internet moguls and hundreds of families who entrusted him with their life savings, college tuition and retirement funds."

152. The case law, at least in the State of California, is crystal clear that the Federal, State and Local governments have both the constitutional right and the legal duty (under police, health, safety, welfare and other statutes) to investigate and prosecute the sort of conduct complained of herein, irrespective of any claim that Scientology is a church and therefore immune from the law. See generally, as to applicable California and Federal law, the California Supreme Court decision in Molko v. Holy Spirit Assn. (1988) 46 Cal.3d 1092, 1112 et al,
or click on:

153. The Molko court held that "while religious belied is absolutely protected, religiously motivated conduct [such as the "handling of suppressive persons" or "Fair Game"] is not. (citations omitted) Such conduct ‘remains subject to regulation for the protection of society [against "Church of Scientology policies for the handling of suppressive persons"]. (citations omitted) Government action burdening religious conduct is subject to a balancing test, in which the importance of the state's interest is weighed against the severity of the burden imposed on religion [it is no an undue burden that the Church of Scientology engage in conduct pursuant to it's copyrighted policies for "the handling of suppressive persons]. (Citations omitted)."

154. There are many tens of thousands of others around in the United States, and around the world, including members of foreign governments, who have concluded that in the United States every branch of government, and each of its officers, are so terrified of the Church of Scientology's terrible reputation for "utterly destroying" those who either criticize or refuse its bidding that they either participate in the public corruption or they turn the other way and shamefully ignore their duty and conscience.


155. Upon information and belief, the Church of Scientology has already infiltrated itself into various government departments using Scientology "religious technology," re-packaged for use in the government, business and secular sectors, utilizing front-groups such as Narconon (substance abuse rehabilitation programs), Criminon (prison system) and Narconon Drug Education and Applied Scholastics (public education). Several governmental groups are now re-examining their casual acceptance of such programs. Significantly, in Feb. 2005 the State of California Department of Education (CDE) issued a finding that the Narconon Drug Education Curriculum does NOT meet California Education Standards for science and best practices in drug education.
This finding has served as justification for many states and several countries to also refuse to use Narconon Drug Education as part of their approved curriculum.

156. How did this situation, of Narconon Drug Education being introduced into the approved curriculums in American public schools, develop? Upon information and belief, it developed because, until just the last few years, there was no curriculum review process based on state standards in public education. Now, with state standards in place, curriculums in public education are evaluated against the state standards, which are fairly homogenous across the country. And it also developed because President George W. Bush's former Secretary of Education (2001-2005) Rod Paige's Chief of Staff was Scientology John Danielson.
They are still working together as the Chartwell Education Group.

157. Upon information and belief, while Paige was in the Bush cabinet, the federal Department of Education created and implemented the onerous P.L. 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, (now up for re-authorization).

158. Several videos were released in Jan. 2008, with Scientologist John Danielson, David Miscavige and others discussing the implementation of Scientology programs in public education, using John Danielson's role in the federal government. In the first video, at 7:30 minutes in, the narrator discusses Scientology's Study Tech and Education, including a section of Secretary of Education Rod Paige's Chief of Staff Scientologist John Danielson (at 7:49 minutes in to 8:06 minutes in), lying as he tells the camera that he had never heard of "Study Tech" and how impressed he was with this new information. From 8:06 minutes to the end the narrator discusses N.A.S.A., etc., wanting and needing LRH educational work and how Tom Cruise got it into federal programs.
Please see:
In the second video, which is an 8:11 minutes video, David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Scientology's Religious Technology Center, is bragging (in Jan. 2007) how Scientology successfully worked in 2006 to destroy psychiatry, plus stopping the funding mechanism for mental health services.
Please see:

159. And in the following videos, one can see Scientologist John Danielson, retired from his role as the Secretary of Education's Chief of Staff, brag about using his role to implement legislation against the use of psychotropic drugs with children while in the Bush Administration, from 2001-2005.
Please see:

the third video down, about half-way through.

160. On the surface this may seem to be a somewhat worthwhile (albeit, controversial) endeavor. But, in fact, this is the implementation of Hubbard's basic policies against medical treatment and therapy for children with mental health challenges. The reason that Scientology is against mental health services for children? It is because Hubbard stated that children who receive mental health services are ineligible to become Scientologists (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 6 December 1976RB, revised April 8, 1988, Illegal Acceptance of PCs and Acceptance of High Crime PL) and therefore cannot be recruited into Scientology. Is this another demonstration of the Bush administration using federal tax dollars to force implementation of policies in public education that are in conformity with the stated policies of Scientology?

161. I say "another demonstration" because the Bush administration mandated NCLB law has been serving as a vehicle to try to compel states and districts to use public funds to pay for the private Scientology-front group "tutoring program" Applied Scholastics throughout the county, using the NCLB Title 1 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program, which requires districts to use their federal and state monies to reimburse any state-approved providers selected by parents. Under Title I of NCLB public schools that are labeled as "need improvement" have to set aside 20% of their Title I money for tutoring or transportation to tutoring from state approved providers of Supplemental Education Services. At this time, approximately 25% of ALL public schools in America are facing such a "label," primarily because of the failure of two subsets to make "Adequate Yearly Improvement": students with special needs and students who speak English as a second language. Applied Scholastics is a state approved provider in twelve states in America, including California, Texas and Missouri for the federally funded SES program. On Oct. 18, 2005, the St. Louis Dispatch reported on the failure of the attempt to introduce Scientology's Applied Scholastics education program into the St. Louis public school system .
Please see:
the St. Louis Dispatch, paid archives section

162. Meanwhile, other observers, such as Peter Downs of the Saint Louis Schools Watch on Sept. 22, 2005, reported that long-time Scientology and Applied Scholastics Chief Executive Officer Bennetta Slaughter "said that Paige's former chief of staff, John Danielson, had spoken the night before to Lynn Spampinato in favor of Applied Scholastics. Spampinato is the chief academic officer of St. Louis Public Schools. At the school board meeting that night, Spampinato reported that she had talked to Danielson. While acknowledging a relationship between Scientology and Applied Scholastics, she said: ‘The academic program has some credibility.’ "
Please see:

Scientology has been continuing, literally to this day, to try to place both Narconon Drug Education programs and Applied Scholastics in the public schools. While it is relatively easy to educate state and local boards of education about Narconon Drug Education by just drawing their attention to the California Department of Education web-site evaluation of the nonsensical Narconon Drug Education, Applied Scholastics is a harder nut to crack because NCLB mandates that failing schools and districts offer for free to parents, at taxpayer's expense, access to tutoring programs, even if they are "faith-based" and Applied Scholastics consistently makes the list of approved tutoring programs in some states.

At least until conscientious educators and parents contact the agencies responsible for the lists and bring to their attention the multiple problems with this program.


163. In November 2006 an English investigation revealed that the Church of Scientology had also been currying favor with the British police and this included thousands of dollars in donations to police charities and providing "over 20 officers from constables to Chief Superintendents with lavish entertainment, tickets to expensive galas and to jive concerts."

164. For a general outline of Scientology's criminal and civil litigation history see:
some of the Church's criminal convictions have been for the very same conduct as is set forth above. Indeed, the Church of Scientology was also the very first church ever to be convicted of criminal conduct in connection with Church of Scientology infiltration of the government and the theft of government files. In 1999, the Church of Scientology was convicted of similar conduct in Greece.


165. In the fall of 1999 the Belgian government raided 10 different Scientology Churches and then nothing really much has been reported about the outcome of these raid since that time.
for more information about these raids. Two weeks ago Le Soir Magazine published a scathing article about the Church of Scientology and the upcoming Belgian court case.
The original article was in French, but the Co-Chairmen of the ARSCC (wdne) Translation Committee stepped forward and translated this rather lengthy article.

And here, finally, is part 2, all about the upcoming trial... I've decided not to add the second sidebar, which is background information about the French trial resulting from the suicide of Patrick Vic in 1988. More detail about this can be found on several websites.

   From: Le Soir Magazine, Brussels, May 16, 2006, p. 10-12.

   Original title: "BRUXELLES - Nouveau centre européen de la 
   By Julie Barreau

   [Translator's note: Everything between square brackets is 
   mine. I have used my own invention "legal entity" as a 
   translation for "personne morale", partly because I don't 
   have a specialist legal dictionary to hand. Maybe there is 
   a more common lawyerly translation, but I think mine is at 
   least fairly clear if ANAL.] 

   [headline]In the line of fire of Belgian justice 

   [sub-headline]Scientology to stand in the dock before the 
   end of the year 

   After an investigation lasting nine years, with no less 
   than 27 search warrants executed and multiple complaints 
   filed by former members, the long-awaited trial of the 
   Church of Scientology in Belgium is finally due to start. 
   The stakes are high, and the case will have repercussions 
   far outside our borders. For the very first time, 
   Scientology itself could be convicted as being a criminal 

   [sub-headline]Four main charges 

   The judicial investigation started in 1997, and concerned 
   nine Scientologists. The files on Scientology gathered 
   since then, which take up four meters, cover offenses from 
   the end of the 1980's until 2004. The drawing up of the 
   formal charges that will complete matters will be finished 
   within two months from now. The investigation took this 
   long  because two additional plaintiffs came forward. They 
   are former members of Scientology who had risen to high 
   levels in the church hierarchy, and were thus able to 
   provide extremely important information. Four main charges
   have been established: being a criminal organisation (1), 
   fraud, the illegal practice of medicine, and violations of 
   the law on privacy.  

   [footnote] (1) According to Belgian law, a criminal 
   organisation is a group consisting of more than two people, 
   which exists over a period of time, with as its aim the 
   concerted commission of criminal offenses to obtain, 
   directly or indirectly, material advantages, by using 
   intimidation, threats, violence, fraud or corruption, or 
   by using commercial or other entities to hide or facilitate 
   the commission of such offenses. 
   [end of footnote]  

   Scientology until now has managed to avoid any convictions 
   as a criminal organisation. However, this legal concept is 
   very important, because it is the association "Church of 
   Scientology Belgium" as a legal entity which is on trial,
   not its individual officials. "The people responsible will
   probably have made sure to be insolvent by the beginning of 
   the trial. But if the organisation itself is found guilty, 
   things will be quite different", explains Jean-Pierre 
   Jouglas, a lawyer with Unafdi, the 'Union nationale des 
   Associations de Défense des Familles et de l'Individu 
   victimes de Sectes' [national union of defense groups for 
   families and individuals victimised by cults]. If the 
   Church of Scientology were to be found guilty on this 
   charge, it  would probably be instantly dissolved, on the 
   basis of the 1998 law on the criminal responsibility of 
   legal entities. [Tr.: ANAL, but I think this is the law 
   that finally solved a longstanding problem with Belgian 
   criminal law: that only individual persons could be found 
   guilty of crimes, not the companies or organisations they 
   were part of.] 

   At the same time, the judge could also order the 
   confiscation of all real estate it owns in Belgium, 
   including the newly acquired buildings in the Avenue de 
   Waterloo in Brussels. What's more, such a conviction would
   inflict serious damage on Scientology's attempts at 
   creating an image of respectability through its volunteer 
   ministers and its various front groups. But we are not yet 
   at that stage, the more so because in this matter Belgian 
   justice has to walk on eggshells. A conviction of 
   Scientology as a criminal organisation could provoke a 
   serious diplomatic incident with the United States, where 
   the cult is considered respectable and has support at the 
   highest levels of government. The charges of fraud on the 
   other hand are easier to prove. The testimony of the people 
   who believe they have been defrauded by Scientology will 
   however be essential. "The prohibitive prices of courses 
   which are sold to members as well as the price of the 
   e-meter may also be taken into consideration", adds 
   Jean-Pierre Jouglas. As to the illegal practice of 
   medicine, the prosecutors will build their case on the 
   "purification", or "sweating", courses prescribed to 
   members. The expert explains: "During these courses, 
   Scientologists exercise, spend three hours a day in a sauna 
   and take hugely excessive doses of vitamins, which weakens 
   them considerably. The rest of the time is devoted to the 
   lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, the only intellectual 
   nourishment members are allowed." The auditing sessions, 
   which   are very similar to psychoanalytic sessions, may 
   also be taken into account. The last point of the charges, 
   violations of the privacy law, should be able to be proven 
   without any difficulty, thanks to the documents seized 
   during the raids. As Jean-Pierre Jouglas explains: 
   "Scientology keeps a file on every one of its members, 
   containing everything that has been 'confessed' during 
   auditing sessions." 

   [sub-headline]Defense through attack 

   With the charges almost finalised, both sides are now 
   readying their arms. The prosecutors are using all legal 
   means at their disposal. Scientology on its part has hired 
   a number of well-known Brussels lawyers, and is working on 
   its defense strategy of... attacking the plaintiffs! Many 
   victims of Scientology don't have the courage to demand 
   justice. Even after they've left the Church, it still holds 
   a considerable grip on its former members. Jean-Pierre 
   Jouglas explains: "Many victims never file a complaint. 
   This is because these people continue to think along the 
   lines of the cult's belief system for a long time. Such a 
   break happens very gradually and is quite distressing. 

   Victims don't want to hear anything about Scientology 
   anymore,and are afraid to go beyond that because they are 
   still intimidated." As an illustration, not one of the 
   plaintiffs in this case was willing to have their identity 
   revealed in this article. One plaintiff says: "When you
   leave Scientology, all your values, all your truths fall 
   apart, and you're left in total confusion. You don't have 
   any certainties left. You feel guilty and afraid. The only 
   thing you want to do is unplug the phone and lock yourself 
   in at home." In a stroke of luck for Scientology, its 
   victims continue to protect it indirectly. For those who 
   might be brave enough to go the authorities, it has several 
   means at its disposal to persuade them otherwise. The 
   plaintiff: "Scientology knows all the weaknesses of each of
   the plaintiffs, and knows how to manipulate them to achieve 
   its aims. They don't have scruples. They are well-trained, 
   willing to do anything, and think they're immortal. They 
   are real kamikazes". In this case, three people have been 
   offered settlements for undisclosed amounts. Jean-Pierre
   Jouglas explains: "Scientology's method to defend itself 
   against any charges is to pay the people who come forward 
   to withdraw their complaint. They usually pay the amount 
   the plaintiff is demanding. With the plaintiff gone, 
   Scientology concludes that there has been no breach of the 

   What's more, plaintiffs are often in debt as a result of 
   paying for courses. They therefore often prefer getting 
   their money back immediately, rather than sit through ten 
   years of legal proceedings." Other methods have also been 
   revealed by former members. "Through intimidation, spying,
   slander, threats, harassment, dirty tricks, blackmail, 
   and... suing people at every possible opportunity. That's 
   how Scientology defends itself," Roger Gonnet, a former 
   member, says angrily. The Church of Scientology has its own 
   intelligence service in Belgium, called the "Office of 
   Special Affairs."Jean-Pierre Jouglas adds: "Scientology 
   thinks it wields all powers. It has its own police, its own 
   system of justice... It is really state within the state. 
   The system of values of any country where it installs 
   itself is thus thought irrelevant. This is why the cult 
   thinks it is above any law that doesn't suit it. It 
   threatens to blackmail its supposed enemies with the 
   information it gathers on them. Also, confidential 
   information revealed during auditing sessions is used to 
   put pressure on people to stay in the cult, or not do 
   anything that might harm it." 

   But despite all of Scientology's efforts to keep its 
   alleged crimes from being put under the public spotlight 
   and avoid a conviction, the trial is definitely going 
   ahead. In criminal law, even if the plaintiffs withdraw
   their complaints, the judicial authorities continue their 

   All over the world, organisations that fight against cults 
   are awaiting the start of this trial with impatience. 
   Will Belgium succeed where others have failed? The 65 boxes 
   of documents seized during the raids might make all the 

   - Julie Barreau. 

   End of translated article. 


166. The United States Department of State has, as part of the 1993 Secret Tax Settlement Agreement between the I.R.S. and the Church of Scientology, become effectively a global lobbyist for the Scientology Enterprise. The following summary, from a forthcoming book, of a late-2007 exchange between United States and the head of the State of Hamburg Interior Ministry office responsible for monitoring the criminal activities, human rights, and civil rights violations by the cult, illustrates this statement:

   Office of Ursula Caberta, Tuesday, November 13, 2007
   It was a typical fall day in Hamburg, Germany; cloudy 
   skies, periods of sunshine and a cool 35 degrees F. Ursula 
   Caberta was talking on  the telephone with the Russian 
   Ambassador in Berlin. They were discussing the possibility 
   that the Russian government might place the Church of 
   Scientology under surveillance by the internal security 
   police as had happened in Germany. Eventually Russia, like 
   Bulgaria and most of the other Eastern European nations, 
   had also discovered, experienced and disapproved of the 
   revenue relationships between the Church of Scientology, 
   the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises or W.I.S.E., 
   and its various member businesses, as well as many of their 
   business activities, human rights violations and the 
   church's subversive global totalitarian political agenda. 

   A mere thirty minutes later two senior officials from the 
   United States General Consulate in Hamburg were shown into 
   Ursula's office. The United States Consul had telephoned 
   her a few days earlier and had invited her to a meeting at 
   the Consulate. Ursula had refused saying she was too busy 
   and would not set foot upon American soil again after being 
   treated by the United States legal system the way she was 
   in the Lisa McPherson case. 
   "If you want to come to my office I’m able to fit you in 
   for a few minutes on Tuesday the 13th." 
   Now the two American diplomats were seated before her. An 
   older man and a younger woman.

   The older of the two American diplomats asked, 
   "What are you working on?" Ursula smiled. 
   "You could have read that in my reports and the 
   Consul-General could have asked me that on the telephone." 
   The two diplomats frowned in unison. The older one, now 
   clearly the spokesperson, sheepishly responded. 
   "We’re here because we do not want to see any problems 
   between the United States and German governments over 
   Ursula's smile changed to laughter. 
   "We do not have a problem with Scientology because we treat 
   it for what it is. You have a problem with Scientology." 
   The younger consular official joined in saying 
   "In the United States we have a different view of 
   Scientology than some of you in Germany."  Ursula leapt on 
   "In Germany we see Scientology as an extremist political 
   group. The United States does not. Well, you are dealing 
   with Islamic terrorists and we are dealing with Scientology 
   terrorists. My opinion is that we have to ban Scientology 
   and its infiltration tactics." 

   The younger of two consular officials asked why? Ursula 
   smiled again. 
   "You need to read my book," she said. 
   The young U.S. Consulate officer beamed, 
   "We bought five copies and sent them to the State 
   Department in Washington." 
   The senior Consulate official spread a little flattery. 
   "The best book on Scientology ever published," he said. 
   "Is it an official book?" Ursula smiled again while 
   thinking "these stupid Americans." 
   "No, it is my book, but my boss, the Minister presented it 
   with me so I am certain that he is in agreement with my 
   "That is very fortunate for you," said the senior U. S. 
   Consulate official sarcastically. Ursula bristled and 
   tersely responded,    
   "In Germany we have the freedom to both work for the 
   government and to write books." 
   The senior Consulate official blushed. "You must inform 
   the United States State Department that your book contains 
   only your personal opinions on Scientology and not the 
   official position." 

   Ursula was tiring of the arrogance of these two American 
   "No," she snapped. "I will advise my State Department in 
   Berlin and you can talk to them. I told your Consul-General 
   that I will never set foot on United States soil again. 
   I’ll tell you why. 
[She recounted the story from above re her hotel subpoena and deposition in the Lisa McPherson trial and the Heller v. Caberta case].
   I can give you lists of people who we have helped leave 
   Scientology after years of being brutalized by terror and 
   deprived of their human rights. In a free country, like 
   Germany, I can look after them." 
   The two U.S. Consular officials were speechless. After a 
   long silence the senior Consular official spoke again. 
   "The United States State Department is very concerned about 
   Scientology too and it does not want to have any new 
   problems with Germany over the Scientology issue. Can you 
   please talk to someone in my State Department? Maybe we do 
   not know what is really going on with Scientology." 
   Ursula looked incredulous as she said, "Don’t be stupid. 
   You know what is going on with Scientology. I hope that 
   one of their top leaders that have defected will call me 
   and receive political asylum from Germany because he cannot 
   get any help from the U.S. government." 

   This time the senior U.S. Consular official looked 
   triumphant and pounced. "So you are serious? That is what 
   Tom Cruise says in his letters to the State Department, on 

   It was Ursula's time to smile. "What Tom Cruise says in his 
   letters to the State Department? I published one of them in 
   my book. I think that is why you are really here. Thank you 
   for helping me in Europe. Did you know that the person Tom 
   Cruise refers to as LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) wrote that 
   millions of people can be thrown into concentration camps 
   and exterminated? Maybe you in America call Scientology a 
   religion but the whole organization is against human rights 
   whatever you want to call it in America. As for not 
   offering former American senior Scientology officials 
   requiring asylum and immunity from prosecution in Germany, 
   in exchange for their testimony, the United States had 
   granted a German Scientology political asylum and an 
   immigration visa in the United States because of alleged 
   German government surveillance and persecution of the 
   Church of Scientology." 

   She picked up a news clipping from a stack on her desk and 
   handed it to the two diplomats. It was a report on the U.S. 
   Government's granting of political asylum to the German 
   Scientology. Ursula then went over to her bookcase, removed 
   a white three ring-binder titled, "The Hard Sell Pack" and 
   flicked through the pages in front of the two consular 

   "Does that look like religious literature to you? It looks 
   like aggressive commercial marketing and exploitation to 
   Ursula's secretary buzzed on the intercom. Her next 
   appointment, a former cult member, was now waiting. Ursula 
   rose and started showing the two U.S. Consulate officers to 
   the door. 
   "Well, we just want to be sure that there are no problems 
   over Scientology between the United States and Germany," 
   the senior U.S. Consular official repeated. Ursula was 
   feeling repetitive too. 
   "In Germany we no longer have a problem with Scientology. 
   But you in the United States do." 

   Office of Ursula Caberta, Thursday, November 15, 2007

   Ursula was in her office, meeting with her senior staff 
   attorney, when she received a follow-up telephone call from
   the senior political/commercial official at the United 
   State Consulate General's office in Hamburg. The American 
   diplomat got straight to the point. They had been disturbed 
   by what they had heard and seen when they had met in her 
   office two days ago. They were especially concerned to know 
   the reasons and evidence supporting her position that the 
   Church of Scientology should not be considered a church but 
   instead a totalitarian political organization engaged in 
   criminal activity, unlawful medical practice, commercial 
   activity and money laundering. Ursula responded that the 
   request was crazy. 
   "You have all of the information in the United States. You 
   know why the Church should not be tax-exempt." 
   The American Diplomat responded that they still needed a 
   document listing her reasons and the evidence that she has 
   for her views. 

   "I am not allowed to tell you that. Why do you need it? Who 
   needs it?" said Ursula. 

   The American diplomat hesitated and then said, 
   "It is only to inform State Department officials in 
   Washington." Ursula lowered her voice and slowed her 
   "If you will not tell me who needs such a document, why and 
   for whom, then I will have to have the approval of my boss, 
   the Minister of the Interior. In my experience your U.S. 
   State Department should be requesting the information from 
   me through the German State Department. Please do it the 
   proper and official way for this information concerning 

   The American diplomat sighed, "So you want an official 
   United States government letter that requests your reasons 
   and evidence for saying the things you do in your book?" 
   "Yes," said Ursula. 
   "But why do you want it? You are U.S. citizens. I get my 
   best information from U.S. citizens living in the United 
   States." The American diplomat almost spoke over Ursula 
   with his response. 

   "Is that how you got a copy of the letter from Tom Cruise 
   to the  Secretary of State?"    Ursula laughed. "Oh, you 
   are back to the Tom Cruise's 2003 letter that I published 
   in my book. The letter in which Tom Cruise thanks the U.S. 
   State Department for being so helpful in the Church of 
   Scientology's battles in Europe and with the various 
   European governments. Then you should request the 
   information in the proper and official way from State 
   Department to State Department." 


167. Recently various "scouts" have reported Church of Scientology removing large quantities of documents from various Church of Scientology facilities and transporting them away. The Church has a long-history of destroying and shredding evidence that relates to criminal and civil rights violations being carried on at any one time. Evidence regarding these past instances were once part of the F.B.I.'s files.

168. "In January 1980, fearing a raid by law enforcement agencies, Hubbard's representatives ordered the shredding of all documents showing that Hubbard controlled Scientology organizations, finances, personnel, or the [232 Cal.App.3d 1066] property at Gilman Hot Springs. In a two-week period, approximately one million pages were shredded pursuant to this order."
  (cont..) legal/a1/appeal/283cal.rptr.917.html

There is also similar information about the massive destruction of evidence at page 1490 1.27 and the next 10 pages of:
  (cont..) legal/a1/rt-1984-05-10.html


169. Upon information and belief, after Hubbard's death, which some say actually occurred two days before it was reported on January 25, 1986, David Miscavige ("DM"), along with Robert Vaughan Young and others, drove to the ranch. Robert Vaughan Young would later ask, "Who killed L. Ron Hubbard?" Once at the ranch, they were confronted with the most amazing scene. The Scientology Enterprise had been siphoning off a million dollars a week and transferring it to the old man in $1,000 notes via DM and Pat Broeker. The millions were stacked in boxes. Eventually, the old man was wallowing in so much money that a separate building had to be constructed just to house all of the money. And when that building filled up with money they bought a property in Arizona, dug some tunnels and starting filling the tunnels up with money. And when that start filling up they transferred the money into gold and other precious metals. Back at the ranch there was said to be over $70 million dollars stashed around the dead mans house. No one in the Scientology Enterprise, outside of this group, knew the money was there. The I.R.S. certainly did not know it was there. And Hubbard could not have had it there were he not to be in violation of his sworn statements that he no longer exercised any control over the churches of Scientology. "They don’t follow my orders," Hubbard chuckles during a Granada Television interview. Undoubtedly he would violate his sworn statements that he was not profiting from or receiving money from the church. The I.R.S. was already breathing down the back of the Church, Hubbard and DM. For example, during the early 1980s DM had been diverting and investing some of Hubbard's money into investments (for example, oil and gas drilling projects which came up dry). In order to cover up the losses, DM introduced the Special Investments project to sell expensive editions of Hubbard's books and tapes at great prices intended to produce the monies to replenish the missing millions before the old man noticed. Former Base staffers claim that to this very day there are three people at GOLD Base who can replicate L. Ron Hubbard's signature and that one of these is DM himself.

This was an issue in a court proceeding that I filed in connection with L. Ron Hubbard's Probate Case.

170. At the time of L. Ron Hubbard's death in mid January 1986, there was no designated successor or succession process to select his replacement, to the extent that anyone could ever replace Source, that jovial carnival con man and big-story teller that you laugh along with while he dips deeper and deeper into your wallet! Pat and Annie Broeker had been his household staff for the last six years of Hubbard's life, which was spent hiding from the law and legal process. DM had been the Commodore's Messenger who secretly shuttled the money and dispatches between the church and Hubbard in the depth of the night. At GoldBase, DM would load up the vehicle and drive off into the night. Up at the ranch in Creston, near San Luis Obispo, Pat Broeker would do the same. They would meet half way, make the exchanges, and return to their posts before morning.

171. After Hubbard's death, and shortly after the two car loads of top Scientology staffers and lawyers arrived at the Creston ranch, Pat Broeker produced a handwritten paper designating Loyal Officers Pat and Annie Broeker as Hubbard's successors. DM was furious. He reminded Pat Broeker that he had been personally carrying millions of Hubbard's cash across State borders. "You either take $15 million dollars now and are never heard of again, or I will turn you over to the F.B.I," DM is reported as saying. Pat Broeker has been in hiding ever since.

172. In addition to over $70 million in cash at the ranch and in the tunnels, the evidence is that at least another $200 million was transferred from Church of Scientology enterprise bank accounts to Hubbard's own personal accounts. Indeed, DM had been earlier quoted as saying, "The only thing that will save us [from the I.R.S] now is if the old man [Hubbard] dies." About two weeks afterwards Hubbard lay dead in despicable, suspicious and humiliating circumstances. DM and several of his top henchmen became personally very wealthy after that. Indeed, DM owns a large stable of very expensive luxury automobiles. These were not acquired, and are not operated, on the Sea Org officer's weekly income of $46.20! Years later the Church would be suing pharmacy giant Eli Lilly. Just before the settlement of the case was announced, one of DM's accomplices in the money heist made another small fortune by buying a lot of Eli Lilly stock and riding the rise that followed the Church's announcement that Scientology was ending it litigation against Eli Lilly.

173. A few months after Hubbard's death, DM and his top Scientology executives met in a room with Ron's widow, Mary Sue. For many hours, DM and this gang threatened, berated and intimidated Hubbard's widow (and later her family) into signing over their community property and testamentary interests to Scientology, along with the new will made the night before he died and nine days after he had been incapacitated by a stroke and administered the psychiatric drug Vistaril. Or as puts it: "Recreational Use: L. Ron Hubbard, un-indicted co-conspirator in "Operation Snow White," and founder of the Cult of Scientology, was found dead in 1986 on the Scientology cruise ship Free Wind with about 30 shots of Vistaril in his ass." DM had prevented Hubbard's wife from seeing him before he died.

174. Although documents exist to prove that DM does cross corporate lines and that he actually runs the churches and corporations of the Scientology enterprise as his own alter ego, DM tries to conceal this evidence. DM has a personal executive staff of over twenty people. Someone follows him most everywhere capturing every utterance. However, DM has "busted" almost every member of the entire senior management strata of the church down on to "the decks," on to the R.P.F., on to the R.P.F.'s R.P.F. [and that is unlawful imprisonment], or in to "the SP room" or "the Hole" at GoldBase. Here they eat, sleep and work at or under their work tables. There are over 40 former senior executives of the Church living in the Hole at Gilman Hot Springs. DM holds "their eternity" in his hands so they daren’t risk being formally "Declared a Suppressive Person," and kept on the base indefinitely like some (For example Annie Broeker, a most tragic example) or "off-loaded." It is almost impossible to escape. The Base is criss-crossed with electronic sensors, listening devices and cameras. At times there have been dangerous attack dogs. in the mid 1990s it was called "armed and dangerous" in the Church of Scientology v. Fishman and Geertz case.

There still are weapons there and there have been dangerous incidents. If you do manage to escape up the hill then there is the Eagle's Nest to contend with.

175. There is an Eagle on every Watch at The Base. Eagle takes the 30-minute or so climb up the mountain to Eagle's Nest which is a gun bunker set into the mountain with an "eagle eye view" over the entire GoldBase. Eagle has a high-powered snipers weapon. One Eagle had been so brutalized by DM's brutal physical violence against some of the staff that he kept the cross-hairs of his sniper's rifle trained on DM's head every where he walked on the Base. When this was discovered during a Security or Sec check, the Base Security Guard was quickly Off-Post and Off-Base. Ever since then DM has spent a lot less time on the base and lot more time traveling and vacationing with his best friend Tom Cruise.

176. The Eagle is not allowed to attend to any toilet functions on the mountain. He must hold it in until the end of the Watch. One particular Eagle did not "hold it in" and did what young mother's call a number two. To try and cover up his "overt," he set fire to the piece of toilet paper he had carried up, "just in case." However, he didn’t just destroy the evidence of his "dump." The whole damn mountainside went up in flames and poor Eagle was on the E-meter for weeks while they tried to locate his "overts." Meanwhile, there is an old red fire truck parked on the base and which has to be pushed or towed whereever it might be needed.

177. If you did manage to escape up the mountain, you had to pass the Hubbard house and the rear guest house that David Miscavige and Tom Cruise both use when they are at the Scientology base. In Hubbard's house the LRH Household Unit lay out Hubbard's fresh clothes every morning. After all, Hubbard's return from outer space and his new research is long overdue. Anyway, once you had escaped past the Hubbard/Miscavige and Tom Cruise accommodations you would have to continuing climb up and past Eagle's sniper nest. If you avoided his high-powered telescopic sniper's weapon you would finally go over the top of the mountain and down the other side to relative safety and freedom. NOT. Most likely you would be confronted by the terrifying security teams of a military base with tunnels drilled deep into the mountainside. In fact, when Lockheed tunneled this secret U.S. military base into the Riverside County mountainside, they cut through and destroyed the water courses that gave Gilman Hot Springs its name. Despite that, I am told that the then owner of the Gilman desert resort continued to offer "hot springs" from concealed hot water heaters! After that little fraud ran its course, the declining property was purchased by Hubbard's agents using a dummy front company. Now DM and the Scientology enterprise effectively control the City of Hemet and Riverside County politics, courts and government. Not quite.

178. The Base Manager, former Captain Ken Hoden was supposed to secure a permanent solution to the periodic problem of pickets and protests outside GoldBase bringing all "production" inside GoldBase to an absolute standstill. For example, in the year 2000 Keith Henson solo-picketed (for the most part) outside GoldBase every day from mid-May to mid- September. So every one man and his picket sign halted production at GoldBase, the location of which is a secret to Scientologists but easily viewed on Google earth.
See my separate summary:

Sections L & M. Hoden and four other Scientology Sea Org members went into perjury overdrive and manifest public corruption to secure a "misdemeanor terrorism" and "interfering with a religion" conviction against Keith Henson. During the course of his solitary picketing outside GoldBase there had been Internet chatter about a Tom Cruise missile attack. Twelve hundred Sea Organization members at the Base (now down to 400) were "processed" into being so terrified that giant law firms Williams & Connolly and Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker were brought into small town Hemet, CA, from Washington D.C. and New York; local law enforcement and judicial officers were corrupted and Keith Henson went to the Riverside County Jail for six months.

179. DM decided that if California State Highway 79 were to be moved from its present route and diverted down the highway beyond the river bed, then the old State Highway could be closed off and closed down, and ‘poof,’ the protest and picketing threat to the mentally-manipulated Base staffers would be permanently solved. The church would not need expenses like eight private investigators parked near then 81 year old Ida Camburn's home, so they could harass her and her elderly neighbors in the retirement mobile home park and cause them to stop providing food and shelter to Keith Henson and other picketers, myself included. I was also doing my own solo pickets at the GoldBase, L. Ron Hubbard Way and 6331 Hollywood Boulevard.

180. However, Base Manager Rev. Ken Hoden had failed to adequately "handle" the public service administrators who had decided that the Church of Scientology would not get whatever it wanted on this issue. State Highway 79 would continue its gentle curve through the middle of GOLD Base. Consequently, DM "busted" Ken Hoden on to the Rehabilitation Project Force (R.P.F.), Scientology's chain of Soviet style gulags: hard labor, re-education and confinement quarters located in Los Angeles, CA, Clearwater, FL and Copenhagen, Denmark. Scientology claims that the R.P.F. is voluntary and one does sign a waiver of consent, but in circumstances that are highly coercive. The R.P.F. has its own separate punishment gulag, the R.P.F.'s R.P.F. It comes complete with a Master-at-Arms and a Boson to keep every one in line and intimidated. Those on the R.P.F. generally wear black-arm bands, run everywhere, are not permitted to talk on post, do menial work, are not allowed off-Base, liberty ("libs"), etc. Marty Rathbun, who worked with DM on then-I.R.S. Commissioner Goldberg, was last known to "those in the know," to be on the R.P.F. at the furniture manufacturing building ("the joinery"). "Aren’t you Marty Rathbun? You’re the Inspector General of RTC ["Religious Technology Center"], whispered one R.P.F.’er. "Not any longer. Now I’m just another shit head." Marty Rathbun witnessed what went down in 1991, between DM and Commissioner Goldberg of the I.R.S. Marty Rathbun is now feared dead. Another Scientology cancer-related death.

181. Ken Hoden was driven to PAC Base. PAC Base is the Scientology enterprise's Pacific Area Command and it is located at L. Ron Hubbard Way in Hollywood, CA. L. Ron Hubbard Way bisects the Scientology enterprises "Big Blue" complex of buildings that were once the Cedars of Lebanon hospital buildings. I am told that there are old hospital tunnels under the street and hundreds of health, fire and safety building violations. These include over-crowding in the rooms. For example, Berthing or dormitory rooms for four hold six, eight and twelve people. However, when warning of a fire department inspection comes then some staffers will avoid sleep for days or sleep at their desks. Other staffers will remove the excess bunks and return the rooms to building code compliance. After the Fire Department departs the over-crowding violations are immediately replaced and all staffers can have their own bunk again. The R.P.F. and the R.P.F.'s R.P.F. in Hollywood, CA is said to be in the old part of Big Blue and on the second floor of the wing facing on to Catalina Street at the junction of Fountain Avenue.


I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of both the United States and the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this 11th day of April, 2008, at Los Angeles, California.






Disclaimer:This news page is about groups, organizations or movements, which may have been called "cults" and/or "cult-like" in some way, shape or form. But not all groups called either "cults" or "cult-like" are harmful. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing. Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organization or person on this page, is not necessarily meant pejoratively. Readers are encouraged to read widely on a topic before forming an opinion. Never accept information from a single source at face value. This website only holds a small amount of information and should not be relied on as a complete source. For example, if you find older information, this should be weighed up against newer information as circumstances can change.
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